I've just found out that Our very own poet Gwyn Gill sadly passed away on 6/5/16.

She was immensely supportive to me when I was first diagnosed and I will miss her.

I think we all remember her wonderful poems that she wrote on this site, I wish I could write one that would do her justice.

Rest in peace Gwyn, my thoughts and prayers are with Tony and the rest of her family.

Lisa xx

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  • This is very sad news. Gwyn was always so thoughtful with Her poems and they were a fitting tribute to the women who have passed on this site. My condolences to her family and friends. She will be missed. Thank you for letting us know.


  • God bless and keep you safe Gwyn xxx

  • Such sad news again ....all our thoughts go out to family and friends .

  • We will miss you so much Gwyn. A smart, kind, funny lady and a wonderful friend. Xx

  • My condolences to Gwyn and her family .  Her poems will always be a fitting tribute missed by so many 

  • This is so, so sad. I was blessed to have become close to Gwyn over the last couple of years, I will miss her friendship, humour and wit so much. She cheered me up many a time with her kindness and her jokes, even though she went through so much herself, especially the last few months. My deepest condolences to Gwyn's family and friends. Always in my heart dear Gwyn, rest now my friend 

    Love Kaz xx

  • This is very sad news.  Gwyn was a very special member of this group.  I really admired the way she stood up for her beliefs, had the courage of her convictions and challenged those who tried to promote quack remedies.  She showed real compassion for others.  I feel blessed to have 'known' Gwyn, though we only met once in person.  I hope that she found support in her faith during her final weeks.  May she rest in peace. xx 

  • So sorry to hear this sad news, rest in peace Gwyn and my thoughts are with her family xx

  • Such sad news, Heaven has gained a wonderful poet. My thoughts are with her family at this very sad time. Kittie

  • So very sorry to hear this, Gwyn will be so missed.  Condolences to her family X

  • I'm so sad to read this, Gwyn was one of the original troop when I joined in 2012 who helped me make sense of OC. 

    Really shocked by this news


  • So very sorry to hear about Gwyn , love and condolences to her family and friends 


  • Thinking of Gwyn's family and friends at this sad time xxx

  • So sad to hear, Heaven has another Angel. Thinking of Gwyns family at this difficult time xx

  • I am so sorry to read the news. Gwyn was also such a special lady. Thinking of all her friends and family. Claire

  • So sorry to hear this very sad news....God bless you Gwyn, you will be sadly missed.

    Luanna xxx

  • Sorry to hear this sad news, condolences to her family and friends Pam x

  • Such a strong and amasing lady . She will be sadly missed . Brilliant poems she wrote so ably xxx

  • So very sad to hear this.  Sleep peacefully dear lady. x

  • Gwyn

    Mistress of Memorial

    Weaver of Words

    Expressing our eulogies

    A voice always heard.

    Complex subjects, 

    Plain-written lines, 

    Sticking to principles 

    Our writer of rhymes.

    Pen writes, thoughts flow...

    Lives measured in

    Sensitivity and care.

    Faith steadfast,

    Always willing to share.

    So now, moving on, moving on.

    Another realm, another world.

    Some thoughts, words, memories

    Too sparkling to die

    Remaining in memory curled.

    Heavenwards soar, skywards spin,

    A space is truly left within

    By our Poetess

    Our Gwyn.

  • Well done, Wendy. A very nice poem, l'm sure Gwyneth would have loved it.

    Love, Solange 

  • Beautifully written.  Thank you Wendy, this is a lovely tribute to Gwyn. 

  • Beautiful xx

  • Beautiful and fitting thank you Wendy xxx

  • I'm so glad to see a poem for Gwyn!  I'm sure wherever she is she will love it.  

  • It's lovely Wendy .... Gwyn would be honoured xxxx

  • Very sad news,I never met Gwyn but have followed her posts since 2011,she was a great poet and also gave good advice,she said it how it was,my thoughts are with her family at this sad time. xx

  • Brilliant Wendy

  • Such sad news. Although Gwyn had been quiet on this site for a while now, for a long time she was usually the first one to respond to someone in trouble or needing advice. She was very caring.

     Sending my love and sympathy to Tony and their family, Solange.

