any hope ?

hi my mum got diagnosed with stage 3 high grade PPC which is inoperable but has had 3 cycles of carboplatin and seems to be coping very well with it- the tumours are within and around he bladder rectum and bowel - prognoses in october was 15 months- chemo fnished for now- tumour markers in 100's now not 1000s but they say prognosis still same

my mum has had full hysterectomy ages ago btw she is 80 and a fighter- has naotome else had this and could she survive longer- any tips?? what about cannabis oil etc ??


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  • Hi, welcome to the group. I'm sorry about your mum's prognosis. I don't know anything about cannabis oil so can be old no help there. The only other thing I can say is we are all individual and your mum might well get longer than the Drs predict. I'm sure you are a great support to her. Ann xx

  • Have you thought about seeking a second opinion?

  • Hi there

    As Anne said we are all individual

    Unusual only giving your mum three cycles standard seems to be six

    But like you say ca count gone way down so that's good

    Might be an idea to get a second opinion is there no change on scans since chemo x

  • My friend went to coma 8 years ago because of chemo and spread of OC.

    She was in coma 2weeks. She is here today happy going mom. She dont have any scans anymore. Just yearly blood test.

    So, miracle happens. Good luck with your mom ❤

  • Hi there. My mum was diagnosed with 3c OC in Dec 13. She had debulking and chemo during 2014. Things looked good. But in the Jan 2015 she had a recurrence. Had a different type of chemo which lowered the CA125 but only to around 150. She was then stable for around 18 months. But the cancer 'woke up' again and she's now on 6 rounds of Carbo/Taxol which was the first chemo she had. She had an appt with the onc today and her CA125 is down to 14 from over 500. Her tumours are around her pancreas, aorta and I'm not sure where else. She's never been given a time limit but she knows she has to manage it. She too is very positive and celebrated her 80th birthday in October! She eats quite a healthy diet with lots of salads and tinned red salmon. It's important to drink plenty of water and I'm constantly nagging mum!! I put little signs around the house as reminders! Walking is very important too. I think some of the ladies on this wonderful site would recommend a second opinion. Sending you and your mum a big hug. Jane X ps. Have just scrolled down and seen a couple of messages recommending second opinions and Ann is right in that everyone is individual.

  • Hi Israelites. It's always hard to compare as, regardless of the fact that all of us on here have OC, our stories are all different. But to give you some hope, I was diagnosed 5 years, 5 months ago. High grade 3c. I had 2 x ops, chemo worked well, remission for 18 months. Then recurrence of the cancer - I was then told it was inoperable & terminal. Went onto chemo again for another 6 months, along with (& continuing to present) a clinical trial drug. I'm still here, still fit, still on my feet. I'm 70. My CA125 is 15. When I asked my onc what my prognosis was, he said "how long's a piece of string" - technical term is that !

    I also know someone (BRCA positive) who had both breast & ovarian cancer - still cancer-free 25 years later. Another woman 3c told she had 6 months to live, 15 years later, she's still here & in good health, it never returned.

    I know nothing about cannabis oil. I do think that, as suggested above, a second opinion looks worth while. Best wishes. Pauline.

  • You've had good advice already. I'd just add to the one about maintaining her general state of health through diet and exercise and hydration. Good luck to you both.

  • Hi, I was diagnosed in may 2015 with ppc stage four. I have had chemo and debulking op. Ended chemo December 2016. Now on hormone tablets so fingers crossed they are either going to stop it growing or slow it down. I have been reading about cannabis oil, but wouldn't know where to get it from and also if I could get it would it be the pure oil. I haven't asked and never been told how long I could have, though I was told like you it was incurable. I feel fine in myself and with God's grace I will still be here for a good few years, I am aiming to see my two young grandchildren grow up. One is now ten and youngest will be seven in July. Wishing your mum many more years, sending you love and hugs. Julie xxx

  • Hi there

    As someone who has high grade serous stage 3c PPC and who was also inoperable in 2011 I just want to give you hope for those of us in the same boat . I was treated with 6 cycles of Carboplatin/taxol and remained NED until last year when I had recurrence in my lymph nodes . My CA125 was over 8000 on diagnosis and returned to normal after treatment .

    We're you given a reason why your mother was only given 3 cycles of Carbo only as Carbo/taxol is the standard treatment worldwide. I do hope you can get a second opinion to ask more questions at least . Best wishes to your mother.


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