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Drs tell me it's IBS

Please help! I'm a 27 year old female and For the past few months I've been having a lot of pain in my left side directly under my pelvis bone. I came off the contraceptive implant around this time and onto the mini pill and still haven't had a period which is normal as I didn't have any on the implant. But more over the past few weeks I've been in agony and the pain radiates from my left side round to my back and sometimes down my leg. It also has a 'bubbling' sensation on occasion.

I have had an ultrasound which came back clear and I also requested the ca125 test as my DR hadn't done that either which also came back normal.

I have had numerous visits to A&E and now been seen by gyne who can't explain what is going and sent me away with pain killers and said its probably IBS.

To me I am convinced that pain is coming from my ovary I know my body and something isn't right. Its getting so bad, I'm so tired all the time and now haven't been eating because I don't feel hungry. I've been off work for weeks and it's ruining my life.

I'm worried that the ultrasound hasn't shown anything as I've read so many stories about ultrasounds not detecting cysts. They also couldn't see the left ovary initially as she thought my bowel was covering it. So done an internal scan but said was clear.

I feel so frustrated and so alone that no one is listening to me. I'm a health professional myself and feel like I'm being treated like a paranoid fool.

If anyone has had similar experiences please share.

Thank you so much if you have read this post. x x

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HI Koorsty, You seem to have been around the block and back again, It is frustrating to find you are not getting any answers apart from Ibs. That could well be the case, but if you are finding it impossible to work, I suggest you return to your gp and ask for referral for ct scan. This would show up any abnormalities including gallstones. This is the best advice I can give you at the present time. So make an apt with your gp voice your concerns and go from there.


This is difficult. You should be able to get a copy of the ultrasound report. With a clear ultrasound and a normal CA125, it's unlikely that you have ovarian cancer. (Usually the problem with ultrasounds is that a cyst appears to be simple, when it's actually complex and needs investigation.)

Many things could be causing your pain. It could be your hip joint. In general, a gynaecologist can't diagnose IBS.

It might help to keep a pain diary for a week or two, and take the result to your doctor. You seem stressed out - that won't help. I hope you get some answers. Vx


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I'm sorry to hear about your difficulties and do hope that you can get a diagnosis soon. I understand that you feel scared and alone - I did too.

I thought that it may help you to explain my experiences so far. I posted on here a month or two ago. Based on my symptoms my gp advised me to have the OC test and also referred me to a gynaecologist. The test came back clear and an ultrasound that I had prior to seeing the gynae was also clear. I myself had been convinced and terrified that the problem must be with my ovary or uterus as the abdominal pain was mostly located in that area ( felt down my leg too, sore back, pelvic pain & pressure, exhaustion, feeling full up high in my abdomen and not feeling hungry- other symptoms too but I won't list them all now). My symptoms made me feel so ill that it interfered with my work too. The gynae. thought everything seemed ok after considering results and examining me - she briefly mentioned adenomyosis but said that she thought it would be worth looking into it being IBS. My gp agreed and said it was probably IBS.

I have to say that personally I felt that the suggestion of IBS was because they didn't know what else was going on. Like you I was also made to feel like I might be imagining things - my gp mentioned anxiety and depression several times.

To cut a long story short, after further tests it's looking like I have Chrons disease ( my calprotectin level is very high which wouldn't be caused by IBS). Chrons does run in my family and both my mum and aunt have been incredibly ill with it ( prior to diagnosis) - even knowing this, I did not believe that it could be Chrons as the location of the pain and particularly the downwards pelvic pressure ( felt like cervix area) had me convinced that it must be an issue with my reproductive organs.

I am not suggesting that you have Chrons or any other bowel disease, however I hope that explaining my experience so far will help a little - it may be worth investigating other possible causes as they can produce the same symptoms. If your gp continues to mention IBS then I'd maybe ask for the calprotectin test as this indicates inflammation in the intestines - IBS does not cause high levels of intestinal inflammation so further gastro tests would be sought if this is raised.

Good luck with everything. Try not to panic ( easier said than done I know, as I was terrified too) - your clear ultrasound results and normal ca125 test are a very good sign.

Please let us know how you get on x

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Go to another Dr for a second opinion! Best wishes


Hello Koorsty,

My only other suggestion is to ring the Ovacome Helpline which is manned by professional nurses 0845 371 0554.

Take care of yourself especially during the stress - for me, stress and anxiety has the ability to sabotage my focus to keep the 'rest of me healthy'!


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