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Hi everyone

I'm conscious that I haven't got back to MargaretJ, Gwyn and Scardycat to follow up on the ideas and questions we all raised with regard to producing an anthology of writings.

It's great that M and G are doing some cutting and pasting in the meantime and that work can be brought together. But I'm still not sure about the best way to "get it out there". A blog is a possibility but, as you can see with all the comments on this subject on different blog posts on this site, great as it is, it can get a bit messy and unmanageable.

I wonder if we should agree a cut off date for contributions and then everything that has been submitted could be collated, edited (for typos etc) and converted into a PDF document. I could do that if somebody else volunteered to work on it with me.

We then need a means of distribution. Could the PDF be hosted on the Ovacome website? Rather than selling it could people downloading it be asked to give a voluntary donation to Ovacome?

If we did want to sell it one way would be through Amazon for the Kindle but I'm not sure about the mechanics or costs involved. There are other methods too but I don't know enough about them. I guess I could do a little research but not for a while because of other stuff I've got on over the next several weeks.

Re copyright, I think all contributors should keep their own but I don't know if that means that we need authors' full names or can use our online names. I suspect the latter would work ok if we publish via Ovacome.

This is a bit of a ramble. Never thought I'd say this again but "maybe we need a committee!"


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  • Dear Linda

    Haha I think we were blogging at the same time,( great minds think alike or not ..lol) I have added to the poem blog as I was trying to avoid comments in between each poem unfortunately Margaret was commenting at the same time so her comment is now in between haha ... I thought it a good idea as well to keep all the poems on one blog ( less confusion ).. Thank you so much for your input and it does take a lot of thought... we do need our very own Librarian and so glad we have got one :-) ...please keep on being involved....albeit not in between poems tee!hee!

    Love x G x

  • So ....Am I right? it's comments on here and poems on the poem blog. Well done to you all for getting going on this so enthusiastically. I can volunteer to help with proof-reading and typos etc, if it's useful. Like others, though, I have a few things in the pipeline.

    Plea, though, if we have a cut-off date, ..........give it a bit of time. I know we have the initial impetus going but we need time to write or gather contributions and allow others to realise what's afoot! If we are doing this, it needs thinking through and proper planning so it's a good quality effort to reflect our views and thoughts and memories of Lizzie.

    I also think we might talk to Louise and Ruth Griggs (volunteer co-ordinator) at Ovacome. They will probably be able to answer quite a few of our questions. I know they are off work at the moment, but I think they will pick up on these threads later this week.

    Love Wendyxx

  • Thanks so much for the offer of help. Absolutely agree the cut-off date doesn't need to be too soon. And yes, I hope we hear from the Ovacome team, especially on the hosting of the anthology.


    Linda x

  • I have PM'd Louise and Ruth G, just so they know what's been going on. There's a lot to pick up here with the four threads, from Jan, and the other three blogs involved. Keep up the good work, all of you!

    Love Wendy xx

  • Dear Wendy

    Yes! you are right it is a good idea to leave comments on here.. (cuts down on the confusion) thank you so much for getting involved...although I knew you would...as you are always helpful we value your input... I have P M the people that have contributed poems so they have some acknowledgment ..I think you'll agree that they are all brilliant.... We have such talented people on here.

    I agree that time should be given love x G x

  • The friend who gave me some tips on web publishing via a blog site tells me that individuals retain copyright of their own work! If my back can stand up to a long session at the PC I intend to explore it today.

  • Hi Wendy.

    I've never tried to express how I feel in a poem before but your lovely idea moved me to write this. As poems go it's probably not very good but it's heartfelt.

    I thought ......

    My grandmothers and mother were in my life in their nineties

    I thought my genes would take me there.

    My beautiful brood of grandchildren arrived and give me so much joy

    I thought I would be with them into adulthood.

    My gentle, funny and loving partner and I have been together for many years

    I thought we would grow old, perhaps disgracefully, together.

    I thought I knew my body.

    No more; it's trying to kill me.

    Meryl Xxxxxx

  • Beautiful, sad poem, Meryl.

    Could you paste it into Gwyn's blog, Poem contributions, so that they are all together?



  • Thank you Linda ....I was beginning to think this isn't working....

    still getting comments ( not poems) on the poem blog....if you don't mind I will try and redirect comments on to here ??? Lol

    Ahhhhhh!!!!!! That's my frustration over with haha....:-) :-) :-)

    love x G x

  • Sorry Linda but no idea how to cut and paste into another blog ! Can you help please? Meryl XXX

  • I've asked MargaretJ to do it! :-)

  • In fact, she'd already beaten me to it and if you scroll down the Poem Contributions here blog you'll find it!

  • That is so poignant, Meryl. Well expressed, moving. I can't believe it's your fist poem. I so hope the treatment you are having now gives you lots of time to grow old disgracefully ;-)

    Love Wendy xx

  • Thank you for your kind words Wendy. Meryl XXXXX

  • I have 5 poems so far in a folder on my PC, I am sure there were more!

  • I think you're right but I've lost count. They were posted on several blogs. Like I said, it's a bit messy!


  • I will be putting something on the poems blog but haven't had time yet to adapt a few bits

    Love Wendy xx

  • I have copied all the poems so far and pasted them onto the "poems here" blog! My P C is playing up so the other blog site is on hold but I have asked the publicity person at Target Ovarian cancer for advice on this.

  • Could you add in Meryl's poem which is a few post up on this blog?


  • Oops. Sorry, I hadn't realised you were already ahead of the game!:-)


  • Can't we do this through Ovacome? I'm sure they will get back to us soon on some ideas. If we go via Target, it may dilute any fund-rasising.

    Love Wendy xx

  • I have just asked for advice on publishing. Have not mentioned which cancer charities! Mind you their work is useful in raising awareness earlier and the earlier the diagnosis then the better chance of effective treatmend and possible cure!

  • I know, I love their awareness-raising pamphlets and have really enjoyed some of the events I've been to, via my hospital support group. It's a shame that all the OC charities can't combine efforts and energies, but I guess it all links with fundraising, funding and sponsorship efforts.

    W xx

  • Confusing! All these blogs! From now on should be simpler! LOL!


  • My husband has just suggested a title ...."We shall Ovarcome/Ovacome" !!!! Maybe all in our own ways....

    W xx

  • Me... offering to check typos! HAHA!

    Meant to type Overcome. May be the effects of the glass of wine, that's my excuse :-(

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