Here we go again! Different site same old problem!

I spent yesterday afternoon at the breast clinic! Mammogram, ultrasound biopsy of the lump and maxillary! I have a 16 mm "nodule" in the outer half of my left breast which is "of concern". I get the biopsy results a week tomorrow but last time I had a lump they were able to tell me on the day that there was nothing to worry about so I am preparing myself for the worst! Hopefully any treatment can wait until after Xmas!

Meanwhile I am going to the Britain Against Cancer conference in London on Tuesday staying Monday night with my lovely daughter and going to a talk at the National Theatre by John Lithgoe, who is appearing in The Magistrate, which I have already got a ticket to see at the NTL broadcast in the new year! I have even ordered Tesco restaurant Vouchers for Strada so I can take her out to eat! I also booked 5 day passes to Longleat and I am planning a trip to Devon at Easter and a day out with my son & his family so I can tell them about his behaviour when we took him the year his sister was born!

My Slimming world counsellor asked me last night if I minded her putting me forward for coverage in the Magazine as my Gynae has been so pleased with my weight loss and my GP with the way I am controlling the diabetes all due to diet!

Onwards and upwards as they say! Can't say I relish the thought of another op, radiotherapy, or chemo but if I must I must! At least most of the food for my party in January is in the freezer! All I need to do is roll out pastry, fill the empanadillas and pasties, make the chocolate icing and caramel sauce for the cakes, and make the pork pie as demonstrated on the Great British Bake Off masterclass this week! My first venture into hot water crust pastry! At least I do not need cold hands for that!

Fingers crossed for Thursday week!

Thanks for "listening" girls!

M xxxxxxx

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  • Oh Margaret, I can only sit here and admire the pragmatic way you are dealing with what must be a shock for you. You are wonderful :-) If anyone will weather the storm, it will be you. Your 'to do' list makes me feel full of admiration, but do look after yourself. I know we all need diversion activities whole we are waiting for results or treatment, but try not to get over-tired. You may need to rest a bit before you begin the next steps to kicking the ****** into oblivion. I know we'll all be here, rooting for you in the days ahead. Love n hugs to you. Let us know how you are getting on

    Love Wendy xx

  • Thanks Wendy! Most of the 'to do' list was on the cards already! I am very good these days at pacing myself and there is no certainty that this is the dreaded C again! I am just preparing for the worst! That way any thing else will be good!

    I pace myself! One 'thing' per day! LOL! Today it is my eye test! Tomorrow bloods for a genetic research project, Friday a Christmas dinner, Saturday a Birthday party, Sunday Ripley Castle Christmas Market, Monday to London, Tuesday Conference, Wednesday retinal screening! Thursday THE RESULTS! All go and excitement here! LOL!

    Love M xxxxx

  • Hi Margaret

    So admire the way you are dealing with this. A great example to all of us. I'll be thinking of you.

    Love and best wishes

    Mary xxx

  • Hi Margaret,

    What a worry, but glad you are still fighting,you are so "busy busy" you've worn me out LOL sending best wishes love x G x :-)

  • Hi Margaret,

    I am sure your results will be good. You don`t have time to be ill with your busy life. Keep positive.

    Love Babs x x

  • Dearest Margaret. If my thoughts have any power, that nodule of yours will hang its head in shame, slope off and evaporate. But your attitude is an absolute tonic. Sales of the Slimming World magazine can expect to spike when your story is covered - I'm sure it'll be selected.

    Enjoy all your outings and projects and I'm rooting for you re the results on Thursday.

    Lots of love

    Linda xxx

  • don't hold your breath for the mag! I may just end up as a footnote on the website or consigned to the "thanks but no thanks" drawer! LOL!

  • Dear Margaret -- I think you are one over the strongest and most positive people I have met. And I've never even met you. All love and strength, go find out, tackle as required and then - make the best cold crust in town!



  • Thanks to all of you!

    If only this cold weather would warm up a bit! Today is my first day with no painkillers! I was down to one paracetemol and one ibuprofen a day so it isn't exactly 'cold turkey' the boob and the armpit are tastefully decorated with steristrips but the bruising is not sufficiently painful to warrant painkillers!


  • Dear Margaret

    So sorry you have this worry & hope that it wil prove groundless. You sound as if you have a wonderful, exciting time coming up. The food for your party has made my mouth water. Can you send some to me please :-)


  • Dear Margaret

    I'm just so sorry you've got to go through this and I'll be hoping it all turns out OK next Thursday. It's good you're in London for a couple of days beforehand and I hope that is a distraction but that you don't get too tired.

    I admire your having a go at hot water crust pastry. I only tried it once and it collapsed. You're inspiring me to have a bake-off with you and have another go. Pastry and steam ovens seem to go well together but so far I've only had a very modest go at shortcrust.

