'Look good, feel better'

Hi Guys,

I'm sure you've discussed this before, but I had a lovely afternoon this week at a 'Look Good, Feel Better' session at my local Hollistic Cancer Care Centre.

If you don't know, it's about make up and skin care, and covers things like skin problems and compensating for losing eyebrows and eyelashes. Even better, they provided all the products we used free. (I'm a freebie addict!).

I would recommend it. You can find out where your local ones are on their website. (I was told you have to have been diagnosed in the last year)

Interestingly, I unexpectedly met 2 friends and colleagues who have breast cancer at the session. Who would have thought that out of 10 women, 3 of us would have prevously known each other? It disturbing how common this cancer stuff is. They have both been told they should do well though, so I was pleased for them about that.

Warmest wishes



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  • Hi Sue

    I have been twice now having lost my hair twice (recurrence) "Look Good Feel Better" certainly give a very much needed boost, I am fast becoming an expert on make up I will leave it to others to judge how good I look though LoL...but it certainly made me feel better ,,,, and I'm a freebie addict too, so much so that when I came home I priced my freebies on the Boots website and I had in excess of £200 worth ( I am a sad person ha ha)

    Anyway enjoy your new look .... Best Wishes xx Gwyneth xx

  • Hi Sue!

    I went on one of those days! Aren't they great! I have always had difficulty with make up but I did enjoy it! The bag that came with the freebies is just rightnfor all my stoma bags etc!


  • Hi Margaret,

    You made me laugh because I was just unpacking my bag and thinking 'this would be really good for my stoma stuff!'

    Thank you



  • Great minds! LOL!

  • Hi Sue

    I was lucky enough to go on one of these when my confidence was at rock bottom. I came out feeling great and finally after all these years learnt how to apply eyeliner to compensate for lack of lashes. I have my lashes back now but still use the tips I picked up. I would encourage anyone to go on one if they can.

    Still using some of the products 18 months later.................I know............not supposed to keep make up too long. Maybe it's time for a clear out.

    Chris x x

  • Dear Chris

    I had to laugh at your comments on still using the products 18months later.

    I am doing the same I've been twice and am still using some from the first visit. I know we shouldn't but I hate waste, also we have cancer.... can't be as bad as that ....lol...anyway I think the time limit is after the products are open some products I didn't use when I was there, one thing about chemo it leaves you with a strong sense of smell so my reasoning is I can smell if it is off !!!

    Love xx Gwyneth xx

  • I went through my make up drawer recently! Some of my stuff was years out of date! My daughter and daughter in law benefitted from the freebies because I can't bear anything scented since chemo intensified my sense of smell. The bag is great though! Itsitson the surface in the bathroom with all mystoma stuff to hand but not on display to visitor!

    When I get home I should have a nice new walk in shower and tiles. Then I am going to paint the walls! After that a week in bed to recover the enrgy! LOL!


  • Hi Margaret

    I know exactly what you mean about sense of smell, I couldn't even stand the smell of the flowers people gave me, my ex postman came to visit my husband and I yesterday ( I put it like that I don't want it to look as if there is something going on... lol.. ) they changed his route so he came around to see how I am doing, he asked me how my sense of smell was these days, as is wife is growing flowers that are called paper flowers ??? ( they are not paper ) anyway she is growing them so he could bring them for me but they are not ready yet, aren't some people nice? I've never even met her.

    I won't go on about other things I can't stand the smell of I could write a book.

    we could have a whole new thread about smells ha ha.

    love xx Gwyneth xx

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