post op pain after 6 weeks - normal?

Hello ladies - I had my debulking 6 weeks ago, and although I can't really work out when it started, (one lot of pain rolls into the next) I'm now getting lower abdomenal pains that feel like heavy period pains. Should I see the Doctor, or is this a 'normal' type thing? I'm going away this saturday as part of my recuperation and resting, and don't want to suddenly get ill if this is something. Any help very welcome. Thank you. Phia xx

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  • I did not have that kind of pain at that point after debulking. Think it's worthwhile checking with your CNS or doc. Maybe adhesions?

  • Go see g p worth for peace of mind. Are waterworks and bowels o k. Hope you enjoy your well deserved break x

  • I was ok after my surgery. Perhaps you have been doing too much which has put back your recovery. Like others have said have yourself checked out to put your mind at rest. Then go and enjoy your weekend away. Best wishes x

  • Are you pulling and draggin stuff you shouldnt really. You should rest for an hour every day and not lift anything heavier than a cup of tea. Your tummy may be settling back into rythm. I would think pain wouldnt be gone at this stage but perhaps ring the Ovacome Nurse or yourgp. You should be due for a check up anyhow now,

  • Hi Phia. I did have some lower abdominal pain following one of my ops. Can't remember now if it was following the hysterectomy or the debulking (3 months later). I mentioned it to the surgeon but he was unconcerned. It didn't last long. I thought - I've had a lot taken out of there & it probably takes a while for the remaining bits to settle. But having said that, you can't forget about it - you must ask questions. Good luck, I'm sure it'll be fine - Pauline.

  • 12 months post debulking surgery I still have abdominal pain but it is much better than it was. I still need regular paracetamol but came off my morphine patches in November.

    I am not sure whether I was unlucky or just a wimp. I did have an internal bleed and an infection post the surgery. A week after the op I suddenly developed a raging fever and had to be rushed back to surgery to be cleaned up.

    My oncologist has put my pain down a slow recovery from surgery and has never seemed overly concerned. I would certainly mention it though.

  • Thank you everyone. I did see my GP who wasn't of any help but because it's been even worse last couple of days I rang the cancer nurse today who was really helpful. She said all the things that you have all very helpfully said in your responses to my post. Yes, I guess I have been doing too much, and yes it is perfectly normal to have awful period type pain on and off for many months after the op. The pain can also be to do with adhesions, although I can't remember why. I'm so grateful for being able to express my concerns on this site and hear what everyone has to say. It is SO helpful. Thank you. Love Phia xx

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