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Hi everyone

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Had my 5th chemotherapy on Thursday. Had to wait 5 weeks after surgery but the steroids kicked in and I have been non stop cleaning. I have cleaned everything but I think I have over done it I should not of cleaned the windows and on my knees washing the wooden floors as I ache now. This happens after every chemotherapy. Does anyone else do this after chemotherapy? I know I shouldn’t of because surgery was only 5 weeks ago. Sending everyone love and hugs. Sheenagh

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Cleaned out the closets🤣

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SEckett in reply to Cher96

Hi Cher96

😂😂 glad I’m not the only one. I even moved a little bit of my bedroom about at 1.30 this morning. 🙈🙈🙈

I knew not to clean or do physical stuff but pretty much wrote a small book while on dexamethazone …strangely it made little sense when I looked at it a week later 🤪

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SEckett in reply to Lyndy

Hi Lyndy,

I should not of done all that I did, but after chemotherapy I just want to clean. Can’t stop myself 🙈I also find it very hard to sleep after chemotherapy. Sheenagh xx

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Jacky5 in reply to SEckett

That's probably the steroids too.I used to leave the house work for a few days before chemo knowing I'd get it blitzed the day after. X

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organicinna in reply to SEckett

Yes sleep was affected big time/ But now its affected too with Niraparib )))

Having cancer has made me crazy about organising ( rather than cleaning). I think I want everything organized in case things go wrong but also it's a way of having control over what you can. O have organised and organised and orhanised. Sometimes in middle of night However please don't overdo it post surgery x

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SEckett in reply to SASSY196

Hi Sassy196

I’m resting now. I’m hoping I will sleep tonight. Sheenagh xx

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SASSY196 in reply to SEckett

I hope you do x

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organicinna in reply to SASSY196

Exactly the same here. But i still started to organise a week after surgery. At first did what i could afford physically but the better i recovered the more i was organising. And yes you are absolutely right, this is to get control over what you can and in case if things suddenly and swiftly will go wrong. But yet to finish to sort boxes and boxes of family photos which I put in the living room and its still there after 6 month !. Thinking every day " I will do it , i will do it soon " )))))

I always got up really early as I was unable to sleep. Always had two breakfasts.Had so much energy !!

Same here after operation and chemo was getting up early and had 2 breakfast ))))) but now am going to sleep 2-3 hr in the morning and getting up 10 -12 ready for 2 lunches )))))

Sounds good!

Steroids make you feel invincible but try not to overdo it, especially after surgery. Best wishes x

only 5 weeks after surgery you should still be thinking about that too.. I Learnt from the first one chemo what not to do..I was completely out of it for days after so I haven't done it again to that degree. I now use the 'steroid high ' to do a little and also I use it as ittle window of seeing people(within reason). Much more enjoyable than cleaning windows! Hope the come down isn't to harsh for you. My first day off them today after treatment last Thursday so I know today and tomorrow are rough..It is definitely a pattern for me so I prepare for it to a degree. I don't want to set myself back. Tiredness on top of normal chemo fatique. It gives me very low mood so I try to avoid it. Hope you have a good day today. Xx

Same here! Bouncing around at midnight and full of energy! I suggested to my oncologist that it should be given to me long term. She only smiled.....

Hi. Yes I was the same ! ))) Cleaning whole house , decluttering, after every chemo like mad. But may be not tight away after chemo but usually 3-4-7 days after . Always had this strange energy could not to keep still ))

Yes, steroids will do that!

Oh, we’re on that same schedule! 5 weeks after surgery I had chemo again( just 12 days ago). The day after was great with lots of energy! But the next 5 we’re worse! 😫 It seemed like the chemo ‘woke up’ the pain of the surgery. I struggled. After 8 days I finally felt better with more movement and flexibility in my torso. Been cleaning and hanging paintings! Even started yoga again! Sleep well SEckett!

Oh yes did that too!!!!! I have since learned to do things in moderation and not go "crazy" as it took a toll on recovering from the Chemo. I used to clean, mow the grass, blow leaves off the roof, weed, hike with the dog, work my horses..............and then watch movies at night. I would then crash the 3rd or 4th day and it would take me until the 7th or 8th day to feel normal! I now ignore all of that and come home and try to nap and stay in bed for 4 days. Fifth day I feel great and back to normal. Now only one more chemo to go!

Keep strong Keep fighting on

Debbie in San Diego

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