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Thank You Gwyn

Thank You Gwyn

We've just arrived home from a weekend on the boat having had an eight-hour sail in quite a rough sea yesterday taking the boat from Plymouth to Falmouth. It was a long trip home today - train to Truro, change, and another to Plymouth, taxi to the Barbican, water-bus to Turnchapel, then a walk to pick up the car from the Marina in order to drive back to Cardiff. Both of us are feeling tired and I was feeling a bit down as it feels like the end of a holiday leaving our watery weekend home. It's most probably just due to tiredness and the gloomy weather.

I got straight on to my laptop to see what you've all been up to and how you are. I've been a bit worried about a couple of you as I know things aren't going your way and that makes me very sad.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that Gwyn had written a Poem just for me and had posted it up on the blog. THANK YOU SO MUCH GWYN! You can't imagine how much it really cheered me up and how very honoured and humbled I feel to have a poem of my own.

My husband (Martin by the way) thinks you're a very clever lady - as do I - he loved your poem and said you'd picked up on my personality and described me to a T. I don't know how you do it Gwyn - but THANK YOU.

I've posted up a photo taken early yesterday morning. I'm sad you don't have so much energy - but you more than make up for it with your creative talents and kindess which brings a cheer to us all.

xxx Annie

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Hi Annie,

Welcome home I am glad you like your poem and all of it is seem as if you had a great weekend despite the weather...I have not long got home, so off to bed in a moment..I think I'll have an early night haha ( it's 12:20 now) thanks for the memories and the photo lovely me dear as they say in x G x :-)


Dear Gwyn

I hope you had a good night's sleep after the dinner with friends. It's good to get out and enjoy what you can even though you might collapse into an exhausted heap afterwards.

Time on the boat is worth the effort. What I love about getting out on to the sea is that it's all-consuming and the worries of every day life disappear. Each passage is different and our trips along the coastline or to France, the Scillies or Channel Islands can be breathtakingly beautiful. At sea I don't even have to think about cancer. I wish I could give that gift to everyone though I'm sure each one of us getting on and living with cancer has something that distracts us and makes us happy.

What very few people see is the support I have from Martin and in that I'm exceptionally fortunate. It's entirely due to him that I can still enjoy so many things and laugh so irreverently so the poem you wrote should really be for him too and for everyone that gives us support and comfort. xxxxx Annie


Hi Annie,

It all sounds idylic..make the most of everything I say..I wouldn't be any good on a boat as I can't swim (just one of a very long list of things that I can't do) and these days the list is getting longer...Awwwwww ...I had a very late night last night as my son popped in.... he's a climber and had just got back from a wekend in I went to bed about 2am (again) zzzzzzz he doesn't know where the hands are on the clock... haha... ..but he's lovely with loads of nice climbing husband (Tony) like yours is very very good, and I don't know where I'd be without I said he is from Plymouth and used to live on the Hoe...his uncle had a boat and when he was young spent a many hours on his uncle's boat...

.It is a nice sunny day today and this afternoon I have my cancer support group which Is near the beach.. so I can feel a walk on the beach is on the agenda x G x 8-) 8-)


Oops! I meant "weekend" and forgot to mention your lovely photo it is lovely with the sparkly you think you could "tag" all your pics either "Photos" or Pictures" ??? Just a thought!!! Xx 8-)


Hi Gwyn if you send me your email address I can send you a painting of a little boat scene I have done.

Lucy x


Hey, and I'll resend the notes about uploading photos and pictures on to blogs. Lucy, if you can please check the size is less than 2 kbs and then Gwyn can upload it very easily. It's not difficult to resize but just adds to the worry when you start playing with photos on blogs. xxx


Hi Lucy,

I will do...that would be great I have written another poem on the sky (sunset) I will get it posted sometime...I have over seventy poems it's deciding which ones to post x G x 8-) 8-)


How true Annie! All of it!

I am currently being distracted by a (very nearly) teenager and his younger brother. Battles for supremacy (between teen & me) have me in stitches! He has concluded that "you cannot win against grandma in matters of bed time, playstation and TV!

Feel a bit unwell today, yesterday's weather (thought of you on the boat Annie) did the sciatica no favours and today I feel sick! Still, when I get up I shall be distracted by the boys, their parents are off to Regatta Ball tonight!

