Hi to all my friends

I posted about a week ago to ask if anyone had a pain in the right hand side.Anyway I saw my oncologist on Wednesday and he said it was a lesion on my liver.I start chemo again on the 7th May and as yet don't know what he is going to use.He said not carboplatin as it only gave me a short remission. I hope you are all ok Sending love and hugs to you all Lynn xxx

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  • Hi Lynn. Sorry to hear you've got to start treatment again, big hugs Kerry x

  • Hi Kerry,thanks for reply. Yea this will be my 4th round not looking forward to it love Lynn xxx

  • Hi Lynn

    Sorry to hear that. Good luck with the treatment.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Sharon thank you so much love Lynn xxx

  • I am sorry that you are having treatment again so soon. I have been having some pain on my right side although it seems to have settled. Were you in pain all the time or did it come and go?

  • hi there,Ive had the pain a while which was just uncomfortable at first and when I told the other Dr in Feb that is was sore she said it was my colon.Eventually it was painful when I inhaled deep.Thats when this Dr (a different one ) said it was a lesion on my liver.It doesn't bother me when I move if that's any help.I hope your pain is something simple love Lynn xxx

  • So sorry ....treatment is good , in that they will offer you something . Is the liver lesion diagnosis based on some sort of imaging ? Or , hands on type doctorly instinct born of years of experience ?.

    Now on my fifth load of chemo ....three false starts this year with drug rejection but cisplatin weekly , in small amounts going in slowly seems to be OK where carbo was a no no .

    Cross everything for you .

  • Hi there,yes I had a CT scan with contrast ans it showed up the ones from the recurrence in Feb 2014 and there were new ones on liver and lungs.He examined me and knew exactly where to touch.Heck your 5th chemo how long ago were you diagnosed and what stageif you don't mind me asking. This is my 3rd for o/c but I also had NHL in 2009 so had for that too Love Lynn xxx

  • April 2011 , OC diagnosed / Primary Peritoneal ...2 Major surgeries ...3c High grade serous ....pretty much 6 months on something , 6 months off ....never got to a year off . CT scans show areas of abatement , whilst little patches pop up elsewhwere . I consider it all a weeding job ....pull em up , grow elsewhwere ! No pain , just thumps everyone now and then ...could be wind , scar tissue , who knows ? I certainly dont consider it as Recurring OC ...it's bloody well there , and we are working had to keep it out of major organs/ lymph system ; and so far , so good , but one day ...

    Lost hair a few times , now thick grey curley ...need a new pic .

    I am lucky that live in London and have had the most fantasic care at Barts /and UCH ....have severe ditsy downers every now and then , but HEY ! we're all human .

    Very best wishes x

  • Hi me too in 2011 3c went in remission Feb 2012 and lasted 2yrs exactly But it was back yuk.I live in South Africa but im from Wrexham North Wales and would love to be back there.There isn't much in support here.My hair grew back curly too ! Never had a curl in my life only when my Mam permed it once with pipe cleaners and rizla ciggie papers Hell I looked hideous !love and good luck Lynn xxx

  • Meant to wish you good luck hope all goes well xxx

  • So sorry you are starting treatment again soon. Join the club I have restarted after a very short period off treatment. I really don't consider it as a remission as I have never really felt well. The best of luck with whatever your oncologist decides to treat you with. Love and virtual hugs to you too.


  • Hi Pat I feel the same as you as they didn't do a final scan in October to see how the tumours were looking they only went on the CA 125 which was low.So I,too, don't believe I was in remission as it reared its ugly head too quickly Good luck with your treatment love Lynn xxx

  • Hi Lynn, my Ca125 shot up to over 3500 and symptoms so always knew. Wishing us both luck eh....Patx

  • Hi Pat my highest CA125 has been 55 that was with the initial diagnosis in 2011.I had no symptoms at all so was shocked.I was having a routine scan for NHL and they found a growth on the right ovary and I went in remission in Feb 2012 but alas then my Son passed away a few days later which was worse than the cancer.My CA125 now is 53 but during the 2yrs I was in remission it was gradually rising Good luck to you and all of us Love Lynn xxx

  • So sorry to hear of your Son. There are things worse than cancer. Losing our precious children is one of them.

    My CA125 was 7500 at diagnosis so unfortunately a very aggressive blighter. The prognosis is not very good. But who knows I shall be starting Rotterdam Regime in 3 weeks , so hoping for some well time at least. I am positive but you do have to be practical also. I feel much better for knowing as I shall not be seeing it as a cutting off point more of a striving from. Only diagnosed last May so it is a real bummer. It definitely doesn't fit into my life style. I was so fit and healthy exercising 5 times a week. So if I can't get even a small portion of my life back I really don't mind bowing out early.

    Love to you and your family Lynn

    Take Care.

    Love Patx

  • Hi Pat, thank you .That's high CA125.I try to be positive then a dark cloud will come over me and I start wondering what next.I hope the Rotterdam Regime works wonders for you I will say a prayer for you Good Luck love Lynn xxx

  • Hi Lynn, yes we all get the dark cloud from time to time. That is only normal. I go for Counselling but some of the time I am counselling him. He says I have my head in a good place and definitely screwed on right. It does help though to talk to someone outside the family and friends. Bye Patxxx

  • Glad you getting help and so glad youre in a good place Lets just hope and pray a cure comes soon for all cancers love Lynn xx

  • There is lots of hard work going on to find a cure for cancer. I am sure individual taliored treatments are the way forward. As its not one size fits all approach as was once the case. Lovely speaking to you. Going to have my lunch now and hope it stops raining then I can get outside and do some more pottering about.

    Bye for now Patx

  • Cheerio Pat lovely chat Enjoy the garden love Lynn xx

  • Sorry to hear that you will be starting treatment again and I hope it's effective

  • Hi Lesley, thank you so much love xxx

  • Xxxxx

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