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Gwyn wants me to say thank you on her behalf for all the support she has received during her time on HU and wishes you all well. She never intended in making a statement to everyone but to just go quietly. (Gwyns words.) It was the biggest coincidence that Fernanda, a very caring person tried to contact her but couldn't, hence the blog.

When you are newly diagnosed everything is overwhelming and scary, after all we have all been there and some are still at that point. Gwyn was very tuned into people's feelings and went out of her way to support newbies and the younger women, that's why she was concerned at some of the comments. She only posted about things she had actually experienced, were factually correct, gave good advice, or just wished you well. Her birthday poems and tributes were written out of care for everyone. She had no agenda just to help people. By the way, I've never met Gwyn but a voice speaks volumes. She is a funny happy genuine person.

This was a brilliant site till personal nasty comments were directed at some people and it hasn't stopped. JLondon's comment was an upsetting reminder of this. Jamie is a young man who lost his wife at the age of only 33. The site was always about caring, sharing useful information and helping each other along our journey and having some sensible banter, BUT at the same time considering others fears and feelings. There was no personal confrontation. Next it took a political turn in more ways than one, upsetting more people but continuing to fuel a power trip. Now religion has been bought into the equation purely to upset and bully. Having been on here for some time enables you to see what some people are trying to do and that's why we are so upset. I don't believe you should support anyone just because they are a friend if you don't agree with what they are doing or saying.

Unfortunately the powers that be have allowed this problem to escalate out of control for reasons I don't understand. This in turn has made some of us, who have been their avid supporters, feel unsupported. I only stayed on the site to chat privately with friends I made, courtesy of Ovacome but fortunately there are other ways to do this now. Gill xxx

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I will miss you loads Gwyn and hope you get my message - since I have been back at work I don't go on the site much and am sorry I missed the opportunity to stand up for you if that was needed. I hope you are ok and that you know the difference that you made to me and countless others. I'm not sure I am going to stick around either now. Much love and hugs Amanda

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Hi Amanda, I have left this blog open so I think I will tell Gwyn what I have done so then she can come on if she wishes to see your kind comments. Gill xxx

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Gwyn is reading your thoughtful replies thank you for all her support xx

Gill, Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I am sure people will be glad to know our great friend is still in contact with others. I agree that she is very in tune with people's feelings and especially those who tragically find themselves visiting this forum for the first time. For Angie and I, being relatively young for dealing with OC, she has been a great support and inspiration from day one. I only hope Ovacome will get to the bottom of all this and take action. Maybe then Gwyn will have a change of heart. It simply won't be the same without her.

Andy and Angie x

Gwyn if you get to read this i want to say THANKS for your kind words over the last couple of years and your poem when Christina died, i think this site will miss your general contributions and your poems. I hope you are being supported yourself and my thoughts and prayers are with you. Take care. Laurence x..

Just tell her thank you


Gwyn has been and will be a dear friend of mine. She has supported so many people and not always been supported herself. The times she has got most upset is when people has critisised her religion. People who believe do not want their faith criticised. Gwyn has always said people are entitled to their own believes such as assisted dying however she does not. Their believes should not be forced down other peoples minds. If someone is Christian you wouldn't on a forum like this try to turn them into a Hindu. You might have a discussion between the two different faiths but you shouldn't be trying to change their believes would you.

As for majorbem saying that just because Gwyn belongs to a Facebook account does not believe in everything that is said. She has often defended things that are said about himself and other people. We all joined the Facebook thing to make friends those of us who met up last year. I don't know what happened about the friendships we had made but I know for one the support I have received from people on the forum both here and Facebook are helping me know I am in the situation of passing away leaving two young boys and my husband.

I also know that both I and Gwyn have never doubted the exisitance of your lovely wife. I know others have but like yourself they have both left this forum and the Facebook forum but again like yourself keep returning who knows why you all have your reasons.

While I need support I will stay on both forums but I will not get involved in petty school kid arguing and also I will defend friends when necessary. I will take support from wherever I find it and have used both support from my friend Gwyn and majorbem. If the moderators decide to delete this then so be it. I am only trying to describe things from my point of view. Good luck to everyone down this scary pathway. I have battled long and hard over the past 3 and a half years and hope to battle further however now residing in a hospice who knows how much longer I have. Those who know me know I will keep fighting but illness will beat me one day it is just when.

Good luck to you all

Love jacks150 xxxx

Millie-May2 in reply to Jacks150

Sending my love Jacks. I am glad to hear that you are staying with us. Keep going! Millie xx

jennybutler in reply to Jacks150

Dear Jacks I agree with all you say, and already miss Gwyn dearly she is a wonderful person and our forum is missing her wise comments. I do hope your not suffering and are comfortable in the hospice or at home with your boys. This is such a s---t thing to have no accounting for age or circumstances, The immunetheraphy drugs are offering us hope for future treatments so keep fighting Jacks have you asked about them for yourself? They hold hope for OV I read should be available within months lets hope in time for all of us fighting to stay well. You are in my thoughts,

Love jenny xxx

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just to send you love and hugs, I hope you are comfortable and able to spend some precious time with your family. Your post brings home what this site is all about- support and caring for each other in difficult times, if all members kept that in mind there wouldn't be a problem,

keeping you in my thoughts,


Jan x

Jan76 in reply to Jacks150

This is so well put together Jackie and your words are so true ... Right now Gwyn needs some time, space and most of all peace which hopefully she will have now ...I spoke to her on Monday afternoon and doubt very much if she will return to Ovacome which is so very sad . Gwyn will be missed very much indeed .

