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post surgery!

Hi Guys

well out from the liver re section yesterday, tried to take my laptop in to keep me sane but it wouldnt work in there. had an 'interesting' experience whilst in there, as most of us do- long and short is that they were able to take a corner of the liver away and the tumour was contained within that area. unfortunatly it appears it was clear cell again which is now meaning further chemo. had a phone call from the onc dept this am, giving me an appt for 4 april for first one- hey ho, here we go again.

have decided that i would like more of a criss cross pattern on the small part of my abdomen that doesnt have any scars at the moment- hmm, think I will ask about that one next appt!

catch up with you soon guys!

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Such good news that they got the tumour!

Very best wishes,



Its good news the tumour was contained,lets hope the chemo gets rid!! love Sue x


Wonderful news Take care and get strong

Love Suex


Yes , that is great news that they got rid of the little bugger, now the chemo can set about killing of any of the little buggers family and friends !!.

Take great care and keep strong

Best wishes to you

Suzie que



Hi there !! Good they got the tumour!! Now the chemo will get rid of the rest of the S***!! Good Luck Love Lynn XXX


Good news about the tumour but hard luck on the chemo! I told my gynae surgeon I was disappointed that he had used the same scar for my second op! My grandsons were planning to play noughts and crosses as my appendix scar iS transverse and I suggested he'd have better access with a cross shaped incision, he wasn't having it though!

Good luck with the next phase!



Hi Lady,

Sadly, chemo is what we do. As you say...Hey Ho! At least the op is out the way and you can focus on recovering. If the chemo does not invade your life too much it means you can carry on living while the chemo carries on fighting the monster knowing the op weakened its hold considerably.

Love Lizzie



As Lizzie says, at least they got the tumour, and chemo is now a way of life to many of us. I like the comments about the scars... haven't got that problem myself, but I don't think I'd let my grandsons see my scars Margaret!

Onwards and upwards now Lady!


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