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Look Good Feel Good

Managed to get an appointment for the Look Good Feel Good session at my cancer centre on Oct 16th, that's a few days after my last chemo (as far as I know). Only hope I will feel well enough to go, although the lady did say they would re arrange it if necessary. Get the results of my biopsy tomorrow, don't know how I feel about that. I've been living in ignorance of how far this beast has progressed, so now have to face it full on. Will keep you posted.

Chris x

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Hi Chris

I'm sure you will enjoy the session, I certainly enjoyed the one I went to! We all came out feeling glamourous, with an large bag of cosmetics. The bags are full of full size cosmetics, not silly little samples that aren't enough for one use! They were also really good brands, leek Chanel, Olay etc.

Good luck with the biopsy results



Hi Chris,

Great is a pity that it is just after you should go out for a meal when you are all glammed up...and you probably won't feel like it...but enjoy love x G x :-)


Hi there Chris ...

You will enjoy the Look Good feel Good session makes one feel good about ones self ..which so important if you have no hair etc etc .I was never one for a lot of make up pre OC but it has taught me how to use it properly and I still do not use it a lot but its there when I do want to .

Hope you get on ok on Tuesday xxx

Love Jan xx


Hi all, thank you for your comments, I am not one for a lot of make up either which I think was the reason I didn't look into it sooner. I think the further you get on this journey the more morale boosters you need. I've got a wig but I really don't feel comfortable wearing it, I think it's because of what it represents. I feel more comfortable wearing turbans and I have a lot of different coloured scarves that thread through them and makes them look quite glamorous. Having said that I am really looking forward to the sessiion and I don't care how under the weather I feel I'll be there.

with best wishes

Chris xx


Hi Chris,

You will enjoy the session - especially if you can get to be the model:-) I went to one last week and then met a friend for lunch afterwards, I felt quite glamorous. I don't use make up very often but did over the weekend as I wanted to have another go at using all the techniques I'd been taught. I hope you enjoy yourself - and the goody bag is worth all the effort og going.



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