-A Tribute To Monique-

..........A Tribute To Nisha (Monique)........


Another friend this forum has lost,

A lovely friend and we count the cost.

Often contributing to those in need,

Monique was a dear friend indeed.

A friend that will be sorely missed,

To write her a tribute I can't resist.

These words are inadequate I know,

The love and respect just doesn't show.

A friend on this forum for quite a while,

And often said things that made us smile.

I shall miss our lovely friend Monique,

Her hidden talents were so unique.

A year ago she wrote me a rhyme,

A fitting poem that was bang on time.

This poem I shall always treasure,

I wonder if she knew it gave me pleasure.

I wonder if I thanked her enough,

I wonder if she realised that I was chuffed.

I wonder if she was ever even aware,

She was never out of thought and prayer.

We send condolences to Astrid and Mark,

Our words seem hollow maybe stark.

But our sadness of this loss runs deep,

Memories of her we shall always keep.

The memories we hold in our heart,

And this is an attempt to try and impart,

Her loving kind and generous posts,

Her wisdom too was beyond reproach.

Her strong reluctance to complain,

Even when she was herself in pain.

We know that her family meant such a lot,

We can't comprehend the sadness you've got.

We know there were times that you hold dear,

We know this will make her seem so near,

We know her pain is now all gone,

We know too that memories live on.

We also know she will be sorely missed,

And the grief you feel cannot be dismissed.

We hope that good memories stay with you,

And you'll live your life as she'd want you too.


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  • Dear All, Gwyn has always been a very dear friend of Monique's and is very upset to hear the news. She has asked me to put up this tribute on her behalf.

    Gwyn, thank you for this lovely tribute, your words say it all.

    Mark, sending you my heartfelt condolences and thinking of you at this very sad time. Love Gill xxx

  • Thank you Gill for posting this for me, I have temporarily rejoined to post Jackie's tribute....(I didn't want to trouble you so early) I hope you are feeling better thank you for all you've done for me. Love x G x

  • :-( :-) xxx

  • A beautiful, beautiful poem Gwyn and a fitting tribute to the wonderful Monique.

  • Oh Gwyn ,

    Thank you and thanks Roley as well ,

    Lovely and fitting as usual... I'm sure that the family will treasure xx

  • Thank you Gwyn, sending you my love xxx

  • A truly lovely poem. Thank you Gwyn.


  • Thank you for posting Gwyn's poem Roley. It is a lovely tribute to Monique.

    My thoughts are with her family x

  • Oh Gwyn, this is truly beautiful, lovely tribute to Monique, thinking of her family...

    Thank you Gill for posting this and thank you Gwyn,

    Love Kaz xx

  • Dearest Gwyn ,

    You were blessed with a gift ...putting beautiful words together which say and mean so much .

    Thank you xxx and thanks to Roley as well .

    Love Jan xxxxx

  • Thank you Gwyn for your lovely poem nice to hear from you via Roley we really miss you on our site can we not pursue you to come back? Think of you often.

    Love Jenny xxx

  • Beautiful words, as befits a beautiful lady. I'm sure that Monique's family will treasure the poem.

    Thanks, Roley and Gwyn

    Love Wendy xx

  • Thank you Gwyn and Roley, I am sure those lovely verses will be of great comfort to the family. Love Bridie

  • Thank you Gwyn and roley, fitting words and tribute. So glad you are staying in touch Gwyn

    Love Francesca x

  • Another lovely tribute from Gwyn. Thank you Roley for sharing this. So sad to lose another member of this forum. It really brings it home to you the seriousness of this disease, we have loist so many recently. Ann xo

  • Thankyou Gwyn and Roley. So many heartfelt words.

    So much sadness of late on here.

    Love Suex

  • Dear Sue,

    I wrote and posted a Tribute to your friend Hetty.. but then you went away... please could you let her family know? you will find it under "bereavements " righthand side of the posts love x G x

  • Beautiful poem once again Gwyn, you truly have an amazing way with words and how to express them.Sadly I didn't get to 'know' Monique on here, but I feel her family will get some comfort from your poem. My thoughts are with them and you Gwyn - hope you're okay. Thank you for the post Roley. xx

  • Come on Gwyn......your wise words and talent are sorely missed on here, reconsider please!!!! (Purely selfish reasoning) :)

    Heartfelt words and condolences to the family. Another fab poem!

    Love Wendy xxx

  • Lovely xxx and thanks Gill for being a stand in Gwyn to post it.

  • Thanks Gwyn, a beautiful tribute x

  • I know that Monique was a dear friend. Thank you for your tribute Gwyn and to Roley for putting it up. Xxxx

  • a really nice tribute

  • Monique was a very valuable member of this community and Gwyn's words are so very appropriate. Thank you Gwyn (and Gill for sharing) and our deepest condolences to Monique's family and friends.

    Andy and Angie x

  • Thank you Gwyn and Gill. I was very sorry to hear this very sad news. xx

  • Such beautiful words that I hope will give some comfort to Monique's family. Such sad news.


  • Thank you for this lovely tribute to Moniqe. Gwyn, you have such a beautiful way with words that captures every moment & emotion beautifully. X X

    Thank you for posting this tribute, Gill. X X

    My heartfelt condolences to Moniqe's family. I pray that God gives them the strength to bear this immense loss.

  • A beautiful poem for lovely Monique. Thank you Gwyn.

    My condolences to Monique's family

    Love Mary xx

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