New ROCC on the block in Wales

New ROCC on the block in Wales

This week I've become a Regional Co-ordinator for Ovacome (ROCC). I went along for a training session at the Ovacome Office in Old Street, London. It was great to meet two other trainee volunteers, Gill and Sue, who will be ROCCs in the Berkshire and Birmingham areas. I hadn't quite realised before how lonely it can be having Ovarian Cancer and just how good it would be to meet people whom I've come to know from blogs and posts on the Ovacome site.

We had an inspirational few hours with Ruth Grigg who gave us a pile of information sheets and a bigger pile of ideas to inspire our ROCC volunteering. It would be great to hear from our more experienced ROCC sisters to share good tips and good stories.

Fired with enthusiasm I drew up a To-Do list on the way back to Cardiff from Paddington and it very quickly grew into a spidergram of gigantic proportions. Having a nice big map means I can pick and choose what I'd most like to do and when I'd like to do it.

I've been tremendously inspired hearing how many of you distribute OVACOME literature and cards. First thing I did yesterday was to take a copy of the BEAT-Friendly Surgery Poster round to my GP because he has been fantastic and the surgery deserves the award. I was a bit nervous about doing it but I inscribed the back of the poster for my doctor as a thank you. He was delighted and it went straight up on the notice board. First task done. It was only a tiny little one and it wasn't half as scary as I thought it would be.

If anyone wants to get in touch my ROCC email is

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  • Hi Annie,

    Such a lovely look beautiful...congratulations on becoming a "ROCC"...may you be a firm and steadfast "Rock" for yourself and x G x :-)

  • cheers Gwyn - it was you who inspired me!

  • Hi Annie,

    Now I feel really guilty...not being a ROCC myself...I have limited myself in not ever learning to drive...driving does give you wings.. but it all looks a bit scary when I have read up about it...we inspire each other so thank you love x G x :-)

  • Hi Annie

    Your photo is lovely, the picture of health!

    Well done for going ahead with this, you will be an inspiration to all of us - good luck!

    Gwyn, go for it, why not? I know not being able to drive is a hindrance, but there are ways round it. I didn't learn until I was 36 and consider it one of the best things I've ever done.

    Love Linda xx

  • Hi Annie

    Well done you for taking this on. It sounds like you had a really interesting time down in London. What a lovely glamorous photo too!

    Gwyn, I didn't learn to drive till I was 40 - what a liberation it was. I agree with Linda - go for it!

    Monique x

  • Well done Annie! You look great. Love the haircut.

    Good luck

    Lindax xx

  • Thanks all for the lovely compliments. I put up the blog as a PR exercise just in case anyone knows of someone in my area who could do with getting in touch. We were discussing at the training how some women are not so confident with IT so they might like to have a phone number to contact and a friendly face.

    I only wish I could paste up all the 'friendly face' pics in the comments section to show you the dozens of seriously bad and hilarious photos we took yesterday before getting one that was suitable for a press release!

    Contacted my regional WI this morning. They've put my on their list of Speakers. eeeek now I've got to think up something witty and interesting to say about having cancer. I've offered a prize to Merched y Wawr (the Welsh Language WI) that can think up a Welsh version of BEAT. YBPS for Ymchwyddo, Bwyta, Poen yn yr Abdomen, and Siarad doesn't work too well.


  • Thats great Annie, Well Done you.

    You look so well, hair is brill.

    Wishing you Good Luck in all you do.

    luv trish x

  • Dear Trish, I confess I'm insatiably vain about my hair and I had it cut in London 'cos I was going to a meeting at Ovacome. It was a haystack last week! xxx

  • Thank you Annie for taking the time to do more work for Ovacome and hence for us, soooo grateful for you all, love Diane xxx

  • Well done Annie for giving your time to Ovacome & more importantly to help raise awareness of ovarian cancer in the community.

    You look really stunning in your picture.

    All the best for your new role & thank you for all the support you have given me through this site. Have a super weekend.

    Lots of love, Samixa X :-)

  • Brilliant, Annie! Doing more for Ovacome is on my to do list!

    Hope it all goes well.


    Anne x

  • Dear lovely ladies,

    I'm totally overwhelmed by your kind comments. My decision to volunteer for Ovacome was based on three things. For selfish reasons I felt it would be good to have a focus as I've just negotiated an early retirement package at the close of a 41 year career. There are specific functions of a ROCC that fit well with my career profile.

    My second reason is that I absolutely love this site. It's been amazing getting to know you all, chatting to you, sharing your ups and downs, grieving for lost ones, and bearing my soul to you. You probably know more about me and I've been more outspoken to you than to anyone else. You've always been so kind, thoughtful and informative in your responses. I have total confidence in your advice and I count you amongst my closest friends and allies. I wanted to do my bit to help other women diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer hear about Ovacome and to benefit from all it offers. There's also the BEAT message to get across to the wider population in the hope that in future the disease might be diagnosed at an earlier stage than mine when there remains a hope for a cure.

    The last reason for becoming a 'Rocker' is that I just feel so well and energetic that I have, for the present time, the capacity to tackle the role.

    You see, I'm not a very special person. I'm rather selfish. I just hope I do you all justice.

    Love to you all. xxxx Annie

  • Hi Annie,

    Just thought I would let you know that Chris (Darragh) is on your patch as it looks as if she is from Caerphilly,your neck of the woods I hope you don't mind me mentioning this love x G x :-)

  • Dear Gwyn, not at all. I was delighted - see my reply to Chris on her Biopsy Results Blog. You are a star keeping abreast of us all. It's going to be brilliant to have someone to meet locally. Chris is amazing - talking about running an event for Ovarian Cancer Month in March. It's such a great idea. She's one dynamic lady! xxx :-

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