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due for surgery

Hi Guys

thanks for your support so far...

just an update on the meeting with the liver bods- it seems I am going in for a re section on 12 march, apparantly they dont do it very often for oc -about 2/3 times a year at addenbrookes, but I am one of the lucky ones!

I may need chemo again afterwards, but need to see how much of the liver is taken away. (onion gravy anyone?)

as it is an expected 7-10 days in hosp, and an 8 week recovery, will be back on looking for all your support ladies! It seems to be a more scary op than the initial de bulking, more tubes and scary stuff to go wrong than last time- where it was whip it out and see, this time its cutting away at a major organ---- god I need a drink!

take care peeps



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water I hope!!!!!

good luck with the op, and all it entails.

love n hugs



You will be in the best place it's a wonderful hospital I had op there on Wednesday.

Hope all goes well for you


It's horrible having to face operations, but it is great news they can limit the damage done by this menace. A drink may not be the best idea at the moment though if you have liver issues ;-) I hope you sail through it and have many more healthy years once the damage is removed. I was saying to Sunny who is going for her debauling op, one thing I found invaluable in hospital was a sleep mask as it is never dark enough when you want to rest. Just an idea....A big hug and a good luck kiss.

Love Lizzie



Sue, good luck for the op and a speedy recovery. love sue x


Hi Sue

Good luck with your op. Like you say we are the lucky ones. They don't normally like to operate on the liver so they must be pretty sure of a good result, and don't forget the liver regenerates itself.

Love Chris x x


Good luck for your op.

Sue x


Hi Sue, Sending you good healing wishes and love and hugs!! Best of luck Love Lynn XXX


Good luck and positive thoughts! I know how you feel, i had a bad episode with my stoma last night, suffice it to say I had to climb into the shower to take my nightdress off and change the bag! Still it could be worse, some med student could be learning the detailed structures of the gluteous maximus from intimate involvement with mine as we speak! LOL!

Remember not to try to lift the full kettle after the op! I "fill" the kettle with a jug and hold the mug below worktop level and tilt the kettle to fill it.

There's a large one of your choice on the bar for when you feel up to it!



I also had a liver re-section over 4 years ago now. As in your case the surgeon stressed that he rarely operated in oc cases and would not have been prepared to do so had he not been convinced through various tests and scans that there was at that time no evidence of active cancer elsewhere. I actually had 60% of my liver removed but, as someone else has posted, the liver fully regenerates. I believe I was very lucky to be accepted for surgery. The op was very successful although recovery took a few weeks. Following the op I had 3 rounds of chemo (carboplatin) Since then I have had a further relapse - now in lymph nodes - and more chemo last year, but my liver is healthy! Good luck - will be thinking about you on 12th. Please post and let us know how you're doing after the op.



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