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Post debulking surgery 3 weeks

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I’ve had OC debulking surgery 3 weeks ago and am making a good recovery . I wondered if anyone has information about how they felt after surgery. I have pain in my bladder when I pee and after I pee, pain under my ribs where the surgeon said he removed a lesion, pain in tummy when needed to empty bowels. I’m also really tired a lot of the time.

Is this normal? How long did it take you before you felt okay again?

I’ve had 4 rounds of chemo and have 2 more coming. I’m worried that the cancer is still there.

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Hello Narna1, I had my op about 21 months ago. What you describe sounds very much like how I was. It’s very early days post surgery for you and everything is different post surgery. Now I wouldn’t know I had had the surgery if I didn’t have a scar to show me I had. My advice is not to worry about the cancer…you have two more chemos to kill any cells that are lurking about…concentrate instead on your recovery from surgery. Eat well, sleep and rest well and try to be active through walking regularly throughout the day. I was amazed at how quickly I recovered from the op.Follow any advice you had about lifting and keep walking!


Thanks for advice, it helps a lot x

Hi Narna1,

I didn't have a lot of pain after my hysterectomy but agree with Smilee's post walking really helped me also the hospital gave me a binder which really helped with support and any pain I had.

Hi. Did the surgeon tell you they got all the visible cancer? They should tell you if anything was left. I had 5 mm left on my bowel—in order to avoid a colostomy, but that was still considered optimal debulking. Take care of yourself! Xx

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Hi DeliaThey told me they got rid of it all thankfully. If you had some left is that treatable with chemo? I hope you’re doing okay now

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Yes I was ned after chemo for nine months, then more chemo, now on Olaparib for two years and still ned.

Hi there,I had my operation in September and I remember the pain being very similar to yours. I did feel pain when I went to the toilet and put this down to having a catheter which made me sore. I did however end up having antibiotics but I think I was worried I had a UTI.

It is a huge operation and your body will have been handled so much that you will feel bruised inside.

Take it easy and you will recover.


Feeling tired after an op is normal. I had 10 hour op and for 6 weeks just managed to get out of bed and sit in a chair to be waited on hand and foot. Didn’t even have the energy to get out of my nightie. Normally face the world with full make up etc. Couldn’t even summon up the energy to talk to friends on phone. Your body has been through so much it is just it’s way of saying “slow down, girl, I ‘ve got some repairs to do.” Your energy will come back. Just listen to your body.

I had surgery at the end of January after 4 chemos and felt very similar to you 4 weeks post surgery. I think the pain etc are quite normal. It takes a while to go ( I'd say really up to 12 weeks for me though I had also had my last 2 chemos by then). My post chemo scan was nice and clear and I'm now on maintenance. I'd recommend some gentle walking every day if you can, and rest.

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Narna1 in reply to Loorunner

Very good to hear, thank you and hope you remain well x

They should have told you if the removed all visible signs. Unfortunately I knew they hadn't as they told me. They had to stop op early as my heart started objecting after 6 hours of complicated removal of adhesions on my liver from a previous operation.They had done a full hysterectomy and omentum removal but hadn't touched 4 other areas. I was initially devastated but over time came to accept I had far lass for the chemo to work on so that was a positive. 2years on I have had 2nd line chemo last year and I

am currently on maintenance. I still suffer abdominal pain and discomfort and yes my thoughts go to 'is it still active?' But I try to have faith in the medicine and the blood test and not let this disease take any more of my precious time or life from me. Don't forget to still use pain relief if you need it. Let your team know your concerns too. Not sure that sense of 'pain in abdomin must mean the cancer is active' will ever leave but I try not to let it control my thoughts. X

hi Narna1, like everyone else says this does sound completely normal, i recall the early days when i could do little in the day as was very tired, but i walked every day, not far in the first few days, but gradually built this up, drank lots of water and slept, all of which helped me. Talk to your CNS if you are worried and you don't need the worry, but keep doing what you are doing. Like smileeveryday2021 i wouldnt know id had the surgery without looking at the scar and even that is now so very faint. I'm now fitter than ive ever been and living my best life everyday. take care lovely lady xx

Hi Narna, I had debulking in January and I had pain still at three weeks and regularly had to sleep in the day. It is very early days so please try not to worry. I'm fully recovered now. I would just check with your doc you haven't developed a uti but you will get there 😊

Hi, I had my surgery 9 weeks ago. I had similar pains post op as you describe up until really a week ago. I still have some under rib pain and I am aware of my bladder.

It's early days for you, I just about feel human now!

Wouldn't do any harm to talk to your team regarding how your feeling they should be able to help you. Take care Sue xx

Hi Narna1, I had my surgery in December and had to have a catheter in for 2 weeks, I felt burning sensations and discomfort when peeing even with the catheter and I had a urine infection so it’s definitely worth getting that checked out. Best wishes

I didn't feel normal for at least 6 weeks after surgery, but was full of life after that. Won't be long, I'm sure x

Yes its all pretty normal dear. It took me probably 6 weeks to feel OK and up to 12 weeks to be more or less " Normal " ))

Hello , I had ultra radical debulking in October 2021 . Did the pain management team speak to you before you left hospital ? I was told to keep the pain relief for at least 3-4 months . However , without pain relief , yes, pains everywhere ! Remember you have had a massive operation on your abdomen and will have a lot of healing scar tissue . The physios gave me exercises to do to strength muscles . After about 6 months, I wouldn’t know I had the op . Best you combine lots of rest , your abdominal exercises and some gentle walking as well . You also qualify for free support garments later when you are recovered . However. I suggest you speak to your pain management team because I had no pain as long as I followed their advice. I can only suggest you try not to worry and try to be positive .

If you have pain when you pee , it may be a UTI so you should arrange to get a sample tested . If you are in the UK , someone could pick up a sample bottle from your GP. I did have a really horrible infection after the op but an antibiotic was identified to treat it and after 2 weeks it went .

And of course , being tired is perfectly normal as you body has been though a lot with the op . Please remember , you will recover and get a normal line back ! Wishing you all the best for a good recovery 🥰

Hello Narna 1,I had a laparotomy in 2019, when I was 57, followed by 6 months of chemo to mop up any stray microscopic cancer. In the summer of 2020 I contacted Macmillan because I was feeling so miserable,tired and useless after doing just a bit of gardening. I had a reality check. I lowered my expectations and had to be more positive about walking around the block then needing a nap, getting upstairs and needing a sit down! The toilet issue remained for a while. I was given laxatives, which helped. I felt worried about every little pain but you are right to share them and keep your nurses informed. It’s good to have a platform like this to get some perspective. I have gone from strength to strength but will not be back to where I was in 2019. I have had chemo annually to keep my metastatic cancer at bay. So far so good. I hope you enjoy the summer. Take it easy, give yourself time, but don’t worry alone.

I was exhausted for more than 6 weeks after surgery, and that was without any chemo (I started chemo about 8 weeks after surgery). It's a huge surgery, be kind to yourself, it will take time, but you *will* recover. Chemo takes a lot out of you too, and I wish someone had warned me that it would take a good year before I felt normal again. And I was 9 years younger than you are now. (Still here 16 years later, though, no recurrence!)

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Thanks for that, very uplifting x

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