Just a thought?

Well, as I was lying awake in the small hours with the hot flush from hell which seemed to last for hours I got to thinking...........

There have been recent posts about fundraising and keeping Ovacome in mind, well I for one am guilty of thinking of the bigger charities first, and am very conscious of the great support I have received from this site and the Ovacome nurses, and I need to do something about this.

I was also thinking about losing our good friends who are members on the site, particularly as we have just lost another good friend. I for one feel so sad and helpless when this happens,

so, I had an idea:

how about we make a donation to Ovacome in memory of our friends when we hear of a sad loss? This way we could do something positive in their memory, informing their loved ones that this is what we would like to do? I don't know how the logisitics would work? perhaps one of the Ovacome administrators could set up a 'just giving' site that we could donate to as and when we wish? we could also leave messages to remember them?

So, there's an idea, over to you ladies (and gents) for your thoughts?



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  • Hi Jan,

    Lovely Idea xx love x G x :-)

  • thanks Gwyn,

    I wish I was as articulate and poetic as you, the poetic tributes you make are really beautiful, at least if I made a donation I would feel like I was doing something positive


    Jan x

  • Thank you Jan, I know what you mean, this is why I write the tributes because I feel I speak for us all, especially as the family has took the trouble to inform us, I want to give recognition of this but it isn't easy, we have had such a lot of loss recently, but if we lose someone that has been an active contributor on this site I feel it's the right thing to do, my dilemma is that I don't write tributes for others who have lost family ie daughters, sisters, mothers and I feel guilty about this but I have to draw a line somewhere...your idea is brilliant though as it can include everyone.

    Cheers for that love x G x :-)

  • What a good idea! I'm for it! If you PM Ruth Grigg orvLouise Bayne on the members page on here, they may have an idea for how we can do it.

    Love Wendy xx

  • Hi Wendy,


    yes I will do this,

    I'm just off to the hospital now for my 6 wk check up so will have a look later and send a PM,


    Jan x

  • Thinking of you best wishes on your check up love x G x :-)

  • Great idea Jan

    Hope all goes well with your check up. I've got my three monthly this afternoon too.

    Love Mary xx

  • Hi Mary,

    Sending you best wishes for your check up love x G x :-)

  • Thanks Gwyn. They said everything feels and looks healthy. Took three goes to get the blood flowing to do the test. It didn't realy hurt but as both arms were punctured I wonder if I can get away with not cooking this evening.

    I'm sure someone mentioned something about the chippy :) :)

    Love Mary xx

  • Dear Jan

    I think this is a fab idea. What is so good about Just Giving is that if you're a tax payer you declare it and Ovacome get an additional 20% on top of every donation, less the admin fee charged by Just Giving.

    Every time someone is doing some sort of fundraising and posts on this site I'll take a look at their JustGiving site and make a donation. It doesn't have to be big for the sum to grow, and you can also donate from just £1 via mobile phone. I think it just increases the amount of fundgiving we do.

    Will you let us know what Ovacome's reaction to this is? Small charities struggle against some very wealthy charities with a higher profile.

    Another thing we can all think about it to include a bequest in our will or instructions for donations to Ovacome. I've made these arrangements - and it means your friends and family will be making a contribution too.

    Sending loads of sympathy about the hot flushes. It does feel at the time as though they'll never stop but little by little they do.

    Looking forward to hearing where we go from here.

    xxxx love Annie

  • Hi Annie,

    I have messaged Ruth and Louise, so will await their response,

    I have also been looking at making a will recently so will definitely bear Ovacome in mind, thanks for that


    Jan x

  • Hi Jan

    I had to have a little chuckle thinking of us chatting about our wills and funeral arrangements like we are old mates talking about the colour of nail polish. I don't suppose anyone outside our friendship circle here would understand. It's a great place to make friends isn't it!!

    Loads of love and luck with your fundraising idea.xxx Annie

  • Me & Him Indoors are doing our wills at the moment. I know we should have had them dealt with long since. Anyway I think I'll make a special request that my nails will be pained with Teal polish :) :)

  • fab Mary! Now I haven't thought of special requests but it does beg a new thread doesn't it. I'm so passionate about raising awareness I think I'll ask the vicar to read out the BEAT message and be done with an address.

    lol xxxxx Annie

  • Hi Mary,

    glad your check up was ok,

    I like the idea of teal nail polish!


  • Hi Jan! A great idea and well done for taking it to the next stage. I love the idea of being able to make a text contribution, as I had some problems with my just giving donations......my problem, not theirs. My card asked for a security check code and I couldn't remember it :-/ I have had a problem with 2 different cards being cloned lately so have cancelled old ones and started new ones, nothing to do with Justgiving or Ovacome though!

    It juts seems quicker and easier to text a number!

    Do let us know how the project is going.

    I also use birthdays and anniversaries as an opportunity to fundraiser, instead of presents, from friends and relatives. The will idea is also appealing....must get this organised!

    Love Wendy xx

  • Hi there Jan ,

    Think this is a great idea !

