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Advise on post op pain

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Hi all,👋 Had my full debulk on 5th September and cut from pubic bone to sternum, also had lymph behind my intestines removed by the amazing prof c, question is.... Am i being inpatient as i'm still in pain when meds wear off? My tummy is healing well but my back and hip are really painful especially when i wake at night ? Its been 3 weeks and the pain is exhausting me and i want to get over it in time for 5th chemo in 10days ?? X

24 Replies
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It such early days and its a really big operation just give yourself time & patience you have to heal inside and out it takes time be kind to yourself its a big operation no ones more in a rush than me believe me and l have learnt well almost learnt l still make mistakes . Give yourself time you need your energy to recover and then your chemo it will all soon fall into place. You'll soon be buying the frocks and booking the holidays. Till then get your self well time is what is & hugs. SheilaFxxx

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Newbery3 in reply to Realistic

Aaawww thanks Sheila 😊 i know i get so fidgety sitting here! Ive never felt so helpless, hope the pain passes soon xx

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Realistic in reply to Newbery3

It will just give yourself time, and as soon as your chemo done things will hopefully get a lot better for you. We all have a lot to go through its all pretty hard going on our bodies but we get through it. Eat well stay positive try and relax, keep yourself well. Any problems discuss it with your team your not alone were all in this together. You can & will do this take care love & big hugs. SheilaFxxx

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I don’t have any advice since my debulking was on the 16th of September, but I wanted you to know you aren’t alone. I feel as though my body is no longer mine anymore. Realistic is likely right but patience isn’t a virtue I have!

Hope for a speedy recovery,

Kris x

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Newbery3 in reply to kristinaapril

Yes 💯 feel like its not mine! Struggling to sit round all day long but no strength to do much🤯 and the aches and random pains! Well we are not alone then and that helps 😊Rhian x

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Realistic in reply to kristinaapril

Hi Kris l smiled when l read patience isnt your thing,because its not mine either but we do go through such a lot both physically & mentally such a lot to take in and deal with isn't there but l really do try . Keep well stay positive. Love SheilaFxxx

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Each Surgeon is different but mine recommended an abdominal binder that I got off Amazon helped quite a bit with the pain.

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Newbery3 in reply to Saintgermain

I'll have a look now , i have read they are good 👍 thanks x Rhian x

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Saintgermain in reply to Newbery3


I live in the states but got the NY Orthoplus off Amazon

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Newbery3 in reply to Saintgermain

Thank you I'll have a look now x

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kristinaapril in reply to Saintgermain

I second the binder. I’ve been wearing it nonstop! Helps to stop all my belly bits from jiggling with any movement! 😂

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yep I was also told it like you helps the bits and incision healing well

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Hi, I had my debulking 10 days ago, staples coming out today. Like you I’m feeling impatient wanting to feel better than I do and be able to get a bit more active. I am doing a very short walk most days but the reality is I’m spendin* most of the time on sofa or bed. I know it’s still really early days but good to see other replies giving a bit of perspective. Have cut down to Paracetamols only and am definitely more comfortable than a week ago.

Good luck, you are not alone. Xx

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Realistic in reply to Belindajw

Brilliant sounds like your one brave warrior you'll soon be buying the frocks & booking the holidays much love hope & positivey SheilaFxxx

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Newbery3 in reply to Belindajw

Hope your healing well, I'm doing little walks too. Well we'll get there together ❤️ xx

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Belindajw in reply to Newbery3

thank you, we have to remember it’s still very early days in the great scheme of things, I’m trying to take it a day at a time and looking back I’m loads better than I was a week ago, it’s easy dwelling on the hard stuff but must remember to recognise progress too. Keep battling on.good luck Xxx

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A bit of an obvious question, but are you still taking the pain relief meds regularly? I ask because after my surgery in March I was anxious to wean off the co-codomol asap (bowel side effects) but the pain was too much so I had to keep taking them. After 2/3 weeks post op I was down to just paracetamol religiously 4 times a day, then 2 weeks later I didn’t need anything.

I had full debulking surgery, but yours sounds a bit more extensive, even your incision was bigger (mine was just pubic to navel). However if you are concerned I would contact your CNS and they may be able to advise.

Fingers crossed you get this pain under control. I have been following your storey & am rooting for you. Good luck with the chemo. Xx

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Newbery3 in reply to Coco32

Hiya 👋, yes i was down to paracetamol but changed to co codamol now, they last longer. I'm going to oxygen therapy this morning so hope that'll hel now😊feeling better this morning 🌄 thanjs for the advice! I always forgot about the cns nurse as i dont see her much due to over tge phone appointments mostly but ill ring her today x Rhian x

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Hi. I understand your frustration, and on top of that, you have pain. My nurse in intensive care gave me some great advice and that was to tie a silk scarf at the bottom of my tummy and gently lift it up and cover my belly and tie the sides around my waist. The relief was instant - no dragging pain and made is to much easier to move around. I wish you well Newbery. I am confident that you will find a way around this. x

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It is such a big operation and still early days. I had my surgery on14th I don't really have any pain now but initially I kept forgetting to take pain relief on time. Once I was taking it regular it really helped. I found writing down the times helped. Hope you feel much better soon xx

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Dear Newbery3,

I'm sorry to read you've been experiencing pain that is exhausting you and waking you at night. My number one suggestion would be to speak to your clinical team, and I can see above that you are planning to give your CNS a ring later today. I hope they are able to offer some suggestions for you.

If you have any questions after that conversation, or need to talk anything through please do remember our support line is available Mon-Fri 10am-5pm on 0800 008 7054.

Best wishes,


Ovacome Support

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ah, I’m still taking pain meds and my op was before yours! I went for paracetamol as my background pain relief, religiously every six hours or when I woke up in the night that fitted best - topped up with oxycodone short tech. Doc said either codeine or tramadol after my hospital supplies ran out and the tramadol gave me a headache and a bad tummy so I asked for more shortec oxycodone. I’m def taking less pain killers and I log them all in my phone. Plenty of rest, short walks, the stairs aaargh! And Netflix for me. I’m sure the pain will ease soon for you and me! Time!!!

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Newbery3 in reply to Rosado22

Yes netflix and amazon is a god send! 🤣😅

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I had the same impatience then was told by a friend who had also had abdominal surgery that nine MONTHS is about right for total recovery! Once I was told that I was a little more patient with the recovery process.

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