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Hi everyone,

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I have just seen my oncologist, I had my last chemotherapy on the 18th of November and they want to start me on Olaparib on Thursday the 9th. My question is, is this quick for the drug to be given to me? Sheenagh xx

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Hi . My understanding is they like to start you on a parp as soon as they can.

Has to be within 8 weeks of last chemo infusion…my oncologist prefers to get started at 6 weeks x

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organicinna in reply to Lyndy

mine also said 6 weeks

Hi Although I am not on a Parp inhibitor, my oncologist started me on Avastin (angiogenesis inhibitor) during my last two chemos.

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SEckett in reply to Cher96

Hi Cher96

I had avastin 4 out of 6 of my chemotherapy’s. The only ones they didn’t add it to was the chemotherapy before the operation and after the operation. Sheenagh

Has the avastin worked for you?

Hi Cher96I have only had it with the chemotherapy so far but my ca125 has dropped to 23 now. My first avastin on its own is this Thursday. So I will let you know. Sheenagh xx

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Tillymint61 in reply to SEckett

I was on the Standard of care which was 18 Avastin in total which included the 6 you have with initial chemo treatment. I got to 11 but wasn't getting good results. Have last chemo of 2nd cycle this Thursday then most likely PARP. Was told as others, it will start in 8 weeks after last chemo.. Wasn't aware they could give Avastin with a PARP. Hope all goes well for you.

Hello/ They started my Niraparib 6 weeks after last chemo.....but every case is different here ))

Olaparib has a time limit to start after you finish chemoAll best wishes for you with this


Hi I have been on Olaparib now for 18 months I was told that it needed to start after 6 weeks due to funding.

Agree with other comments I started my PARPs 6 wks after chemo. This is so it maintains the progress made re chemo.xGood Luck.x

I am on the Capri trial and even though I hadn’t been on chemo for almost a year, I was started on Olaparib along with the study drug (an ATR inhibitor), and my CA-125 has gone consistently down and my last scan, after being on the Parp for 8 weeks, showed stability, along with some areas that disappeared or became necrotic. So I guess you can actually start a Parp anytime and now they’re even recommending it front-line in some cases, instead of chemo.

Hi, Thank you all for your messages an knowledge. I’m a bit nervous starting these 2 new drugs as I know there can be quite a few side effects. Sending everyone hugs. Sheenagh

I started at four weeks but only because my platelets were super low after chemo. Otherwise it would have been sooner.

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My oncologist wants me on them this week. He’s hoping they be ready for Thursday when I have avastin. I will start them on Saturday because my family got in contact with a charity and this charity have organised a boat for just my family with Christmas dinner and other suprises and it’s on Friday. 😁😁

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Hi I've been on olaparib it was 6 weeks after last chemo. It has to start within 8 weeks if last chemo . I have been on it 9 months now (600mla day) and no side effects, got low magnesium but they say thats from the chemo. feel well generally, suggest you eat before taking them. not had Avastin so can't help there. Good luck. Enjoy the boat trip !

Sheenagh, the boat trip/dinner sounds great! If you do have bad side effects, ask for a dose reduction. Though the side effects do ease up over the first month or two. With both drugs it’ll be hard to know what’s causing problems. I suggest taking an anti nausea med in the morning for the first week or so to see how it goes. Xx

Wonderful celebration for you and your family! I’m starting Lynparza (olaparib) 3 weeks after last chemo 12/1. It was suggested that I take a nausea pill 30 minutes before taking it. Eat something also. All the best! Susan

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SEckett in reply to SGC2021

Hi SGC 2021

I have heard the tablets we are being given can have side effects so nervous about taking them. The avastin my cns said I shouldn’t get side effects with it on its own.

I’m just hoping and praying that I don’t get bad side effects. Looking forward to the boat trip. Very tired today only managed an hour and half sleep early hours of this morning. Feeling wiped out at the moment. How are you feeling? Hope your well. Sending you hugs Sheenagh

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I am worried about the side effects also. I start it right before we travel for Christmas. I want to feel good for that! I’m feeling better day by day. Reading How to Starve Cancer by Jane McClelland. So very interesting.

My oncologist says you should start on them within 8 weeks of finishing chemo for them to have best chance of working. Best wishes x

Hi, it has to start within 8 weeks of finishing chemo. I have been on it 8 years and it’s very manageable. Good luck x

Hi Shelia Good Luck for today. Xx

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Hi Tillymint61

Thank you xx Sheenagh

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