    I lost my very dear cousin John on the 27th of Feb and was going to ask his wife if she minded if I made a donation to Ovacome as she does not want flowers at the funeral next week but is having charity boxes at the wake and if we had a just giving page this would be a ideal way to donate to Ovacome .

    If this was set up then maybe some of my daughters friends could donate to Ovacome ..I can only ask and I will too .....

    Do so hope your check up went ok ??

    Love Jan xxxx

  • Thanks Jan,

    the check up was fine, thank you, much to my relief, I will let you know when I have had a response from Ovacome, but its good to know that others think it is an idea worth pursuing


    Jan x

  • So glad for you that all was well with your check up today Jan .

    Good luck with the Just giving page x

    Love Jan xx

  • Hi Jan

    Sounds a brilliant idea!

    Love LInda xxx

  • Hi all,

    I just had a look on 'just giving' typed in search for Ovacome, and hey, guess what, Ovacome have a just giving page! feel a bit daft that I didn't check before but hey ho!!

    So, there are two ways we could do this, either to make a donation directly, or to create a page in memory of the friend we have lost. I prefer the latter, that way we can leave comments and the family and friends can see the money raised in the name of their loved one, obviously we would need to check with family members first. In addition donations can be left anonymously if people prefer!

    So, your thoughts please on how we progress this?


    Jan xxx

  • I think that they should post a permanent reminder (link ) on this blog so everyone has easy access because this isn't about one person dying but about everyone who has died... let's face it this year alone we've lost a fair few...and we are only in March

    Perhaps if they did this they could then have a facility to mention the person whose memory we want to donate to...I also think that the family would probably make requests at the funeral (like Jan did ..BuzyLizzie's husband) he made a donation to Ovacome himself after her funeral...if we post a page for a specific person it might mean that some will get more support than others... I have noticed that when I post a tribute it varies considerably how many comments there are...(sometimes I feel bad when there are only a few comments) I knew that Ovacome had their own page but people on here have to look for it... this is why a link on here would be good.

    Love x G x :-)

  • I meant to say I feel bad not for myself but because all the people that have died we feel the loss for and they were all valued members of our community.

    Love x G x

  • Hi Gwyn,

    yes, I agree that a link from this site is the best way forward, I'm just awaiting a response from Louise and Ruth at Ovacome, so will keep you posted. I know what you mean about some getting more support than others, and really, as you say, its about all those friends we have lost.

    so the support for the idea is there judging by comments on this blog, we just have to sort out the logistics with Ovacome now,

    thanks Gwyn


  • This great idea cous. I have donated via just giving to a couple of local causes and you can leave a comment when you donate anyway so we wouldn't need to allocate it to a specific person. If there was a link directly on this site, when one of our friends dies one of us can just post a reminder about the link and donations with messages will hopefully follow? Maybe there's

  • Whoops sent that before I had finished! Maybe ovacome isn't allowed to 'promote' the charity this way?

    M B xxx

  • Maybe that's the case, but if enough members specifically ask for a link and a way to permanently remind us of those we have lost then perhaps they wont view it as promoting the charity?

    Not sure, will wait for the response,


    Jan x

  • Hi Jan,

    Yes that could be another problem, I wouldn't like it to be misconstrued, but MB idea just to donate and make a comment in the box provided on Justgiving would be ok.

    If there was a link on this site it would make it easier to donate (one click) otherwise I feel that we lose the momentum if you have to look for it, so if Ovacome get back to you perhaps you could explain this to them.. probably better than I've just done LOL .

    anyway I hope I've made sense???? I have written a tribute to everyone that I know of that has been active on this site for a while now...and I could have put up a link as well but I wouldn't like the relatives to think that is why I wrote a tribute.

    Love and best wishes x G x :-)

  • Hi Gwyn,


    I think the key thing is to have the link, like you say if you have to go looking for it then people are far less likely to donate, the easier, and faster the better. I also think that by having the link on this site we are more likely to make the mental link between our ovacome community and the charity, if that makes sense?

    I am awaiting a reply form Ovacome administrators, if I haven't heard anything by Monday I will try and give them a ring,


    Jan x

  • I think this is a wonderful idea. I have been a member of the site since sept 2011 and although I have seldom written anything. I have followed all the blogs and read the updates everyday. You are all wonderful ladies. I have been upset too at the losses in the group and would definatley contribute to a memorial site. I'm in Ireland and it is hard to donate to events etc but something like this sounds quite straight forward. I am sure there are plenty of lurkers like me who want to pay tribute in some way to the amazing, courageous and graceful women on this site who have passed.

  • Hello there,

    thanks for posting your support of this idea. I am sure there are plenty of people , like you, who read the blogs but don't always post, I was the same until recently. I think this site provides fantastic support and information, far more than it seems on the surface. I hope we can sort something out with Ovacome so that we can progress this idea,


    Jan x

  • This is a lovely idea.

  • Wonderful idea, hope someone works on it to finalise it.

    love n hugs


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