    I thought for a moment that you must be passionate about lions and were planning to go to Longleat 5 days running but realised then that it's for the whole family. What a lovely day out for them all, and then another trip to Devon. I hope the sciatica isn't troubling you by then. Perhaps we could arrange to meet up? There are several people living in the area and I have been told there's not much in the way of support groups there. It would be fun to have an out-of-London get-together to add to your list of distractions.

    I'm sending my love. xxxx Annie

  • Just realised you are in Cardiff! Bristol might be a good place to meet!


  • Dear Margaret

    We live in Cardiff but our boat is moored in Plymouth, so it's equally convenient to meet in the Bristol area or in Devon. In fact I'm likely to be on the boat over the Easter holidays and I do love the passage to Dartmouth. It would be great if we could organise something in Devon whilst you're there. Angelina lives in Brixton and there's also Lynn in Plymouth and Diane in Cornwall. Diane was saying quite recently there's not much in the way of support in her area.

    I think Longleat is one of those places that's equally inconvenient to get to from anywhere. I seem to recall the route from Cardiff as being torturous but worth the effort once we were there.

    Thinking of the attempt at hot-water crust - and it was back in the early 70's - my recipe book suggested moulding it round a jar and when it was finished melting down bones to make a jelly which was poured still hot through the hole in the top. It was a disaster. I've seen pie moulds in the Kitchen Shop in Cardiff. If yours turns out to be a winner, and knowing a bit about you I think it will, it might be worth getting a spring-form pie mould. I'm looking forward to hearing how it goes.

    As for ovens, I don't think I've ever cooked in an oven without a fan. There are usually 2 - one in the oven itself and another the exterior so the elements and wiring for the hob don't get damaged. I know bad workmen blame their tools but if my recipes go well these days I have to bear testament to the luxury of having the option of steam as well as convection heat in my oven. Only challenge is there isn't too much information out there on it - and I'm having to improvise a bit at the moment. I'm going to get some Kilner Jars as you can cook jams in them rather than in a jelly pan, and if I get smaller jars I can make sponge and fruit desserts in them which look very pretty.

    I hope all this is a distraction from all the rotten stuff going on at the moment.

    With loads of love xxx Annie

  • I am hoping to fly to Exeter sometime during the Easter holiday, for a week in Dartmouth. If the sciatica is under control I shall hire a small car and drive down to Dartmouth. We will go up to Longleat in one of their cars! A couple of hours drive, I think, we went from Swansea for the day and that took 2 hours!

    I shall have transport while down there so would love to meet up! Greenway could be a good place! I have been to the garden but never the house! Or Buckfast Abbey, or Colton Fishacre!

    Love M xxxxxx

  • Ps! I am making my pie in a loaf tin as recommended by the chap giving the bake off masterclass. I may invest in some straight sided 'bun' moulds or a pork pie spring mould if I can find one! I just hope that my first try does not collapse! My cooker is just a bog standard fan oven!


  • My cooker hasn't even got a fan ( not even me haha) :-/ ;-) happy baking x G x

  • LOL!

  • Dear Margaret ..

    Catching up .... and just seen your news ..........

    You are such a Wonder Woman ....bless you as you give so much inspiration to others here .

    You know that we will all be thinking about you next Thursday .

    Sending lots of positive thoughts and a hug too ( ) xx

    Take good care now xx

    Love Jan xxx

  • Everythig crossed for thursday. In the meantime I love your attitude of seizing the day and planning future treats.

    Tho I am with Gwyn on the ehaustion stakes!

    I think you are a wonderful inspiration for the folks at Slimming World and not just for the fantastic weightloss, but for your courage in all you do.Didn't know they made pastry at S/w!!!!

    Will think of you Margaret.

    love Sue

  • Dear Margaret

    You are such an inspiration to all us ladies, always so bright and cheerful.

    Will be thinking of you next Thursday, you are doing the right thing keeping busy and having so much to look forward to.

    Just hope your news will be good.

    Take care

    Love Linda xx

  • Me too Linda! Me too!

    Love M!

  • Hi Margaret. You seem such a strong lady and an inspiration to many. All the best for Thursday I hope it turns out to be nothing and in turn you have a fab Christmas. Next week sounds like a lovely preclude to that and I hope you have a great time :) Kelly x

  • Thanks Kelly!

  • Hi Margaret

    I do so hope you have a good result! Several of the others have already said this but your messages are always so positive and cheerful.

    Love Anne xx

  • Thanks Anne!

    All day "here we go again ....." (the song) has been running through my head! Not sure "taking a chance on love" is quite apropriate! LOL

  • Dear Margaret, won't repeat what everyone else has said but will be thinking of you. Interested in your slimming world classes. I was going before I was diagnosed....getting ready for our daughters wedding. Wasn't sure about going back but think I will now after the holidays, thank you for that. Best, best wishes

    Chris xx

  • Extra Easy programme! Very easy to stick to!

  • Hi Margaret, wishing you only good things for the biopsy results. One day at a time ...along with everything else. By the sound of things, you are doing great and keeping busy.

    All the best xx

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