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Hi everyone,

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Had my last chemotherapy yesterday and feel really tired today. I had a phone call today from cns I start avastin in 3 weeks time and have been told I am hrd positive and I will be taking another drug with it. I was also told that a lot more drugs will be available to me as I’m hrd positive. Has anyone else that is hrd positive been told this. Sending hugs to you all Sheenagh x

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Well done on finishing! When I went through this HRD wasn’t on the radar but I was BRCA 1+ (so also HRD +). You might well get a Parp inhibitor as they are designed to work for HRD. However, your main job right now is to recover and get stronger xx

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Hi Lyndy,I am being put on a parp as well as avastin. Today I’m feeling tired after yesterday’s chemotherapy. So am resting. Usually the steroids make me want to clean so I usually clean not stop for 3 days. Sending you love. Sheenagh x

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Ah, steroids! Yep, that sounds SO familiar (defrosting the freezer at 3 in the morning!). I can’t help with HRD but you have my sympathies - yes, just lots of rest and recuperation sounds like a good plan.Iris🤗

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Hi Irisisme,At the moment I’m fighting off the urge to clean or trying to. I’m trying to rest at the moment and craving egg and bacon McMuffin from McDonald’s so I have just ordered them from Just eat. That’s all it seems I want to eat. 🙈sending you love. Sheenagh

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Oh yes, I remember the excess eating too 😏

I found this to explain HRD ‘scientists have identified a genetic feature—or biomarker—that’s leading to positive outcomes for ovarian cancer treatments. Homologous recombination deficiency (HRD) occurs when genes that regulate the homologous recombination repair (HRR) pathway are damaged and the cells are unable to fix their broken DNA. Up to 50 percent of women with advanced ovarian cancer have HRD-positive cancer cells. Patients who have tumors with HRD are responding well to a relatively new type of targeted therapy drug called poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP) inhibitors’ Im BRCA2 which is also HRD and Im on Orlaparib (Lynparza) which is a PARP. 👍

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Hi Heart12345,Thank you so much for the information and responding. That’s the drug they are putting me on alongside avastin. I’m trying to rest today after my last chemotherapy on Thursday. Hope your well sending you love. Sheenagh

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Thank you Sheenagh, I’m doing good, wishing you well on your 2 drugs👍🤗

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So helpful.

Hi Heart12345, I am BRCa 2 and have just finished 6 x Carbo taxol and had my op and will go on Olaparib but am advised not to take Avastin as I have Ehlers Danlos which predisposes me to muscle spasm. How are you doing on Olaparib? We’re you told not to take Avastin? Good luck with everything.

Hi Trickysite when I finished carbo taxol( before and after op) a few months ago I was put on Orlaparib as Brca2 also. I had optimal surgery and my ca125 had gone from just over 3000 before chemo to just under10 after chemo so 👍. I asked my oncologist about having Avastin as well as Orlaparib but she felt It would give me bad side effects. I’m at the Marsden in London so didn’t feel I shouldn’t accept answer. I was diagnosed 3c but did get pleural effusion just before chemo so probably 4a. The doctors have been lovely🤗

That is very encouraging for me. I just wonder if your oncologist is Dr Angela George who saw me 6 months ago at the Marsden about my OC (where I was treated successfully fir breast cancer 20 years ago).Thanks so much for your response and stay w ell.

Yes it was Dr George, a wonderful oncologist. You stay well too 🤗

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