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Anyone have similar experience?

Hi, I was diagnosed with multilocular complex cysts on left ovary with Ca125 level of 145 in December and was due to have laparoscopic removal of left ovary and tube + - bilateral yesterday. When I came round from op I thought that it had been done. On reading the discharge letter I realised that the oopherectomy had not been done but a peritoneal biopsy had been. I was told that the oncologist would explain further at my appointment in two weeks but it was likely I would require further surgery. Does this mean that she thinks ovary looks ok and has left it or that things were worse than first thought and will need bigger operation. I don't think I can wait two weeks but can't get answers from anyone.

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Hi Scat

I can understand how worried you must be! Maybe ring the gynae nurse specialist at your hospital. She may have some sort of answer. At the very least you will be able to express your thoughts and fears and talk it over with her.

All the best,

Wendy xx


Hi Wendy,

yes, thanks for that I have spoken to the gynae nurse and my own gp but there is no mention of my left ovary anywhere! I've only spoken to the ocologist for about 30 seconds before the op in the gynae day case unit and I understood that she was to be taking the left ovary out and maybe the right one too if anything was found, . It was only on looking at my discharge letter that I realised that it didn't mention under 'operative procedure' anything about removal of ovary only laparoscopy peritoneal biopsy? It all feels very confusing. I still don't know if any ovary has been removed or whether I will be having further op.

Scat x


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