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Hello Ladies

I had surgery for 3C in December and 3 weeks ago finished 6 cycles of chemo. I've had a persistent pain on my right hand side where my ovary was and where the tumour first started. I took myself to A&E 6 weeks ago and was told it was adhesions and healing pain. 6 weeks on it's still there and no amount of pain killers will stop this. I went for my check up at hospital today and explained again what I'm feeling. My Oncology Doctor is now arranging for an urgent scan...naturally I'm glad in one respect to have a scan sorted but also concerned what it may show. Has anyone else had anything similar to this?

Thanks, Michelle x

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  • Hi Michelle, I suppose the Oncologist is duty bound to look after you so try not to worry too much about the scan. You can get pain at the site of the tumour during and post chemo. Hopefully its nothing much to worry about. Maybe ring the Ovacome Nurse tomorrow for a chat It is good to have the Onc on top of things and he will look after you. Best wishes

  • Hi Susuki thanks for the advice and yes I will give her a ring. Unfortunately during my surgery not all the tumour was removed and a piece was left on my bladder which got cut and I had a catheter. This is why I'm a bit worried that it may be the tumour growing as I don't have any pain anywhere else except where the tumour was initially found.

    Michelle x

  • I'm only two weeks post op but have a pain in the same place. I'm sure mine is healing. Does it feel like a stitch after running with the same sharp digging pain? Mine is worse when I get up from lying down. I hope yours is healing ..and mine too. Let us know how you get on. X

  • Hi Gleedy I've kept a log on how I was feeling and 2 weeks post surgery I've written Pain: absolute agony, Sleep: None, Bowels: None, Well-being: emotional and tired... and that was 6 months ago. I feel for you as I just felt so awful. I then ended up with a kidney infection and back in hospital. Looking at my log the pain lessened 7 wks after surgery.. I was more surprised at being told to just take Paracetemol after such serious surgery! Hope this helps you have an indication. Personally I've never known anything like it and I can take pain unless I'm getting to old! Yes I do hope it's healing/adhesions and will keep you posted once I've had my scan. Love Michelle x

  • The pain relief surprised me as well. They were very quick to get me off the 'big tablets' and on to everyday pain relief. I can't take Paracetamol though yet until my liver function tests comes back. It was shot to bits after surgery. I am very tearful though from time to time. The postman knocked this morning. I did my usual grab of dressing gown and hat any opened the door. He very caringly said are obviously very poorly. Would it help if I put the parcels behind the bins and leave a note? I thanked him. Shut the door and cried for an hour. I even look like the poorly person. I'm am improving but is a long process. I can hardly remember what it feels like to be well. At least we are amongst friends here. I realky hope everyone after surgery starts to feel pain free again. X

  • Aww bless you... it's one big shock to you and your body. I remember sobbing my heart out at the time I was living on my own. I know how you feel and you just feel so sad. It really is one day at a time and if you can watch a funny film do so...take you away from stuff. What painkiller can you take? Are your bowels ok as I struggled there too.. Allbran and Laxido helped me. The anaesthetic plays a part here too making you emotional. Us ladies are very strong well we have to be don't we! Big hugs to you hopefully the suns out and make you smile :-). Love Michelle xx

  • I'm on codeine and movocol. I get my blood results back Friday and hopefully can drop the codeine and move to Paracetamol. Some one has lent me 50 shades of grey. I've never read the books or wanted to. Maybe be the tonic I need . Xx

  • Fingers crossed for you to move onto Paracetemol. You did make me laugh of all the books to read in our condition.. that's the last thing I feel like doing!! Still a naughty read though.. enjoy! Perhaps we should all start recommending books, I'm currently reading The French Gardener by Sante Montefiore.. much tamer lol Love Michelle xx

  • Sounds like a good idea. X

  • You poor thing, you are suffering and I hope you don't take offence to being called you poor thing! Your lovely post mans comment brought tears to my eyes.

    Take the time you need and fully rest and relax as much as you can

    Take care

    Clare x

  • Hi i hope u feel better soon i had surgery last may finished my chemo november 2015.. i have aches and pains everyday oncologist said mine is post chemo but avin surgery which is bad trauma enough for our bodies to take .... we have to go through chemo which also damages our body.. keep ur chin up were all here for to give support to each other xxx

  • Hi Michelle

    Sorry to hear of your pain. Just remember you've had a hell of a lot of trauma to your body

    I had surgery last August and still get aches and pains. Really hope all goes well for you

    Judy xx

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