Here we go again no5!!!!

I've not be around much recently as we have been making the most of my 'remission' , but I'm sad to say I think it is all over once again, I have built up in my tummy, and am very breathless. Tomorrow I see the onc to find out how soon I can start the next lot of chemo - here's hoping it works again so I am fit for my first cuddle with the grandaughter I have yet to meet when they come over at the end go august.

Fingers crossed once again everybody, (and I know busylizzie would have been the first to respond).

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  • Dear Greybadger

    I wondered where you were, I am so sorry it is such a pest isn't it ? Sending you hugs and bast wishes and a Lizzie smiley face :-) :-) :-) love x G x

  • Hello there Grey badger

    Sorry to hear that you are sipping cocktails again! A special gentle hug to you.

    Like you I too am back on chemo a week on monday. Just one ahead no 6. My longest remission was 10months at the beginning with carboplatin so we are having another shot at it with carboplatin and gemcitabine.

    Gets a bit boring but we have no choice, but at least we have the choice.

    You have a wonderful goal to set for August. That is so much more exciting to plan for.



    ps I'm sure that dear Lizzie is lookng down on us making sure we keep our peckers up and I bet she is still fighting to find the anwers for each of us as she always triedxxx

  • Hi Viv

    Hope they come up with something that works really well this time, I'm right behind you on number 4.Got the last dose in about 10 days.Hope to get a bit of a break after that, got a holiday in Wales planned.


  • Hi Viv

    Glad to hear you have been enjoying your remission. I got almost a year last time, so far it has been six months since the operation and I seem to be clear so far! Sorry to hear you are back on the treadmill again!

    Good luck!


  • Hello greybadger, sorry to hear that you are again needing treatment and feeling unwell . Hope all goes well with treatment . You have such a fantastic goal to focus on to see your beautiful granddaughter.


  • Hi Viv

    In the same boat as you almost. Start 4th line today ...18 weeks, every week ... Topotecan. Ive also been feeling progressively more grotty recently but hopefully yet again it works. I'm sure we'll both be back in remission later in the year so good luck. Meryl XXX

  • Dear Viv

    I'm really sad to hear you're back having another round of chemotherapy. It's always got to be such a disappointment. I'm sending my very best wishes to you hoping it works well this time. If I take one thing from Lizzie, it was that she always had a plan. It looks as though you have too - to get through this new regime and to meet your lovely new grand-daughter at the end of August.

    with love xx Annie

  • Dear Viv,

    I can't really add more to what the others have already said so sending you healing vibes.

  • Me too!! Start number 4 next week also. Waiting to see if it will be a trial, otherwise Gemcitabine/carbo. must be the weather. Good luck to all.

  • Viv, sorry to hear that, but fingers crossed for more remmission thas all we all want. cyber hugs to you, chin up and all that. love to you Sue xxx

  • Dear Viv

    It's a b***** isn't it! Thinking of you.


    Anne x

  • Good luck viv I am having 2nd line with carbo/gem really hope it all works for you and me hugs and best wishes

  • Hi there Viv

    So very sorry to hear the beast is back .....

    Just keep on thinking positive thoughts

    With thoughts of your little Grandaughter I am this will help you through the next few weeks.

    Thinking of you lots ...

    Take care .

    Love Janet x

  • Got oral Etoposide to take from tomorrow, and waiting for a date for a abdomen drain - and it's the 6th different drug, I lost count last night!

    Thank you all for your kind thoughts. The onc seemed to be think positively and could see no problems with my plans for the summer.

    so onwards and upwards through the floods, (I live in West Sussex at Felpham!)

  • I thought you and I were walking hand in hand with 6th treatments!

    I'm like a pincushion today. had renal function tests with all the blood tests and bloods. Good job I'm not needle phobic I had 6!

    Keep planning

    love Suex

  • Hi Viv

    Sorry to hear that you're having to go through another round of chemo but glad that your onc has said that you should weather this latest storm. We're all like little ducklings being tossed around on a stormy puddle sometimes ...mixed metaphors here but puddles, ducklings have featured recently....... needless to say, I'll be sending you lots of positive vibes and love and hugs for a better remission next time. I'm sure Lizzie will too, wherever she is watching us all from. Stay strong

    Love Wendy xx

  • Best of luck xx

    I'm doing well on eptoposide ,6th cycle & minimal side effects,hope it will be as good for you.

  • so sorry greybadger to hear your news.I am on 3rd line chemo got my second one today.I am getting taxol on its own as I just finished in november the taxolplus carboplatin so it was too soon to give me both again.This is my 3rd set of chemo in 2 and a half years.Its like an emotional rollercoaster with all its ups and downs .I guess we have to all dwell on the ups and play down the downs to get through it all!Thinking of you una x

  • Dear Viv

    I hope your meeting with the oncologist today was constructive. I always feel much better if I know the plan. Its a daunting business - it certainly doesn't get much easier each time I know that much.

    Let us know what is planned and when you start. CT first I guess.

    Another precious lesson from dear Lizzie is that it is good to chat with all of us and we will look forward to hearing from you.

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