Post op

Hi all,

Well its been nearly 3 weeks since operation.

Had quite ok week 2nd week but this week is hard, still quite sore, suppose its early still.

Anyone else go through the 'down' stage? Appetite is up and down, so just eating when fancy. Get tearful sometimes think its because cant do much, cant get normal clothes on etc.

Operation wound itching like mad, anyone got any recommendations, can I put cream on it?

Sorry if sound like moaning but know my friends on here will give me advice.

Love Sam x x

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  • Hi Sam,

    Just wanted to say hi and that its still early days so just take it easy!!

    My mum had her op 6 weeks ago today and this is probably the 1st week she's nearly back to her old self and able to do a bit more about the house. She has found the last few weeks hard especially not being able to do wee things she always does and has definitely been more emotional than she was throughout everything, but it's been a long road and it's just a relief to be coming near the end as she has her last chemo on Monday.

    Every week you will notice a big improvement so just be sure to take it easy when you can cause you'll soon be up and about in no time.

    Take care and sending you lots of hugs. Roisin xx

  • Hi Rosin,

    Thank you so much for your reply. Yes suppose im just getting frustrated as can't do anything and sleep patterns all over the place.

    Your mum has done so well, give her my best wishes. Im sure im just having a few off days.

    Thank you again


    Sam xxxx

  • Hi Sam. What you are feeling is normal after a mega debulking operation. I can remember crying at nothing for a good four weeks after surgery I blamed it on having all my girlie hormones removed causing an instant menopause.You will get back into your normal clothes soon, your tummy is bound to be swollen after all it's been through but it will go down. My shape has changed a lot, I've got a sort of lobsided thing going on but I can still get into all of my old clothes and I look ok. I wouldn't personally put anything on your wound, the itch is part of healing, carefull not to itch it though as you don't want an infection. Hope you feel better soon, best wishes K xxxxx

  • Hi,

    Thank you for your reply.

    Think im just having a few down days. Your right its been massive operation weve had takibg away our girlie bits, bound to affect hormones. Thats made me feel better bout clothes and tummy, it is still very swollen and tender and bruised. Time is healer so they say.

    Many thanks again

    Love Sam xxxx

  • Hi Sam

    I remember my consultant saying that anyone who has a hysterectomy for any reason will take several months before they feel they are back to normal. That's without the trauma of a cancer diagnosis and everything that goes with it. Give yourself time and go with the flow.

    Love Mary xx

  • hi,

    I think im trying to run before I can walk! Hubby said same as you, its traumatic operation need time recover.

    Thank you

    Sam xxx

  • Morning Sam, You have had a shock to your system goes easy on your self girl, I found ( if the budget allowed, mine sometime did ;-) ) a little online shopping would work, funny that it always cheered me up and still does ;-)

    You are stronger today then yesterday and tomorrow you will be stronger then today :-)

    Make sure you look after yourself, it`s so important, ok?

    Eileen x x x

    P.S You know where I am should you need a hug :-)

  • Hi,

    Your right about the shock to system. Body and mind need time to recover.

    Think im trying to run too early!

    Good idea online shopping

  • Hi Sam, I've just seen your post so sending a big hug to you. It's natural to feel up and down after a big op and all the trauma you've been through. Somehow a few weeks in keeping up a brave face and dealing with everyone else's upset and worry can just get too much. You're also still weak from the op and as others have said, hormones going mad.

    Don't worry too much about your appetite. That will come back. Just eat what you enjoy and tiny little portions if you don't feel like too much. I remember eating dinner from a saucer at one time. I wonder if there's a real treat you can think of that you'd enjoy and you can book it now and look forward to it. I found that helped.

    Hope you feel better today with all your lovely friends round you.

    xx Annie

  • Hi Annie,

    Thank you for that. As mentioned to others your all right its been massive operation. Mentally and physically.

    Suppose didnt know what to expect after as no one prepared me.

    Good idea I stary looking at holidays for next summer!

    Feel little better today thanks to my friends on here

    Sam xxx

  • Friends are good! .... and holidays too! Hope the weather is a bit more cheerful where you are. I thought it would never stop yesterday and that's enough to get me down. xxx

  • Friends are great especially my friends on here. Weather been ok quite mild.

    Much love

    Sam xx

  • Friends are great especially my friends on here. Weather been ok quite mild.

    Much love

    Sam xx

  • Friends are great especially my friends on here. Weather been ok quite mild.

    Much love

    Sam xx

  • Hi Sam I felt the same after my debulking. What helped me was friends and family. For the first few weeks my husband just put the key under the doormat so invited guests could let themselves in. It did take about 6 weeks for swelling to recede and scar was difficult to manage and my practice nurse did cover it as it was open in places, but I guess we all heal differently. Take it easy and rest when you need to. Don't worry about messed up sleep pattern. I read books, surfed the web, watched films when I had sleeplessness at night. I soon settled back into my old pattern when I was able to do more in the day.Give yourself at least 6 weeks to feel the way you do. When I am down I list the things in my head that are good in my life. Jo xxx

  • Hi Sam, go eith the flow of your body and do exactly what you feel like. It's early days yet but youl be ok in time. Itching mmmmm I washed with a little dettol in the water, don't know if it's recommended but it worked for me. Good luck , take care totty

  • Hi, thanks for your reply. Yes its early days need to remember that. My scar sounds the same as what your was like. Nurse just said look like few blisters in parts, might pop open but then will eventually heal. Ive been reading at night when cant sleep, that's a good idea writing a list. I try that thank you.

    Sam xxx

  • Hi,

    Thank you so much for your reply. My wound has started opening up in places so put dressings back on. Did your open wound take much longer to heal?

    Good to hear others go through some of the same problems, like sleep patterns.

    I like the idea of the list too!


    sam xx

  • Hi Sam - I'm now 11 weeks post op - and when I was at your stage I was convinced that I would never feel better! But I promise you things do get better, and although I've still got 'swelly belly' at least it doesn't itch anymore. My appetite returned at about 6 weeks although I'm still eating less than before! Like the earlier posts I did a bit of online shopping which cheered me up immensely!

    As did watching old episodes of Frasier!! Just take it nice and easy and let others do the running round after you.........Lots of love Helen xx

  • Hi Helen,

    Thank you for reply.

    Starting to realise now im expecting bit too much from recovery!

    Its the itching driving me mad.

    Going to start online xmas shopping today so that should keep me occupied.


    Sam xx

  • Hi samjane. Hang in there. I had my complete hysterectomy on 1st Oct and was lucky that I recovered quickly and well. Have lots of rest and let emotions out if you need to. Apply honey on wounds to help them heal. If stitches have healed, apply rose hip oil to reduce scarring, itching etc. My stitches didn't itch much as I was applying rosehip oil immediately after staples were removed. They healed really well (surgeon saw them yesterday) apart from one area under the belly flap which opened up again yesterday and is infected. Take Rescue Remedy to lift you up emotionally. Do things you enjoy, walks, to help you over the down times. If tummy and stitches hurt too much, try wearing an abdominal support. This helped me a lot and I still wear it now. I got mine from figleaves ages ago to compress my big belly. No heavy lifting. Don't worry about appetite just do what feels right. I lost 6kg after my op but now putting it back on slowly with chemo steroids. All the best. I am 7 weeks post op and have felt fantastic through the op recovery and know you will get there too.

  • Hi there,

    Thanks for reply. You have recovered well, thats fab!

    The rosehip oil soind good im going to buy some. Its the itching driving me mad!

    Most of wound has healed well just few parts openend up so best keep eye on them.

    Some great advice and suggestions, thank you.


    Sam xx

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