Love Jan xxxxx

angelina in reply to Jacks150

Dear Jacks

Sending you my love and best wishes, I do hope you are feeling

comfortable and able to spend time with your lovely boys and


Love Angie xx

Thank you so much for this post Roley. Thanks and appreciation to Gwyn for all she has contributed to this site.

Love Mary xx

Thanks for this post. I'm very sorry that Gwyn has left and will miss her. She was supportive to me and I loved her poems. So sad that politics and religion have to be brought into the equation when we're all dealing with this awful disease already x

Sending best wishes to Gwyn. She was the first person to reply to me on my very first post and will never forget that.

Lynne xxxx

Thank you Gill. I know things will not be the same on here without Gwyn. She has been our rock and at the moment it feels like the site is crumbling. :-( Please pass on our love and tell her to look after herself. I would be SO pleased if sometime in the future she decided to come back to us but I understand that at the moment it is best for her to stay away from something that has caused her pain. Love MB xxx

Just want to send Gwyn my love. I totally understand your reasons for leaving us and I am so sorry that things have escalated so far.

Gywn if you are reading this, please look after yourself and thank you for all your kind words, and selfishly, especially my birthday poem!


Dear Gwyn please come back and if not how can I contact you? Soon I will start my 4th line of chemo and need your advise.. We all want to support you Now! X Lindab

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Lindab, PM me and I will help you


It looks to me like Gwyn needs to get back here pretty damn quick. She's needed you see.

Kat xx

Just want to say thank you Gwyn you were always there for us and you were one of the first people to welcome me to the site 18 months ago. You will be greatly missed, but I understand that you have to do what feels right to you, and I am sure you could do without all this unpleasantness and the stress it brings.

Best wishes

Brenda xx


Gwyn, whatever you decide to do re this site in the future, thank you for having been here. xx

Thanks for posting this Roley.

Gwyn I hope that you do read this and see the support that there is for you.

Your comments, poems and support have been greatly appreciated.

Love and a hug,

Zannah xxx

Sending all my best wishes to you Gwyn. I completely understand your reasons for leaving but you will be so missed. Your thoughtful poems, your advice, your kindness, your welcomes to new just goes on. You look after yourself and do what's right for you...thank you for everything you've done for this forum.

Love Kaz xx


So sorry that you have left...understand completely , but please 'reconsider.

Love and hugs for all you have done for us all xx

Have barely been on this site for many months now. Due to arguments etc last year. But I have nosed on at times and saw/read gwn's posts and poems. Lady of great dignity there and always trying to help people on here. Very witty and her poems are lovely. Such a shame she has left because of a mindless few!! Best wishes hen and you will be badly missed. Take care kelly

we're already feeling your absence Gwyn, I totally respect your decision but it just isn't the same without you! take care,


Jan x

Dear Jackie,, thank you very much for your post which has certainly put things into perspective. I am really sorry to hear that you are in a hospice at the moment. I wish you all the best & pray that you are as comfortable as possible. You have certainly been an inspiration to me. It is a real shame that the support I got on this site when I joined in 2012 is no longer the same .

Lots of love

Samixa X X

Dear Gwyn. I hope you are able to read this message. I am really sorry that you are no longer on this site. You were always very supportive and compassionate to everyone who joined the site. I remember you were the first person to welcome me on this site and always gave very objective & positive support.

I sincerely hope you reconsider your decision because there are many of us who would really like to get your support since it was always very encouraging. In addition, your poems were always such a source of joy and comfort.

I wish you all the best always & pray for your continuous good health.

Lots of love,

Samixa X X


Gwyn, sorry to hear you've had to come to this decision. Your kind thoughts, words of advice will be missed by many, including myself. You were the first to reply to my very first post too and like many others, your kind nature shone through. Take care.

Sue x

Dear Gwyn

Just wanted to add a heartfelt thank you for all your kind replies to me and your messages of support for my sister. You were always the first to reply with good wishes and that meant so much especially when I was unsure about what I had written. I pray that your health will remain stable for years and years and your life is filled with special moments. Don't let this situation keep you down for too long dear Gwyn, take a breather, shake yourself off and come back fighting. I hope the wonderful messages of support for you have helped you to realise how special you are.

God bless and take care of you.

Mel and Carolyn



Dear Gwyn

Your genuine kindness and care to those coming on this site has meant so much to so many. Those who chose to hurt you, and other members, are to be pitied particularly when you consider their mature ages and this behaviour at this stage of their lives.

But you Gwyn can now cocoon yourself in the love of your family and many friends. Turn your face to the sun and know that life is good.


I'm so sorry Gwyn's decided to leave. It will not be the same without her. I hope that she will come back. Vxxx

When I lost my lovely daughter to oc Gwyn wrote a most comforting poem. Thank you so much. Gillxxx

All best wishes and lots of love to you, Gwyn. And likewise to you, Jacks 150.

Eileen xxx


Dear Gill thank you for doing this post It is very difficult to say goodbye to Gwyn she has been everything you would want to help you when our worlds are turned upside down with this horrible disease, such a wonderful advocate, even though Gwyn is in the same position.

I think all the comments you have written are spot on and straight to the point.

Thank you God bless Gwyn.X

Love Barbara.X

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