Cinders here is grandson sitting!

Love to all!



I'm sorry you're feeling unwell. Probably the exhaustion of having had so much fun over the weekend despite feeling under the weather in the first place. The damp certainly isn't helping your sciatica. Did your son and daughter-in-law look wonderful going off to the ball?

What a thoroughly groovy Grandma you are beating your grandchildren at Playstation!

I felt royally sick all day Sunday. It was not 'my sea'. Luckily Martin and are compatible in just about everything and true to form the sea that makes him sick is fine for me. We always used to joke during chemotherapy that feeling queasy in the warm and dry was a bonus! At least there's always someone who's competent to take the helm in our case and that's a great metaphor for marriage and partnerships isn't it?

Thinking of which, I feel as though it may be helpful if we asked our partners and loved ones to start a blog on 'being supportive'. It would surely make salutary reading for anyone who wants to know where to start on that venture.

Any takers partners, husbands and families?


My dear ladies

How you cheer my days.

I look to this site every day for inspiration which is by the bucket load.

I do not post very much(no confidence) but have gained so much from you all .

Thank you xx Georgie


Dear Georgie

I'm really glad you plucked up the confidence to write. We'd love to hear more from you so please do join in the banter ... and perhaps one day you'll put up a little blog for us. We'd really like that and if Gwyn gets to know you better she'll probably write a little poem for you.

I'm really glad the site cheers you up. Keep in touch with us! xx Annie


Dear Georgie!

You don't need confidence to post! No one on here will be unkind! Feel free to say anything you want to!




Glad you had a lovely time, Whippit. It's the sheer escapism that bucks one up, isn't it? I sympathise with the sheer tiredness such super things bring, though, afterwards. Never mind, try and have a lazy few days.

Love Solange


Dear Annie

What a lovely photo with the water sparkling behind you. It must have been wonderful to be able to be so absorbed that you could forget your worries, especially cancer worries!


Dear Monique, yes it was a beautiful morning early on and the views of the Devon and Cornish coastline are spectacular. How are you feeling? Are you any more comfortable? You were feeling a bit down a couple of weeks ago.

xx Annie


Hi Annie

I'm ok, thanks. I finished chemo just over 2 weeks ago and am frustrated that I am not back to my old self, still get very tired. On the plus side, we have had lots and lots of rain over the past couple of days which has cooled everything down nicely!



How I laughed at the idea of rain being seen in a positive light. We've also had rain - torrential - and we complain about it here! Well I'm sure it's cleared the air in Singapore and will bring refreshing energy to help with your recovery. Take things easily for now so you make a good recovery. xx Annie


Hi Annie,

Rain in a positive light reminds me of a poem about the rain I will post it when I get the time...I wrote it when it was tipping down LOL x G x 8-)


Hi Gwyn I've got picture ready if you send me your email address.

Lucy x


Hi there Annie ..

Do hope you are not so tired now from your lovely weekend on your wonderful boat ...

Lovely photo ...

Expect you have seen Gwyn's poem she did a while back now about the sea like all her poems it was so very good .

The sea has so many different faces , calm , wild and stormy , gentle waves back and forth .

Its an amazing mood lifter , so glad we are surrounded by it here in Norfolk ....

I had my last reflexology today at our big C centre love it soooo ..and Cathys music often contains the sounds of the waves as it did today or music that one could imagine ones self going down the amazon in a very slow boat .....Heaven ......

Happy memories of your boating days to you xx

Love Jan xxx


Oh Jan, that was a lovely post. Today you would have found me in a very different world - in central London doing my best to help my daughter choose furniture and firnishings for a house she bought last week. She made me feel I could be of experience as our houses are both Victorian and I've learned from my fair share of mistakes.

I agree with you the sight and sound of water is wonderfully soothing.

Today I felt I just couldn't walk any more. We were in a store and I saw a eyebrow threading service. I've never had it done before but jumped on the treatment chair on the spur of the moment as it looked so comfortable lying back with eyes closed being pampered. After 15 lovely minutes I opened my eyes to new sculpted eyebrows. A new me! Ha ha. You can never know what paths our cancer journeys will take!

Norfolk sounds wonderful - so relaxing with all that water. I'll add it to my list of places I must see.

Thanks for jogging my watery memories here in busy London. Xxx Annie


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