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Would you have the ovary removed?

Hi corncrake here. I haven't been in touch for sometime but could someone please tell me what they would do. I have had four ultrasound and transvaginal scans since last on this sight and the enlarged ovary has not changed. My CA-125 is normal. I have been told it is an inactive ovary and that the ovary would have changed within the space of my first and second scan. Apparently, because of NHS guidelines they are not able to scan in say 6 months time so as far as they are concerned there is no follow up. Last September I had a small cyst on the ovary could this cyst have gone inside the ovary and that is why it is not showing on other scans. I am assuming the gyno knows her job and assures me there is no cyst. Would you have the ovary removed?

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Hi Corncrake!

I have to say, I have no idea at all. I agree, you need some advice, though. Give the Ovacome helpline a ring. The nurse on there will give you support and has loads of info at her fingertips.

The number is 0845 371 0554 and it's available during office hours, Monday to Friday.

Good luck with it all

Love Wendy xx


Hi, I have had a number of ops to remove cysts then left ovary and fallopian tube, bladder surgery too, all necessary but all have caused/contributed to pelvic adhesions, (scar tissue) which is so severe that my pelvic organs are glued to each other preventing any more surgery, I had a mass on my right ovary so my consultant advised we watch and wait as my ca 125 was only 9, well within normal limits. My consultant gyn/onc is very reluctant to operate as he believes I would end up with a colostomy etc for perhaps no reason. He wants to be sure that any further surgery will be life saving and not run the quality of my life. The adhesions have caused me minor pains and twinges, constipation and indigestion all of which can mimic the symptoms of oc.. I have had oncerns that my symptoms could be oc but thankfully on my last transvaginal scan the mass had gone! I was amazed, but apparently this can happen, the radiologist explained that sometimes the cysts fill with blood or tissue or whatever and are then absorbed back into the body. My 2nd ca125 was ok too. If I had known years ago that pelvic surgery could and did cause adhesions I would have opted to have had a full hysterectomy and ovaries removed and not have tried to preserve my fertility etc.. I am still only 45 and am just starting to get peri menopausal symptoms... Which, I have to say I would take in buckets rather than have to go through the horrendous symptoms and side effects from treatment that all these wonderful, courageous ladies on this forum and everywhere are living through today. I have found this forum interesting, insightful, inspiring and humbling! My advice to you would be that your priority is to give up smoking... Now! Read some of the posts on this forum, that should give you the strength you need to give up. Goouck. Lisa x


That should read good luck! Lol x


Dear Corncrake

Do feel free to give us a ring at Ovacome as Wendy suggested so that we can discuss things further

Best Wishes



Hi Corncrake

I would fully agree with the previous posters who say to call the specialist nurses at Ovacome.

Obviously I'm not a doctor , but having a major piece of surgery should definitely be done only for specific reasons and if the benefit to you is going to outweigh the risks. Major surgery can worsen any pre existing problems and cause adhesions , chronic pain etc etc.

Personally speaking based on the information above I wouldn't have this surgery .

Take care of yourself


Charlie xxx


Hi Corncrake,

Like you, I also have a dilemma about whether to have surgery or not. I have been advised to have a full hysterectomy as my CA125 level has been about 58 for the last 3 blood test I've had over the last 10 months. Ultrasound scans have not shown anything but the gynae consultant said that the CT scan showed that I have "bulky ovaries" but a low risk of cancer. He thinks because of this I should have the operation. I feel it's a big thing to have done with nothing concrete to go on.

I think we both need to have further investigations before we make that decision

Love Georgie


Hi Georgie

Thanks for replying to my question. Why has your gynae suggested a full hysterectomy? Mine just said have the ovaries removed. What annoys me is that because of the ridiculous NHS guidelines they just cannot keep an eye on it. I think I am going to have another scan privately. It almost seems to me that we are being forced by the NHS to have operations rather than them paying out for more scans. How on earth are you supposed to know if the ovaries have changed? I don't know whether the small cyst diagnosed in September last year has gone into the ovary or not. I am worried even though they have told me it is an inactive ovary. No one can say whether it will change and no one is willing to keep a check on it. Personally I think they want you to have the operation rather than be bothered checking on it every so often. Whip them out seems to be the stock answer. As soon as they discovered the ovary was slightly enlarged the gynae said we will remove your ovaries regardless. It wasn't until I insisted that they gave me more scans. Then all of a sudden it was 'sorry you can't be scanned anymore' so if anything happens it's your fault.

Sorry to have gone on but I am really annoyed. I hope I have expressed myself clearly. I always get in a temper when talking about the NHS.

Take care



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