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Ovarian Cancer Month - March 2013 - Fundraising for Ovacome

There is an important message in Ruth's blog about legacy giving. I for one would like to make a contribution for all the support I've had on here. A few of us have also been thinking about doing something for Ovarian Cancer Month next March in order to raise awareness of Ovacome and to raise funds for them.

This blog gives us a great opportunity to do something collectively across the UK and overseas. Macmillan's 'biggest coffee morning in the world' is a great idea because it works nationally on a grand scale but for individual hosts it can be as small or as elaborate as they wish it to be.

If we went ahead with this idea we'd need to develop our own collective event that everyone feels they can take part in if they want to. It would be brilliant if we could share ideas on the Ovacome blog and come up with something catchy that lots of us would like to contribute to. I know I'd feel a lot easier about running a little event if I could produce a flyer with the Ovacome Logo that explained it was part of a bigger picture.

One idea I had was to have a sponsored activity. Something that challenges us, and for anyone who takes part to do this activity on the same day and at the same time - for me Annie's Challenge might be to cycle 25 miles. Of course everyone's 'Challenge' would be different and personal.

I've read a number of blogs about various fundraising parties, runs, etc. It would be great to share our ideas and to see if something comes up that we could do collectively and independently.

Any ideas ladies?

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Hi Annie

I'm sure we'd all be glad to support Ovacome. It's coming up with something that we could give an attention-grabbing badge to that's the problem, isn't it. Maybe your idea of challenges that we each choose would work if we could come up with a good overarching name. A kind of obvious one would be the Ovacome Personal Challenge but I'm sure there's something better.

Anyway, lets hope that gets a few other people thinking.

Lots of love

Linda xx


Hi Annie

I have been thinking today what I can do to raise money for Ovacome. At the moment I'm not feeling very active, I am okay at walking but I cant imagine doing anything else as I`m still having chemo and I`m lacking in energy.

I did come up with the idea of "PENNY POTS". I have already made one for my house and tomorrow I am going to make some more for friends and family. All they have to do is pop in any 1p or 2p every day. I will collect all the pots up next March and count the money and then send it to ovacome.

If by March I am feeling a bit more like my old self and can manage a challenge then I will try and do something. I think if anyone else is feeling a little fragile due to chemo maybe you too can do the penny pot idea.

Always open to other ideas

Babs x x


Dear Babs,

First of all, I'm really sorry you're feeling so fragile. It's enough just to worry about getting about when you're so exhausted let alone think about fundraising. I think your penny pots idea is a lovely one and something many of us can do.

I hope we'll get lots more ideas about what we might do in March. It's always going to have to be something that we can plan ahead and prepare for knowing that we can only join in on the day if we're feeling up to it and available. That's a challenge in itself!

I hope the tiredness passes quickly and you're feeling better by 31st so you can enjoy the trip to Westminster. Put your feet up this week and rest.

wishing you love and luck. xxxx Annie


Hi Annie,

You have me worried now I thought our trip was the 28th November as my husband had booked the day off.

Babs x x


aaahhh - what was I thinking of! I was messaging in the middle of the night. I won't do it again. Please don't worry any more - you have the right date - I'm balmy!!!! xxx


And you called me Wendy re the collection in the jars. Thought maybe you had been on the wine x x


Isn't that what David Beckham called Posh? You should be flattered!

Kidding aside, the glass pot in the house was suggested by Wendy D above but I did mention your penny pots elsewhere. Both ideas are such good ways of raising money.

I'm really sorry if I'm a bit batty at the moment. I've got a bit of an overload going on. It's frantic at home with the kitchen coming into shape. I'm running around everywhere getting bits and pieces for the builders and taking calls to give an opinion on whether the doors open from the left or the right.

I've also do voluntary work for my union and that's a bit manic at the moment as the university is restructuring so there a lot of new casework. My other 'job' is helping out my husband with his business and it's his financial end-of-year so manic on that front too.

I think I need that glass of wine you mentioned!!!

How are you feeling today Babs? Is the pain and tiredness any better? It's always super-worrying when someone as active and dynamic as you admits they're feeling a bit low. Have been thinking of you a lot this week.

with loads of love xxx Annie


Hi Annie,

Maybe its time you slowed down you are one busy lady. They do say if you want something done ask a busy person. But I think its time you said NO for once and relax for a while.

I am doing Okay I think its just a case of getting over the operation and then having chemo two weeks ago. If I was not used to being so active then maybe I would not notice it. I have an appointment at Maidstone hospital on Monday so I will have a chat with them about everything. Maybe if I can start doing some exercise it will boost my energy levels. I have been walking to the local shops every day this week. And today I am taking three of my grandchildren to Blue Water so that will keep me on my toes.

Do try and take some time for yourself Annie.

Lots of Love Babs x x

I will post on Monday after my appointment.


Annie, You don't know me as I am a silent follower and previously got massive support on here from some lovely ladies.

Your idea is fabulous - a Challenge that we can make personal is perfect. We can't all cycle /walk/organise parties etc but we can all do something to raise money and awareness of this wonderful Ovacome that none of us really want to be members of but unfortunately we are.

I make greetings cards and would very happily make lots of Teal coloured ones and give profits to Ovacome.

Hopefully some more lovely ladies will throw some more ideas your way but I do think making it 'personal' would encourage us all to contribute in some small way.

Looking forward to hear what others come up with,

Sheila. :)


Thanks so much for your ideas Sheila. It's good you've been motivated to post to us and it's really heartening to have some positive feedback about the idea of a collective personal challenge or activity.

If we can gather together some ideas here we could do as Linda suggests and think of a catchy description for our day. I'm sure Ovacome would give us a lot of help if we can get the basic idea formulated and agreed.

xxx Annie


Some ideas have been listed in the Legacy Blog - so I'll copy them here:

Margaret's Hot Pot Supper in March

Wendy's Glass Jar in the house to collect small change.


Hi Annie Actually....not ignoring you my brain is still ticking tic-toc tic-toc - - - x G x :-/ ;-)


I'll WATCH this space then. lol xxx


A few further thoughts, Annie.

A possible badge could be My Ovacome Challenge, unless someone can come up with something better.

I wonder if Ovacome could make available an online template which we could each complete and print off in whatever numbers we needed. It should include some info about Ovacome and OC Awareness month and there should be a box where we each fill in our name and other details and what we are planning to do for the challenge.

Do you think this would work?


Linda xx


Dear Linda

I think that's an amazing idea. I love the My Ovacome Challenge idea and I was thinking that each of the things mentioned in this blog would fit into a challenge. It could be Babs challenges herself to make up so many penny pots, or Sheila challenges herself to make up so many teal cards. Jackie comes up with any number of adventures that could be turned into a challenge.

Ruth Grigg is my line manager as far as my Regional Rep work is concerned though this isn't really part and parcel of that element of my volunteering. She emailed me saying that Ovacome staff were thinking about March too so it looks as though we're all on the same page. They're really pleased we're thinking about things and putting up ideas - though perhaps this blog should be replicated in the Ovacome Blog part so it doesn't get lost. There are already so many ideas. I see Gwyn's thinking up something up in a timely fashion. It looks as though we can all work together with the Ovacome team drawing on the various areas of expertise we all have and their professional experience. It's a heady mix to combine the central office with all the regional opportunities for fundraising.

I think it's a lovely idea to have a template we can print out with information about Ovarian Cancer and our own fundraising scheme. It makes it all look professional and 'above board'. Whilst I'm not confident at all about fundraising I'm very excited about this.

Let's hope we get lots and lots more ideas. It's like a sweet shop!

love Annie xxx


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