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Post Surgery

Hello ladies hope all is going well, prayers are with each an every One is you.

Well it's been 11 Days since my wife had a radical hysterectomy, doings ok for the most Part. Still in A lot of pain an discomfort. Went to hospital yesterday , she has a UTI. An a small blood clot in her Arm, they said I was in her soft tissue. An would disappear on its on. We have been told it will Take a long Time to heal from surgery. She and I are maybe a little impatient. She's not use to being down like this. She Goes back on the 21st Sept hope all goes well.

God Bless an prayers be with you ladies.

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I would imagine that it is very early days yet. Your wife should not lift anything heavier than a cup of tea for the next four or five weeks. No driving, hoovering, bedmaking or any housework. She needs this time to rest and recover from the serious surgery. It is frustrating for her as most of us here experienced the same post surgery. Just baby steps for the present time and I hope all will be as expected at her apt in Sept. Wishing you both the best


I had a radical hysterectomy on 17th June and removal of huge ovarian tumour. I got tired quite easily for the first few weeks after surgery. Came off the pain medication quite quickly but also had a bladder infection post surgery. I am more or less back to normal now but wary of lifting anything heavy and only working part time (3 days a week). I have issues with very low blood pressure so have to be careful. I was advised to walk as much as possible post surgery which helps with circulation, building strength and trapped wind (which is painful in tender tum). Still having to be careful with what I eat, stomach still tender. Things will get better she will just have to go with her body and not rush.

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Do try and get her to take it slowly. You must be careful not to undo the surgeons careful work. It does take a long time to heal so bear that in mind, it is hard if you are used to being very active, but it felt sore three months on when I had mine, but a year later I am back to near normal.


Please make sure she doesn't start back to early on lifting anything! She will or could get hernias very easily that way, and it can cause problems later. They are painful and as her body heals she will/could notice a shift in where her internal organs such as intestins move. Good luck to your wife, I had it over 27 years ago. Prayers and best to your wife, yourself and your families.


I'm now 6 months post surgery and am beginning to feel 'normal'! Energy levels are improving. Just to agree with the other ladies and take it slowly. You will gradually get stronger. I was given exercises by the hospital post surgery and did these every day once the pain allowed. I also walked every day- just believe getting oxygen into your body must be good for you! Wishing you all the best x


Thanks lady's, wait till I tell her it may take 6 months,she's gonna freak out,lol she's not use to being that incapable of doing things. We're praying the. Pathology tests comes back good. Prayers be with you lady's.

Thanks for the input


Hi Kingcobra

Thanks for the update. I hope all went well. As the others have said, absolutely no lifting and lots of rest while she builds up her strength. There are hundreds and hundreds of stitches inside and they need time to heal and lots of rest.

I hope the histology report comes back with reassuring news.

Meanwhile , I hope your wife finds things she enjoys whilst taking it easy. She's more than welcome to join our group and that will while away a bit of time and will be a source of companionship and mutual support.

Take care. Keeping fingers crossed for you both. xxx Annie


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