  • So very sad.  She was such a presence here.  Thinking of all who loved her.  Vx

  • Sending love to her family.  She was an inspiration. Always wise words from her too regardless of the question. 

  • So sad to hear about Gwyn.  I used to love reading her poems. Rip Gwyn, another great lady gone but never forgotten xxx

  • Oh dear Gwyn. Loved her poems. She was such an inspiration to me when diagnosed over 5 years ago. She put alot of stuff in perspective. Herwords will be missed

    Rest in peace lovely lady, yet an9ther angel to watch us. Prayers to her family.


  • This is sad news. Gwyn will be missed by many. My thoughts are with her family. Rest in peace Gwyn xxx

  • Such sad news , my thoughts and prayers to  for Gwyn and family. Love Bridie

  • Such sad news, my thoughts and prayers for Gwyn and family. Love Bridie

  • Sad to hear of Gwyns passing, always supportive and could magic a poem out of thin air. My condolences to her family.

  • So sad that yet another lovey lady of this site has gone,  her poems live on though.

    Condolences to her family and friends.

    Beautiful poem Wendy a fitting tribute.  

    Love,  Madeline 

  • I too was very sorry to read this news, very sorry indeed. Thank you for telling us - Nicola x

  • Gwyn was so kind. Many condolences to her family, and to all the friends who were so lucky to know her.

    Judith x

  • So sorry x

  • My sincere condolences to Gwyns family and friends, she had wisdom and wit.  Her poems were just magic.  May she rest in peace

  • Sad news. My condolences tov Gwyn's  family and friends.   

    Not having been on this site as long as Gwyn had, I didn't realise her full name was Gwyneth - the same as mine!


  • Rest in peace dear Gwyn - I will treasure the poem you wrote in memory of my sister forever xxxx

  • Oh no this is really sad news. Gwyn was always there for everyone and her poems were always so thoughtful. She will be missed by many I'm sure. Sending good wishes to her family. 

  • Gwyn ..... She touched the heart and souls of every one she met bless her . Will never forget the bottle of pop that got off the train in London in May 2013 ... She never thought of herself always of others . She would spend hours and hours getting the right poem written for the ladies on Ovacome , often in the small wee  hours . Thinking of Tony , Lyndon and all the family . 

    Jan xxxx

  • So very, very, very sad to read about Gwyn. She was such a lovely caring person and we corresponded by email for a while. I love what Millie May 2 said and Wendy's poem is beautiful and a very fitting tribute to our esteemed poetess. My thoughts and prayers are with Tony and the family. xxxxxxxx

  • It is so sad. I never met Gwyn personally but she was always so supportive and I remember her being one of the first to welcome me to this forum. Her poems were great and always a fitting tribute to the ladiy concerned. RIP Gwyn. Condolences to your family. Ann x

  • Yes Ann that's how I felt about her and she was one of many to welcome me to this group and since then supporting and encouraging me when it was rough. Always thinking of others before herself. Her poems made me laugh and cry. Rest in peace my friend. My prayers to your family. Denise x

  • How very sad. My condolences to her friends and family. Rest in poetic peace Gwyn X x

  • Oh dear what sad news. My condolences to her family and friends.God bless you Gwynx

  • Such sad news

    RIP Gwyn you will be greatly missed xx

  • I am sorry to hear about Gwynn, she was very supportive to me as well and I loved her poems. My thoughts and sympathy go out to her family.

    love Francesca

  • My sympathies to Gwyns family.What a wonderful poet and lady she was.

  • So sorry to read this, condolences to Gwyns family.

  • Im so sorry to hear this sad news. My deepest condolences go to Gwyns family at this time. May she rest in peace. Ali x

  • such sad news Gwyneth was a lovely lady, always kind and helped

    me through a lot in my hour of need. Rest in peace Gwyneth you will

    be sadly missed by all your friends on the site xx

  • So saddened to read this news, Gywnn was always supportive and one of the first to counsel me.My thoughts are with her family at this time

    Dawn xx

  • This is such sad news. My thoughts are with her family. She seemed such a genuine, caring person, a great loss.

  • So very sad to read your post. She wrote wonderful poems and I send my best wishes to her family.

    Annie xxx

  • Very sorry to hear this news. A lovely lady. She supported people, including me, on this site for many years. A sad loss.

    Eileen xx

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