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Low grade serous rollercoaster

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I rarely post on here but read all your posts. I was diagnosed in 2012 at 40 years old stage 3B low grade serous carcinoma so should be used to all this by now!

I have had 3 chemo’s during that time 2013/2015, 2 x carboplatin only and last year had weekly taxol until July. The taxol last year didn’t completely get rid of it in the scan so they operated in November and took any visible disease away so Ned to naked eye (no bag which I was warned about). Since then I have recovered well (apart from getting pneumonia a week after being out of hospital but that was dealt with by 8 nights in hospital! No relevance to the cancer at all, just got it through the big op I’d just had).

I was put on Letrozole after this and have been taking it ever since with 2 blood tests at 8. Since beginning of September I have been getting those familiar niggles again and am currently on holiday with my husband in Mallorca which is lovely ☀️ but I know I am going to have to go home and get a CA125 test as I just know things aren’t right. So worried as back at work full time (except Fridays) and feeling really healthy and just can’t stand the thought of doing it all again and hope there is something they can do for me 😞 are there any treatments for this type that anyone knows about ?

Have attached a pic of us this week 😊

Hats off to all you brave ladies on here and love to you all xxx 💗

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Jo - lovely photo, just enjoy your holiday and don't worry. It could be nothing. Thanks for your other message, I forgot to reply. There are other hormone tablets, trials, lots of things. Pls please just enjoy your holiday - Nicola xx

Hi Jo lovely photo xx can’t help with treatment options as I’m high grade but I can empathise with those feelings of dread x

Try and distract your thoughts and enjoy the rest of your holiday don’t let this beast steal your sunshine any more than it already has xxx

Good luck and keep us posted x


Enjoy the rest of your holiday, it’s a lovely photo of you both, I can see you’ve been in the sun. There are trials for low grade which may well be suitable for you. It’s likely the thought of having more treatment but once you’re actually on it, it all seems do-able.

Enjoy the 🍷🍺 and 🌞

Lovely pic 😀 Xx

Enjoy your holiday Jo, try to put this from your mind (easier said than done) and follow up when you get home. Thinking of you xxx

You look fab, enjoy your lovely holiday and try and get some answers when you’re home. But for now, try to relax and I’m hoping there’s another explanation for your feelings at the moment, and that all will be well, sending big hugs to you Xxx 💖

As a fellow low grader - please continue to enjoy your holiday - you look marvellous! Follow your concerns up when you get home. As Orsolini says there are other hormone inhibitors, trials, etc. should they be needed.

Gwen x

Hi Jo, I can't give advice on your treatment just try and enjoy your holiday and I'm sure that if need be your team will have a plane, fingers cross that all is ok..

Take care Lorraine xx💙💙

Hi Jo--I am probably a broken record with this response but try --if you can--to compartmentalize. Enjoy as much as you can and push those thoughts out of your head for most of your day--focus on the lovely vacation. Allow yourself about a 10 minute break alone (bathroom, short walk) to think about it, worry about it, then tell yourself NO MORE until tomorrow or I miss the best part of my life. It takes practice but can be done and worth the big ol' try while on vacation more than ever. You two look lovely and really happy. oxoxxoxo

Really lovely to hear from you I have wondered how you have been doing. Hopefully the niggles are nothing here is crossing my fingers and everything else I can for you. Sorry cannot give you anybpearls of wisdom 're treatment. Your photo is lovely and hopefully the sun is shining on you. Chris

I hope it's in your imagination. Your picture made me happy and made me feel there is life after treatment!

Hi girls - thank you for all your positive responses, I’m now home to rainy cold England but had a really lovely time and the weather was perfect for us soo warm day and night!

There really is life after treatment and I have been living it to the full, we’ve had plenty of holidays and I’m also back to work, even after these 6 years of ops, chemos etc I still unbelievably feel as good as I felt before but obv just know when the niggles start it’s a worry again and you get to know the niggles and then the rollercoaster starts in my head first as to what’s next for me and how long can I go on feeling well for etc etc .... BUT I WILL deal with anything that’s ahead of me as we have to and I’m going to book a CA125 in for Thursday, get the results on Friday so that’s my day off as don’t want to tell work unnecessarily and will have the weekend to think about whatever the outcome.

Again thank you and lots of love and positive withes to you all, what a fab forum this is xxx 💗💗💗

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