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Finaly feel like I've gotten somewhere!!

Well my first follow up appointment went really well :) everything is so far so good!!

Next appointment in January for my first MRI since my operation!

Follow up wasn't as bad as I thought either, least I'll know what to except from now and its something I'll just have to get use to even of it is the most unpleasant thing haha.xx

And on a even better note... I FINALY HAVE MY HRT SORTED!!! Finaly had a appointment this week with a HRT specialist! 5 months I waited my we got there in the end lol...

Hope everyone is well.xx

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Best wishes love x G x


Hi Belle... I know you've had a difficult time emotionally so I'm glad you seem upbeat as you know what to expect and you've got your HRT sorted out. Love Tina x x


Good news, especially about the HRT. Hope you have a fantabulous Christmas. Vxxx


Hi Belle, so glad that things seem to be heading in the right direction for you. Have a lovely Christmas

Love Wendy xx

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Thank you Wendy.. Have a lovely


That's great! Hopefully HRT will help you settle back into a feeling of normality. Lucky you ... I'm not allowed it as I had a tumour type they suspect is hormone linked. My husband did say that, "... on the positive side, at least the hormone monster has left the building for good" (charming!) but the rapid withdrawal has some side effects, especially on my joints! You can at least keep things ticking over!


Sue xxx


With out my HRT my husband called me a monster had some big mood swings lol. Just glad things are finaly on the up :)


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