Pain on right hand side after surgery

Hi Ladies

I had a radical hysterectomy in December for Grade 3C...almost 5 months after surgery and had my 5th chemo Wednesday this week, I have a rather nagging sort of stabbing pain where my right ovary was. It feels like its dragging or even feels a bit like an ovulation pain but of course it isn't. It started before chemo but more accentuated - I'm not sure it it's chemo related as not had this before or it's adhesions and body still repairing...

Has anyone had any anything like this before?

Thanks, Michelle

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  • Yes I've felt that stabbing lots of times especially just after chemo. I Still do and my cancer is stable according to CT scans. ...

    Sandra x

  • I also meant to ask how often do you have ct scans after treatment? x

  • I had one CT scan 6 months after initial treatment in order to investigate niggling tummy pains. it picked up that I had the beginnings of a hernia which grew pretty rapidly. I then only had a CT when my ca125 rose, 2 1/2 years after finishing initial treatment. I now have scans every 3 months following my recurrence.

    Sandra x

  • Oops, I also obviously had my scans to check the success of initial treatment.

  • I also get that where both my ovaries were. Ive had 2 chemos and my full hysterectomy was in March so its good to hear thats normal.

  • Good morning Michelle and yep I had exactly the same in a similar time frame. I remember mentioning it to my oncologist - I was going through chemo at the time and my ca 125 was dropping so he thought was adhesions which I know I'm riddled with. I finished 2nd line in January and still get no end of gripes and niggles all over - I tend to put it down to the chemo legacy! !!

    Hope this reassures you and good luck with your treatment xx

  • Hi Michelle, Iv not had my surgery yet, I am due to be operated on on Tuesday, not looking forward to it but know it's got to happen.

    I get the pain just after chemotherapy, then it wears off. Don't know if it's the same as yours as you no longer have your ovaries.

    Anyway, hope it sorts itself out for you. Xx

  • HI Michelle, I think that pain can also mean the chemo is working away. You have had surgery so it could be adhesions or your bowel getting used to more space than it had before. It is scary but if you are worried, do mention it to your team. I imagine you are having scans so there is nothing sinister there to be really worried about.

  • Hi Suzuki thanks for replying.. I've not had any scans yet. It was said after 6th chemo but now my Onc has said I'll be on Avastin maintenance programme for 12 more cycles every 3 weeks. I'll have to ask about the scan as after surgery I still had some of the tumour attached to my bladder which couldn't be cut out... my CA125 is now 5 was 700 before surgery... xx

  • Well that is a good result for ca 125. I think now they cut the scans down because they feel they only make us stressed. Having said that, I had mine last Tues so wont have result until Monday week. I found the Avastin does keep things stable. It does have side effects mostly nasal issues and husky voice but nothing untowards

  • I too get the pain you describe - it feels like a phantom limb type of pain - it's the same pain I used to get when ovulating - radical hysterectomy in February, so can't be!

  • I am. Getting it. Too. ... had full hysterectomy 5 weeks ago. Same pain I had with ovulation and both ovaries now gone. Would. Love to. Know what is causing it!

  • Hi Dasprior since posting 5 months ago and finished chemo in June the pain is not as bad. I'm now on Avastin until March and describe the pain I have at times as a dull ache but no stabbing pain. I did eventually have an abdominal scan because I became quite anxious and was told there was nothing suspicious to worry about.. so I've decided not to worry and get on with treatment. Hope this helps and all the best to you. Love Michelle x

  • thankyou! Sure it's okay. After focusing for so long on every ache and pain you stress when there's a new one! Probably trying to do too much too soon. Sitting down really aggravates it. xx

  • Yes I understand that completely. For now I feel my future is a time bomb.. but on my good days I forget about everything and go back to being me and that's my plan going forward! xx

  • 4 c here, post debulking, post first line chemo. same pain, plus odd assorted abd. area pain. supposedly, per scan and labs, am currently ned status. its scary. know its probably post surgical settling, but had similar prior to surgery as well. who knows? feel like a child on an out of control merry-go-round.....good luck to you!

  • Thank you Kagan.. the MacMillion said its nothing to do with chemo its adhesions and healing. I'm back in 2 weeks and will monitor the pain until then x

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