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Don't give up


hi, my story goes way back to 2010..was diagnosed with 3B stage ovarian cancer.. had operation chemo, cisplatin and taxol..lost ..and then the tingling and numbness ..which is still in my feet. By the grace of God I have servived. I had 5 yrs. remissiion but when I went back those years, for my ck. ups they went by the c 125 results and they were pretty normal. I returned 2016 to find the cancer had returned, and had been there a while,and it was under a was also showing up close to my pancreas, I was operated on for the hernia and they also tried to get the left over tumors. I had a reaction to something ended up in hospital again. I ended up on a wound vac for months . It has really been a long journey..but I have a very loving caring family..and a faith in God that has brought me this far. Don't give up. Now they have me on chemo again..Carboplatin and a new one to me called Gemzar..probably not spelling these right, anyway my hair is growing back from the last time and hopefully I won't lose it again, which is only a small thing, but nevertheless, it matters. I have never shared all this with anyone but somehow today I just want to tell someone if they need to hear it..hang in are not alone.

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Smiles and hugs to you.. Share more often xx

grma4 in reply to Emsymits

thanks Emsymits..I was so supprised this morning when I saw I had some emails and so glad to hear from others..

Hi grma4, Glad you decided to post it helps to be able to correspond with someone who is going through the same journey as you and this site gives us that opportunity..Keep sharering best wishes Lorraine xx

Hi Lorraine, I am glad I posted to,yesterday was a very hard day and I just felt like I had to try to help someone get thru what I was going thru...don't have too many days like that but try to get thru it...I go in tomorrow for chemo..having trouble with blood platlets and wbc...

grma4, and YOU are not alone either! Stick around and enjoy the compassion and humor of women who understand what you are going through!

grma4 in reply to Tesla_7US

thanks you Tesla_7...I know it is so hard sometimes

Tesla_7US in reply to grma4

grma, yes, it's really hard and makes me careful about how I spend my time. I don't do anything that I don't want to. I focus on my loved ones and enjoy every single moment with them. I stay in the moment so I am present.

Thank you for sharing some hope. With us and wishing you the best healing luck ever. Nicky xx

grma4 in reply to Nicky100

Thank you Nicky100

I agree with your advice to not give up. I was diagnosed & treated in 2008. Since then I've had more surgery, 3 types of chemo (only lost my hair once) & tried hormone therapy. And I'm still here getting on with my life. Wishing you well with your current treatment. Di PS My faith has helped too

grma4 in reply to Di16

Di16 thank you to sometimes we just need to know someone else is there..I know God is and He will be there for us all but we need one another too..wish you the best this next treatment..

Thanks for sharing this amazing journey - what a brave lady u are!


Thank you all for cancercarechats..

Thank you for the hope, I needed a post like that today! It's great you had such a long remission, not so much that it came back but it sounds like you are in good hands and you are strong warrior - keep going ! I've had 3 lots of chemo, avastin and now on tamoxifen but think I will be back on chemo soon, really not looking forward to that but I'll try anything. Take care,

Madeline xx

grma4 in reply to Hertsmum

I am so glad that you needed that ..makes me feel like I did the right thing. I go tomorrow for my 3rd round of chemo, this time, if my bl work allows. Hang in there, Madeline. In my prayers....grma4

after back on my feet again i tried to stay busy..a little gardening,with much sunscreen and long sleeves.. i have a big family of which gathers here every week if i am able and i love to cook for them..sometime i can't but when i can i love to do i am all down again but still try to stay busy..mostly keeping up house...

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