Here we go again! Same carousel different horse! Breast cancer this time!

I had my appointment at Breast Clinic yesterday and the lump is malignant as are the maxillary lymph glands! I was told that they want to keep chemo in reserve for OC recurrences, the tumour is oestrogen sensitive but the option of oestrogen suppressants would not destroy the tumour and is usually only offered to the older patients who are not fit enough for surgery. The recommended option is a lumpectomy and removal of the lymph glands. I was offered 27 Dec but will still be in London so the next mutilation will take place on Jan 11th followed by daily radio therapy.

The op will be done in York followed by radiotherapy in Leeds at St James!

I am pragmatic but not exactly looking forward to New Year.

Happy Christmas all!


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  • Dear Margaret

    I am so sorry to hear this. I was laying in bed thinking about you last night and wondering how your appointment had gone, so thank you for posting.

    Sometimes I wonder just how much we can have thrown at us, but you are a strong and courageous woman so you will get through this and keep fighting.

    Make sure you have a jolly food Christmas and put this to the back of your mind until the new year. Your sense of humour will get you through this.

    Take care

    Love Linda xx

  • As I said to the nurse it really puts paid to any fooling around behind the bike sheds!

    Envisage the scene!

    Sexy bronzed Rossano Brazzi (in South Pacific) look alike takes my hand over the dinner table murmuring huskily (best Mills & Boon adjectives / adverbs of choice to be inserted) "shall we slip into something more comfortable and end the evening with a cognac on my balcony" (always had a thing about balconies under warm starlit skies, preferably overlooking a sandy beach within earshot of the gentle lapping of a warm sea) at which my response is "before we go any further I should point out that I have a hole in my side, need the bathroom exclusively for an hour in the morning and my left boob has a hole the size of your fist in it!"

    Conclusion he disappears into the sunset and I go to bed with my kindle! LOL

    A good job I have got used to celibacy!


  • Or, alternative M&B conclusion - a look of relief washes over his face, and he says, "I have a hole in my side too! I feared I would never again meet a spirited, intelligent, funny and beautiful woman like you!" Then as the sun sets, he takes you in his arms ...

  • Or we both fall about laughing! Thanks for the alternative ending!


  • Thats lovely Gina

  • Oh Margaret you do make me laugh! You manage to find the funny side in everything. I often look at my poor old body and wonder what happened and then I remember I'm alive! Lets face it your kindle won't ever let you down or argue back lol!

    Love Linda xx

  • Never say never Margaret ;)

    It is a blow as you seemed to have come to terms with the stoma and I have to say, when you spoke about passing the mini cap off as minor surgery in order to indulge in a little hanky panky, I thought to myself 'you saucy little minx!' *giggles* (and also what a brilliant idea) You are so strong and have such a wonderful 'can do' attitude which puts me to shame, as have not been brave enough to take the plunge after 8 years with a 'hole in my side'

    I fancy that you will re-find your inner sex goddess in no time and then there will be no stopping you!!!!

    Now, I'm off to find my inner sex goodess.


  • Good luck! Mine took one look at the surf and decided she would stay with the seashell!

    Eat your heart out Botticelli!


  • @*@*!!!! Words fail me. I am so sorry but I know you are strong and you can get thru' it. Will load the hounds into the car and come to visit.

    All best,


  • Many thanks! for some reason there seem to be 3 copies of this blog on the site!

  • Haha Margaret you can delete the middle one though, I don't think that the ones that has comments can be deleted though, love x G x :-/

  • I see you've already done it ;-)

  • Dear Margaret,

    I'm sorry to hear your news. I was thinking about you today that I didn't see anything posted yesterday.

    It's a bitch, but you will meet it head on, Everyone else has said it all before me. Stay strong and have a brilliant Christmas. You will be in my thoughts on 11th. That's my husbands 65th birthday.

    love Chris xx

  • So sorry to hear this Margaret. I hope that despite ts news you will still get to enjoy Christmas somehow. Like everyone else I'll be thinking of you. Sending all m best wishes.

    love Mary xxx

  • What a blow margaret, i'm so sorry to hear this bad news.

