Here we go again - cisplatin this time

Just posting to let you all know that I am about to start chemo again, later this morning. I know that if I post here you will all wish me well. And that will help me. After reacting to carboplatin (3rd line) twice they have switched me to cisplatin. I hope I'll be alright with that. The doctor said I would have all 6 doses which I was disappointed with as I'll be in treatment until May, having started carbo in November, but if it works, it'll be worth it. I have a cold but in the past they've said 'it's just a common cold' and continued the treatment.

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  • Just wanted to send you all the best for today.

    It is daunting to start again but you are doing it at the right time of year. We all need a few duvet days when the weather is grotty and the nights long. And then you will emerge like a new woman in May ready for the Summer.

    Sending you lots of love xxx

  • Best of luck with it Lesley xxx

  • Good luck and think once it is over it will be summertime!

  • I've jut finished 4 months of weekly chemo and glad to be out the other end and put it all behind me for a while again. So you have my sympathy and bestest of best wishes as you start your next stint. It'll be all be over in time for you to enjoy the best months and in the meantime you can watch the days get longer and things start to spring into life as you get the treatment to to put the spring back in your step too. Think of good days to come when you're feeling the yuks! Good luck.

    Beth x

  • Sending you a big hug. I'm not liking this chemo lark but until the Martians land with their uber juice to save the planet I guess it onwards we go. Be kind to yourself too

    LA xx

  • Best of luck. I know that after a while some of us react to carboplatin...but lots of other drugs still there for us.

    I'm just waiting to begin Topotecan, (in the Day Ward,) read the literature, but heck they all seem to give the same possibilities of side effects.

    Anyway, will be thinking of you.


  • Good luck Daisies - I just started 4th line last week. Will be thinking of you. X

  • Will be thinking of you, and you know well, that we all react differently to the same drugs.

    Sending you best wishes.


  • Good luck, Lesley! Must be so frustrating to have to start over, but as you say, if it works it's all worth it. Hope your cold clears up soon and all goes well for you.

    Kerry xx

  • Hope your treatment well. Roll on spring! X x

  • Good luck with the Cisplatin. May it drive the alien out for good.

  • Love the mouse - is it a wild one? We have some living under the patio.

  • I actually don't know. Was just looking for the cutest picture of a mouse I could find on the internet since my own chinchillas never sit still enough for a good photo grmpf ;)

  • Squeezy hugs xx

  • Best of luck xx

  • Hi Lesley, I hope all went went for you and will continue to do so for the next few months. Hopefully you will be able to enjoy a fantastic summer which we all deserve putting up with horrible treatment and horrible weather

  • Yes I'm looking forward to summer and getting back on the Pennine Way and the Stanza Stones trail (rocks engraved with Simon Armitrage poems).

  • My dear , of course we wish you very well .

    This happened to me last year , dreadful shock syndrome , as I call it !

    Ended up in hospital but they couldn't get the carbo in after three attempts , all ending dismally .

    Determined Oncologists , kept me in ward until Cisplatin took, and then , over for six months ,

    Weekly and in reduced doses because I was so exhausted ...but I had very good partial response .

    The steroids got to me and I asked for a break in August .

    Some little buggers are on the go again , and I shall start some thing again in the next few weeks .

    A hug from me . May it all go well .x

  • The infusion went well and the new drug for nausea, aprepitant, has been brilliant, hardly any nausea and certainly no sickness. Last one today but I have ondansetron if needed. Thanks for all the good wishes and good luck to everyone else. We'll keep fighting this beast x x

  • Rest. xx

  • Good luck with your treatment xo

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