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A Poem for Gwyn

A poem for Gwyn - but where to begin?

What comes to my mind is that she's so kind.

She is quick with advice - for us that's so nice.

When our troubles we tell - she says all will be well.

When we say we are down - she erases our frown.

She knows us so well - it's easy to tell.

When confused and we cry - she'll explain and say why.

If it's too big a task - she'll say who to ask.

Then our load she will lighten, our day she will brighten.

When sad with our cares - our problems she shares.

She's a talented poet (Don't we all know it?)

There's loads on her Blogs - some even for dogs!!

But now I must end. My thanks, Gwyn, I send.

Time you had your own poem, Gwyn. Hope you like it.

Love from Solange :-)

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That is sooooooooooo lovely Solange! Very well deserved too. I couldn't agree more.

Gwyn is so helpful on here, and her poems are brilliant!

Well done, you!

Love Wendy xx


Hi Wendy,

I didn't think I would have time to comment as I am off to York in a mo to take my granddaughter back to uni...Tony is busy packing the car up (such a lot to take) I am pleased to say I have serious competition haha (that was the idea to get people writing.. but not about me though)...but It is an honour..... I know how much it cost Solange with her time.. as she is busy with her husband's bad foot thank you for your lovely comments love x G x :-)


Here, here. I'm so really delighted you've written a poem gor Gwyn. She deserves the accolade. You're such talented ladies on this site. Hope you're pleased with it Gwyn. Xxxx Annie


Aww Annie,

Thank you it is lovely of Solange to do this as I know how busy she is great as long as she doesn't start talking in rhyme as well ..imagine if I did...I already have a sing song voice as you know (living in Wales) didn't we have a frenzy of dogs? haha I have written a poem about all the dogs (I have tried to) but haven't had chance to post it but every time I thought I had finished someone else came on with their dog but it has gone a bit quieter will have to be cats haha love x G x :-)


Yes, I'm really hoping that someone comes up with a completely different pet - a lovely crocodile for instance!

Xxx Annie


Hi all,

Haha!! I have just got back from shopping what a surprise thank you Solange you are soooo kind...I thought you said you couldn't write poetry ??? I am so thrilled.

Annie aren't you meant to be in France? and Of course I am pleased with it teehee!!

Wendy...I am no more helpful than you lovely ladies.. but thank you anyway...

Lots of love to you all x G x :-) :-/ ;-) :-D :-O 8-) :-)


Hi Solange,

I have just realised you have been clever enough to tag it as well ....thank you... I think it is brilliant...I can't pout into words how I feel so smiley faces it has to be. x G x

:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-/ :-/ :-/ :-/ :-/ ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) :-) :-) :-)


I mean put...but I could mean pout haha :-) :-)


I'm just so relieved your poem went to the right place and wasn't lost in the ether somewhere, with my (lack of) computer skills, Gwyn.

Thank you, fellow Ovacomers for your kind comments. I'm quite ovacome!!

Love and healthy wishes, Solange x


Hi solange... Wow this poem is brilliant... You are soooooooo right in all you say.. Gwyn is ammazing and so so kind. And always there no matter what. You have captured her perfectly in your poem. Well done. And thank you Gwyn you are the best...

Lots of love




Hi Suzanne,

Thank you for these lovely words...I think the poem is lovely as is your lovely poems that you have posted...I have written a "dog poem"trying to include everyone but have not posted it yet.. as I try to space them out a little there were so many with dogs I just thought I would write them all in one go haha...I am off to York now to take my granddaughter back to uni..I will get in touch later love x G x :-)


Brilliant poem Solange,

I am so glad you wrote that for our Gwyn. I tried but couldn't make any sense but what you have written sums it up perfectly!

You may find you are a secret poet just like Gwyn discovered by chance.

Hugs Jackie xxx


Hi Jackie,

It would seem that I have serious competition..and that my persistence has paid off haha...I hope things are going ok and you do get time to have a rest...even with a scamp of a puppy Awww cute love x G x :-)


And so say all of us :)



Hi Citrine,

Thank you I don't have any pets but like them..and my daughter has a cat.. I will have to do cats next as we've had a frenzy on dogs haha love x G x :-)


Solange ..

This is Just wonderful !!! well done you glad that someone has written a poem for Gwyn as she has done so many brilliant ones for us all but more so Gwyn is always there for any newby or even us oldies with her love and helpfulness and advice ...Bless you Gwyn xxx

Love Jan xx


Hi Jan,

I will carry that "Blessing" with me today thank you.

I am not ignoring everyone just in a rush off to York to take my granddaughter back to uni ( be in touch when I get back) but thank you all for your lovely comments love x G x :-) 8-) (sunny today yay) 8-)


Solange, that is a beyootiful poem. You've summed our Gwyn up so perfectly.

love Marilyn xxx :)


Hi Marilyn,

Hello there me dear, how be u then?

I hope you are ok, you've been very quiet lately,sending you love from "we up ere"

Love x G x :-)


Hi Gwyn,

Will pm you mi dear :)


Hi Solange,

What a lovely poem and so right about Gwyn, she is always there for everyone.

Another clever girlie!

Love Linda xx


Hi Linda,

Isn't it good ? I am so over whelmed by it as Solange said she couldn't write one so such an honour to be her is sunny now 8-) love x G x 8-) 8-)


Thank you Linda, and everyone else, too, for their lovely comments on my poem. I felt rather self conscious sending it but felt reassured after reading them all. :-)

Best wishes, Solange x


Hi Solange,

I felt like that when I first posted don't worry it is brilliant...I am still showing it to my friends and family and they all think it is great...thank you again love x G x :-)


Oh and we all thought the iPad joke was really funny haha :-)


Glad you had a chuckle - anything to brighten this grey day. :-( I think it should be "A giggle a day keeps the Doctor away".

Keep smiling, Solange :-) :-)


Hi Solange,

Haha! Now who's talking in rhyme? are right though it is nice having a giggle perhaps we could be the "giggle group" that's one thing OC can't take off us..

Love x G x :-D :-D :-D


I forgot to say anymore jokes ??? :-D :-D


I'll have a look for some more but wouldn't know how to put them on here. Well, unless they're short enought to type out ........

Love Solange x :-D


Haha..Solange... that was funny...but I don't know how to put them on either...and a bit long to type it all up.. haha..I thought of starting a joke blog for people to add them on there that might be a good idea I am usually hopeless with jokes as it takes ages for the penny to drop and often have to have them explained which of course ruins them LOL cheers love x G x



A few giggly faces :-/ ;-) :-D:-)


Oops did them too close :-D :-) :-O


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