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Hi all my friends

Ive heard about a new treatment called Avastin. With me being in South Africa there isnt much news on it yet. But iv e just spoken to a friend in Pretoria ans she actually said that Avastin cured a woman of o/c. Is this true? I would love to know more about it if anyone has any info.

I go for my last chemo on 2nd and as usual im petrified. Ive sunk into a deep depression and cant snap out of it. Can we be cured? Or do we all just have to wait until this beast takes us?? Hope you are all ok Love and {{{{{{ healing hugs}}}}}}} to you all Lynn XXXXX

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Hi Lynn

I am so terribly sorry that you are feeling like this. Nothing at all is certain in life, do you have a professional you can speak to about how you are feeling ?

Avastin has been approved for us in Europe, I think, which usually means that it has been shown to improve outcomes in patients with OVCA. I also understand that it is extremely expensive.

Take care

Sending you a huge cyberhug

Charlie xxxxx


Thanks for info and kind words Charlie. I have my last (6th chemo ) had the total surgery in Aug. This is my 2nd cancer i was diagnosed with non hodgkins lymphoma in May 2009 and went in remission form that in Nov 2009. Then in Aug 2011 they found i had o/c so noe im coming to end of tratment Good thing is my CA125 is 10 but will have to wait for scan to see whats going on i suppose. Will let you know how i go on. By the way im British only an immigrant in South Africa. Love and hugs Lynn XX


I asked my Gynae about Avastin when I saw him on Thurs and was told it is only available for new presenters! I was told from the start that this was not curable but was treatable so I am learning to live with it. After all life is a terminal condition and there are worse things to live with. Dementia, stroke, parkinsons, MND, the list goes on. Maybe I fear the C word less as I am a cancerian, born June 29th!

We are all thinking of you on here, the depression is the hardest to deal with!



Hi Margaret,

Cancerian here too. June 30th!

Love Lizzie



Hi Lizzie!

What year! LOL! I always claim I was a direct result of Hitler's invasion of Poland!


My birth year coincided with England scoring a German the World Cup!

love Lizzie



Oh and Mike Tyson could be my twin.


While there is life there is hope, trying to stay positive and look forward is the way I cope. What is done is done and we have this awful disease, we can't go back, but we can hope the future will find something to keep us going a bit longer. It's funny, but just having been given a 3 month break as everything is under control at the moment, everyone is so happy for me it makes it all look better. If you feel you need support I'm sure there must be people you cantalk toa nd support groups to help. Mine is fantastic, and whatever I need I know I can get from them. If not, the Macmillan people are there as well.

Good luck and stay positive.

[[[[[Love n hugs]]]]]]



Dear Lynn

Your CA125 is 10! Hurrah! That is one reason to be cheerful. I really don't know if this helps but you could imagine those things that you would really miss if you were unable to do them. Once you have a list of things that really make you happy -go and do them without delay. Not because your time is short but on the basis that whether we are ill or not we should make an effort to enjoy life. Not an easy ask I know when you are depressed but worth the try.

I hope you sail through your last dose of chemo. This time tomorrow it will all be over and you can turn your mind to something nicer for a change.

Love and blessings



Hi Lynn!

Just noticed your CA125 level is 10! Take heart! That is fantastic. Anything under 30 is considered normal. I went to see my friend with Parkinsons today. Came away feeling very lucky!



Hi all my friends,

Thank you all so very much for your replys i appreciate each and every one.Im waiting to go for my last(i hope) chemo so im very jittery! We dont have a support group here or Macmillan i wish they did.

I will let you all know how and what is said asap. Say a prayer ans wish me luck Healing hugs and love to you all Lynn XXXXXX


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