Feel like a traitor!

I haven't posted here for a couple of weeks now, waiting to get the results of the CT scan & blood work. Now I feel like I'll sound as if I'm gloating....so many here are having such battles. I will say that as of this past week, I have no sign of cancer & my CA125 is 9! I won't do my happy dance for you, that would be too much :) Of course I am thrilled, but I feel so badly for those still going through the process or just facing the beginning of it. My heart hurts.

I don't know if I'll have much to offer, I'm relatively new here...got a late start. Wish I had found this site sooner, but I'm so glad to be here. I will keep checking back & speaking realistically, who know when I might need encouragement again (although at this point my prognosis is very good).

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  • Don't apologise Minniemay everyone on here really does rejoice when people get good news it's one of the best things about this forum!

    Congrats on your good news, celebrate and be happy!


  • Brilliant post, never feel bad, posts such as yours give everyone hope and nobody here would want you to feel bad. Enjoy your good news! you may not be doing a happy dance but I bet others will be for you! Take care . Kathy xx

  • Hi Minniemay, your news is fantastic we love to hear positive news, it gives all hope.

    We are here still to listen to all news good or not so good.

    This sight is great xx

  • Yes Minniemay, great news has to be shared as it does brighten up all our lives to know that some one somewhere is winning a battle, Well done I hope you celebrated this successful outcome. Please stay around to give us advice and help, wishing you all the best

  • Hi Minimay. Good news stories gives everyone hope. They sustain us. It is what we all want to hear.

  • You go girl do your happy dance 😍😍😍

  • Well done, that's great news!

  • Yep! No reason at all to feel bad or guilty about good news or feeling good! The more good news I hear the better. It uplifts everyone! Please be happy😀

    Best wishes


  • I'ts soooo good to hear good news, we all need to hear it. You just go and have that dance, I might even do one myself, Go and enjoy your life xxxx Jeanette

  • Brilliant news. So, so,pleased. You must not feel guilty. We can never have enough good news. It's uplifting. Love and hugs Chris 😀😀🌻

  • As others have said no need to feel guilty,good news helps us all. Now go out and celebrate xx

  • Thrilled to bits for you. Xxxx

  • A win for you is a win for all of us! I rejoice at your positive outcome and would love to see your happy dance Minniemay. Take care and enjoy xxx

  • Morning Minniemay, well if you're not going to do a happy dance I'll do one for you (any excuse for a boogie). So pleased for you and never feel guilty for sharing good news as it lifts us all. Take care, love Kerry x

  • Congratulations Minniemay it's great news and as D said we all celebrate together.

    Ellsey xx

  • Fabulous news xx

  • Echoing what others have said. The good news stories send a lot of positivity- best wishes to you xxx

  • Congratulations MinnieMay on your brilliant news. I thought my CA 125 was great at 13 but yours is terrific!

  • So pleased for you I hope you have many healthy and happy years ahead of you 😃

  • Congratulations minniemay and never be afraid to share good news we are all here for each other in good or bad news . I hope you had a lovely weekend of celebrations. Kittie

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