    Sending you lots of love and hope you can enjoy christmas

    before the next battle begins. You can do it Margaret - you

    sound a very strong lady.

    Love Angie xx

  • What can I say? Sending you a big squidgey hug and strength to face the future

    And of course lots of love


  • Oh that's so sad I am so sorry to hear it Margaret. You are delightful in your humour about it, though I'm sure it is more than slightly wry humour... still, your positive mindset will help take you through this -- as it clearly has before. As usual I am full of admiration for you and all the other so strong ladies in here; I hope I will have the same fortitude if I ever face recurrence...



  • So sorry to hear this Margaret. Did you have testing for the BRCA genetic mutation?

  • Yes! And I am not a carrier! Sod's law! I am taking part in some genetics research projects!


  • So sorry to hear your news. Hope that all goes well with your treatment. You seem such a strong lady and take it all in your stride. Such bad timing for it not that any time is good. Hope you have a merry Xmas no matter what. Kelly x

  • Dear Margaret

    I wondered how it was all going Thursday and hoped the outcome might be easier to cope with - but at least there's a strategy and a way forward even though it's not what anyone would have wished on you.

    I think it's a good idea to put it off till the New Year and enjoy Christmas.

    I loved the M & B diversion and Gina's alternative ending with the decent bloke. You could only enjoy these jokes on this site!

    Sending lots of love to you.

    xxxx Annie

  • Dear Margaret

    I am so sorry to hear this . You are a very brave lady and always so positive. Hope you get through this .\what a blow

    Thinking about you



  • Dear Margaret

    sorry I haven't written earlier to add my best wishes for your next treatment- what a ****** eh?

    Have the best Xmass you can. Are you seeing your family?


    A xx

  • Am sorry to read about your new diagnosis - but at the same time delight in your fab humour and enjoy the way you manage, it is close to my heart and I am sending big guffaws and fun and positivity for you. Enjoy Christmas and although your new year will not be what you or any of us wanted you will win through xxxxx

  • Thanks for all your support! Serves me right for allowing hubris to break out! I feel like the character in the old silent films who kept getting knocked down by the man with the plank! Every time I think I am OK for a bit something else smacks me when I am least expecting it! Still I resemble one of those rubber balls that keep on bouncing back!

    Love M xxxxxxxxx

  • Dear Margaret ..

    Just back from a weekend away to see family ....

    Thought about you last Thursday ...

    So very sorry to hear your news xxx but you will I know give the nasty beast hell ....

    Love you wonderful sense of humour ..its what keeps us going ...

    Take care xxx

    Love Jan xxxx

  • You can do it! and you will.

    I had a double mastectomy at age 26, and was up and doing next morning. Compared with a hysterectomy it was all quite easy. OK, I was 45 years younger, but my tolerance of pain wasn't any different.

    Be a good girl (you sound as though you're perhaps not always!) and do any exercises suggested. It can also be a good opportunity to get the smaller/larger/firmer/different shaped breasts you've always wanted.

    Enjoy the new you - with your sense of humour I'm sure you will.

    And a poem tosee you into 2013.

    Another year,

    Another tumour,

    You cope best

    With a sense of humour.

    Lots of love, Christinexxxx

  • Hi Christine!

    Hey! My boobs were just getting to be the right size and shape through diet!

    I am actually getting a lumpectomy on Jan 11th, with lymph node removal but I doubt if I will be offered reconstruction! I shall, of course, do all my exercises! The gym ball and I have our flexibility session every morning! I do pelvic floor exercises daily and always eat my greens! Honest! I am so good that I control my diabetes and cannot have metformin, which does have benefical effects for ovarian cancer! Sods law!

    Take care and Happy Christmas!


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