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For Gwyn

For our dear Gwyn

who's always there

at times we want to to tear our hair,

when our hearts are sad

and full of fear,

especially when we shed a tear.

Always the first to comfort and


to give support

as she draws near.

We send our thoughts,

our prayers, our wishes,

as more 'chemo the Doctor dishes,

to beat this beast,

make it retreat,

no more to return,

defeat, complete.

Honey xx

14 Replies

Must say that's a great poem, I think we should all try and write something for our dear Gwyns birthday. X x


Thank you again Babs love x G x8-)


Thank you honey, it really is a very good poem ...Babs poem is good too they seem to be breeding LOL at this rate we will have a full book of "Birthday Peoms for my Birthday"

Thank you again love x G x 8-)


Hi Gwyn

Had a lot of problems trying to get onto the new site yesterday, so gave up in the end. Just managed it today but sorry this is a day late.....

Wishing you a Happy Happy Birthday Gwyn

Hope you had a lovely day.

At the moment I don't like the new site...it seems rather

confusing finding my way around it.

Love Angie xx


Good idea Babs. Shall we all add to this thread or start individual ones or one new one?



Maybe start a new one then me and Honey will add furs x


That should be ours x typo


Too too hot for furs LOL love x G x 8-)


Love the poem Honey. Well said.

Love Mary xx


Very good, another lovely rhyme. Cx


Lovely ladies xxxxx


Gwyn, many happy days...many happy birthdays! xx


Just after I wrote the poem I could not find it anywhere and thought it had not appeared on the site. I sent a private message to Gwyn who assured me she had seen it. Tonight I finally found it! Thank you all for the positive comments.

Love Honey xxx


Hi Honey,

I did see the poem at the time , but like you say it disappeared, but I did save it on my iPad.... and I think it is great I shall treasure it ...Thank you love x G x

Ps today I posted a poem up for Una ( Poleglass ) pride of Britain award.


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