Look Good Feel Better

Look Good Feel Better

Hello All!

Hope you are all feeling OK!

I was at the Look Good Feel Better course today and it was great! They gave us some great tips on skincare and make up with some scalp care and wig tips too! And we got a great bag of goodies as well! Met some lovely ladies all ages and all stages of treatment!

For those who haven't gone to it yet I would highly recommend it!!! I will be heading in for chemo no 5 tomorrow with full war paint t on!!!

Onwards and Upwards! !!


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  • That looks like an awesome bag of goodies!

    I've never been a big one for makeup, but right now I'd kill for some sweat proof eyebrow pencils, lmao.

    Yesterday was 39deg C, with 97% humidity... I didn't even think the weather could do that...

    I'm thinking of trying to get into one of the look good feel better things now I've finished chemo and would be able to drive myself in... The bag of freebies is just the incentive I need to arrange it, haha.

  • Crezty eyebrow powder with the templates is much better thgan a pencil and so my h more natural looking.

  • How do you find out about these events. With day three of hair coming out in handfuls I think this is the boost I need. Glad you enjoyed it. Tracey

  • Check with your hospital, they might have it on their timetable of events. Else, look at the website of your nearest Maggie's center or call them. I believe the West London Maggie's center holds a Look Good Feel Better course once a month.

  • The one I attended was in the Macmillan Centre in Belfast. If you go in to your local Ma millan Centre they should have a programme of all the things they offer. Ann x

  • Hi D

    That's great to hear and having chemo all dressed up... superb!

    I have my LGFB next Tuesday and by the looks of your goodies I can see some nice stuff!

    Good luck with #5... mines #3 next Wednesday.

    Michelle x

  • Can really recommend Look Good, Feel Better. I went to the monthly one at Maggie's Centre at Charing X Hospital, West London - you just ring up to book - and everyone was lovely! The goody bag is amazing and you can pick up all sorts of helpful tips (my eyebrows look SO much better now!!)

  • oooh lovely. I got some lovely stuff. X

  • Hi, I wholeheartedly agree with you. I attended one here UNB Belfast in 2014 and it was so good. The products they give you are excellent. I now buy the Elizabeth Arden foundation make up as I really liked the coverage it gives me and how natural it looks too. Ann xo

  • Such a feelgood day. I went to mine after my 2nd chemo and it was a turning point for me in helping to get some confidence back. The best tip was "your eyebrows are sisters not twins". Made me laugh then and still does when I think of it. Takes me back to a good day with good company. Definitely a feel better day.


  • Ooh that's some good swag you picked up! Glad you enjoyed the day - you deserve it! Good luck with the final round of chemo! Kerry xx

  • I love make up, what a lovely selection of goodies. I said I was going to man up for my last chemo and put on some war paint, maybe next time. Can't wait to see the pics of you glammed up for your next session.

    LA xx

  • Hey Lily Anne!

    The funny thing is that I never wore make up and I mean nothing just moisturiser! My sisters are now constantly Teasing me cos I take longer than they do to put the war paint on!!!! But I really really enjoy it now isn't it funny how things work!!!!

    Hope you are feeling better! !


  • Hi D

    What an amazing array of stuff! Thought I'd see where my nearest Maggies is and we aren't very well served in the South East.

    Glad you annoyed the course, you deserve to be pampered!

    Carole xx

  • Wow I am envious, look at the "Brands". I am really glad you enjoyed your day. The one I went to we got make up brushes but no samples. I think these group sessions are great for the tips and the make up and meeting others outside a chemo ward setting. So you might meet some hunky doctor tomorrow. Best of luck with your treatment tomorrow hope all goes well, you are almost there tg

  • Dear D

    Thank you very much for this information - I knew nothing about it until I saw your post. I am fairly new to lots of things that someone have to face when they are diagnosed with OC. I though I was well prepared and went and bought a new lot of primer and foundation. However, I didn't know I would loose all my body hair, including eyelashes and eyebrows. My second chemo is next week, and I will have taxotere then, so I expect to loose my hair fairly soon. The eyebrow tips would be very useful to find out about.

    Best of luck with your 5th chemo! I am sure you'll look fab in your war paints,


    Elena xxx

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