Here we go again! Same carousel different horse! Breast cancer this time!

I had my appointment at Breast Clinic yesterday and the lump is malignant as are the maxillary lymph glands! I was told that they want to keep chemo in reserve for OC recurrences, the tumour is oestrogen sensitive but the option of oestrogen suppressants would not destroy the tumour and is usually only offered to the older patients who are not fit enough for surgery. The recommended option is a lumpectomy and removal of the lymph glands. I was offered 27 Dec but will still be in London so the next mutilation will take place on Jan 11th followed by daily radio therapy.

The op will be done in York followed by radiotherapy in Leeds at St James!

I am pragmatic but not exactly looking forward to New Year.

Happy Christmas all!


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  • So sorry to hear this Margaret. With your great spirit I am sure you will take this all in your stride. I didn't find radiotherapy too bad at all and hope you won't either.

    Take care, Monique x

  • I am so sorry Margaret sending you my best wishes love x G x

  • That's rotten news to get, Margaret. There's no justice in this world. But you're not done yet, not by a long way. Keep refuelling your fighting spirit reserve and we will be rooting for you all the way.

    Lots of love

    Linda xxx

  • So sorry to hear your news margaret. My thoughts and prayers are with you . Im sure you will be strong.

    Lots of love

    Suzanne. xxx

  • I am gutted for you Margaret, what a nasty curve ball from mother nature. Cyber hugs a plenty coming your way.


    It is more 'mutilation' as you put it, but I remember that the 'breast' ladies who were on the gynae ward at the same time as I had my bowel resection were up and about in no time, like later that day. They explained that it was so much easier on the body than abdominal surgery. It was during the general election in 2005 and one of them even popped home to vote, with her drain in a pretty cotton bag! So, at least you won't be hobbling about doing the 'gynae stoop' as you must have in your previous surgeries.

    Take care


  • I am told I will only be in over a couple of nights so I shall take my cool bag with delicious edibles! I am also told i should be able to drive again within a couple of weeks. Thus I have no intention of cancelling my party on jan 20th! I have a freezer full of food to use up.! I appear to have multiple copies of this blog for some reason! I have deleted the one with no comments but left the others!

    Love to you all!


  • So sorry to hear you have yet more to deal with, Margaret. It is just such rotten luck just before Christmas, especially. Poor you :-/

    I am sending huge hugs and wishes your way. It sounds as if your medical team are on top of the problem, however. Just keep up with your amazing positivity and keep looking forward to that party.

    Loads of love to you

    Wendy xx

  • I have seen some sense and postponed the party to the beginning of March! LOL


  • So sorry for your news Margaret. You sound such a strong lady. Hope all goes well for you and you have a good Christmas. Kelly x

  • So sorry to hear your news Margaret, but you are a strong, positive lady and I am sure you will deal with this the way you deal with everything. Positive wishes coming your way.

    Love Chris x x

  • Thanks again to those who have sent wishes since I last responded! Your support is really helping me to keep grounded! Just had a lovely day with my sister who drove over with her husband, his first real outing since his stroke and op! Now thinking about hot chocolate and bed,

    M xxxxxxx

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