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Don't give up hope! my wife is home from hospital today after a successful ileostomy reversal :-) As far as we know, there is no sign of any remaining disease and she is now completely back to normal :-) :-)

To put this in context, she was diagnosed just over a year ago with significant ascites due to Grade 3 Stage IIIc/IV (pleural effusions untested, so no confirmation of Stage IV) ovarian caancer. The initial debulking removed all the usual organs plus "kilograms" of tumour and still left tumour wrapped around the bowel and spleen. A chance meeting my wife had with the oncologist in the hospital car park a few months ago got the admission that her case was considered completely "hopeless" at the first multi-disciplinary meeting!!

So... this horrible disease *can* sometimes be knocked right back. We'e not assumng we'll never see it again, but we're planning a life together with this very much a background thought. I put this wonderful turn-around down to my wife's faith, the excellent surgery and drug regime she received at the local centre of excellence and a daily dose of curcumin! ;-)

I don't plan to visit the ovacome website again in the near future, but I'd like to thank most of those people who've commented on my posts for their positive and supportive replies... and to wish those whose profound blog posts I have read all the best for the future.


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Dear Plum

Thank you for letting us know how your wife is getting on. It's really good to have such good news to share and I'm delighted it's all gone so well and you have a rosy future to enjoy together.

I was disturbed by your thanking 'most of those people who've commented ...'. This site is for us to give mutual support and to respect each other's opinions. It is the spirit of the site to share, and inform. If anyone has expressed an opinion you disagree with it was only said in the spirit of friendship and sharing a view.

It would be a shame to leave us on a sour note and I hope you feel you can retract your statement as it's obvious to whom this comment was directed. I've found it very disturbing.

I wish you and your wife well. Annie


Great news! Enjoy!



Dear Plum

Thank you for posting these encouraging words. I'm so pleased to hear that your wife is doing so well and that you had the good fortune to receive the best treatment for her.

I'm sure every one of us on this site, whether our blogs are profound or lighthearted, as well as those who don't post at all, would wish you both nothing but the best for your future.



That's wonderful news and it is now time for you to celebrate. Many congratulations.


Brilliant news, all the very best to you both,Enjoy!

Sue xx


Great news for your wife and you. I wish your wife all the best for her continuing good health.

Love Wendy xx


Really pleased to hear your good news. I wish you & your wife all the very best.

I am sorry to hear that you will not post on this site anymore. I would agree with Annie that this site is a great way of sharing experiences & opinions and each person is entitled to their opinions.

I was diagnosed with Grade 4 OC & although I may not have agreed with everyone's advice when I have asked a question or written a blog I have really appreciated the fact that members took the time to comment. I have also learnt a lot from all the members on this site.

I certainly think that your wife's faith is what has helped her through this horrible condition. I was diagnosed at the end of May 2012, had 3 cycles of chemo followed by debulking surgery & 3 cycles of chemo. Throughout my treatment I ate foods & herbs that were recommended to me. I am now in remission & have my last chemo scheduled for next week.

I am convinced that my faith & the members on this site have kept me feelling positive. Therefore you could continue writing posts while you & your wife enjoy your life.

Wishing you both a very rosy future! ;-)


So good to hear positive news about your wife . Sorry you will not blog on the site

It is good for other who are in remission to share good news and positive stories are a great inspiration to us all



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