Never give up hope

Hi everyone I'm not an active member on here but I wanted to share with you that 4 years ago my mum was operated on for 2 very large tumours stage 3 oc, she followed with chemo I'm afraid I can't remember the type but I wanted to give hope to the fact I thought my mum was going to die in a very short space of time , 4 years later and she has a low ca125 but doesn't really have scans , she gets checked on and examined and is doing brilliantly, her consultant seems to go with how she is feeling and right or wrong my mum knows that it may come back but she try's not to dwell on it , I just wanted to say that 4 years is a great remission time and I'm so thankful I still have her here today , be strong ladies and I wish you all the best xxx Kerrie

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  • Thankyou gives me a lot of hope just finished chemo for stage 3 love to hear good stories xxx

  • Thank you for sharing your mum's story. Need this xxx glad she has a good relationship with her oncologist., that's so important

    Clare xx

  • Thank you for sharing this! I've just started this journey with my mum and it's so hard at times.

  • Thank you for sharing your mom's success. I'm stage 3c and in throws of treatment. These stories of hope keep me going!

    All the best to you and your mom. 🌸🌺

  • I'm 3C finished chemo and final Avastin last week.. loved reading this and thanks for sharing! 💐 xx

  • Thanks for a great post. I was stage 3 and have my first 3 month check post chemo in April. Trying to keep positive, onward💪👍

    D x

  • Thank you all for your replies I remember 4 years ago feeling completely frightened and Confused about her diagnosis, she looked awful and pale and I look at her now and sometimes I actually forget she went through it , it was the most awful time especially the chemotherapy and she had days where I thought she may give up but she didn't and she is living life to the full which is all anyone can hope for , take care of yourselves ladies you are have been dealt a bad card but please stay positive there is light at the end of the tunnel xxx

  • Thanks for posting . Great to hear such a positive story . I was diagnosed stage 4 and finished chemo in January still on Avastin and keeping everything crossed for a long remission so I have more time with my family .

    Wishing your mum many more healthy years ahead . Love Kim x

  • Thanks Kerrie,

    Love positive stories, I'm still here after 2 and a half years diagnosis,2 years NED,would love to hear other positive stories and I'm sure other ladies would too😍😁xx

  • Thank you for sharing this lovely positive post - it gives us all hope.

    Long my your mother's good quality of life continue.

    Janine xx

  • Hello Kerrie. I can relate to your journey. My mum was diagnosed 3c at the end of 2013. She's still battling on. Just having more Carbo/Taxel as it's become active again but she amazes me and her quality of life is pretty good at 80!! I think she's driving herself to the hospital for today's chemo!! Sending a hug. X

  • I go in for my surgery today, it's so nice to wake up to such a positive post. Thank you for sharing xx

  • Thats brilliant Kerrie. Every word you wrote is music to the ears on this site. Keep The Faith.


  • Thanks for this it is reassuring to hear stories like this.

  • Hi Kerrie, What a wonderful story, thanks for sharing. Good news like yours really cheers us up and gives us hope for the future.. I would think that your support has been an important part of your mum's remission and I wish you both all the best for the future.


  • Think that gives us all hope,I have only had 2 cycles of chemo and have ended in hospital after each one my third one was cancelled as my CA125 is going up very frightening so I am now waiting to find out the outcome my mean more surgery,hope your mum continues to stay free and healthy Jenny xx

  • Thanks for sharing such a good news story. 🌈

  • What a wonderful story, thank you for sharing x

  • thanks for that....there are many paths forward I guess Chrisxx

  • Thank you for sharing, I love hearing stories like gives hope for people like my Mum :)

    God bless 💪

  • Hi, thanks for sharing such a positive post :). Kathy xxx

  • Hi, That really is such great news, & thank you for telling us as it will give us all hope. Although I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer, because it had gone into one of my fallopian tubes it is classed as ovarian type, stage 2 grade 3 serous. I am due to go this Thursday for a fourth 3 month check & if all ok I will graduate to 6 monthly checks. Onwards & upwards fingers crossed.

    Love Caleda xxx

  • Kerrie thank you for sharing. This gives us all lots of hope :) Long may your lovely Mum be happy and healthy xx

  • Your story gives us hope and courage Kerrie! So glad your mum's a survivor and getting along with her normal life! Wish her the very best! M'anne xxx

  • Thank you it gives us all hope, finished treatment six months today, so mums 4 years has brought a smile to my face.

    Ellsey xx

  • That was very kind of you to share your mom's story with all of us. It gives me hope as well as all if the other ladies here.

  • That's fantastic news, and you have brightened my day. I was diagnosed in Jan this year of stage 3 b, I've had the debunking surgery and next week start Chemo for 5 months. So far everyone I've met have had it come back, so it's good to hear about your Mum. God bless her.

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