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Hi everyone

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I would like to say a big thank you to all you amazing ladies who despite have cancer and your own fears and worries, you have shared your knowledge, information, given me support, love and prayers. I read the posts that people put up but I’m not good at writing things down but I do pray for us all. Sending all you incredible , amazing ladies lots of love and hugs.Sheenagh

Ps. Managed to get up to day. Last chemotherapy was last Thursday. Have felt like I have been hit by a bus since Friday. Feeling bit better now.

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Everyday is a new day it is good to see you are up! Keep up your strength and each day that passes will be better Hugs


Hoping you get outside to enjoy some sunshine in next few days and that chemo has smashed up that ***er. Sending love xxx

I'd totally echo everything you have said about the fantastic support from this forum. Great news you are up and that your last chemo is done- hoping you can gently recover to have a great Xmas. Sending warmest wishes xxx

Wonderful news your last chemo. Now it’s time to regroup all your thoughts in your heart and soul and start the next chapter in your life. Get out and enjoy all of Gods beautiful creations. With much love, God Bless

Patsy Sue

Absolutely agree with you, Seckett! I have learnt so much from these wonderfully supportive ladies. I, too, have had my last of 6 chemos, this one following a major operation to take a lot of myinnards out, all done by keyhole, which was miraculous. The chemo is now about11 day ago. It totally exhausted me and my muscles are tight all over, making just walking around my little flat with 2 sticks difficult. But I know these side effects will get better. We will rise together!

You are doing great, and thank you for your encouragement, love and prayers for each one of us ladies in this group. It is so good to suddenly feel a good moment, amongst the difficult days. Hope you feel better today. I've only just started chemo and that first week has been tough, it's not knowing how you are going to feel, what to expect, when to seek advice, when to ride it through. Felt like I began to feel better in the last couple of days. Well done for dealing with with your treatment, you did it! Wishing you every good thing, and the same to all the ladies.❤️

That's great you've finished your last chemo. You will be well rested to enjoy Christmas. Cancer is so bloody hard to us all. Especially us that are going through treatments during covid! No disrespect to ones that arent. All we can do is keep plodding on xx

Hope your soon feeling better. Great that you've nailed chemo! Take care Sue xx

Great that you have finished your treatment, you will be ble to get on with your life now . The support on here is amazing. Onwards and upwards xxx

Thanks for the well wishes, Sheenagh. I’m glad you finished chemo. Hope you have the loveliest Christmas. Sashay

Congratulations on finishing chemo! Now begins the healing. Have a lovely holiday season!

Congratulations, on your last chemo ! And every day you will feel better . You have Christmas 🎄 to look forward to and don't forget to pamper yourself you deserve it . Rest when you have to don't feel guilty about it . This site is very supportive and the ladies here can answer many worries that you may have because they have made this awful journey ! Sending you a virtual ❤ hug from Maryland, Gillian , Mookie Fox1234

It's all about support!! 🙂

Hi Sheenagh, I hope you are feeling more like yourself today. And don't beat yourself up for needing to rest. We Warrior Women need to recharge our batteries every now and then, so we can be awesome the rest of the time. Sending you love, and light - well done for seeing out the last session of chemo. You can only go upwards and onwards from here!Annie xx

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Hi testarossa71,

Thank you so much for your kindness and words. I’m feeling better today but still ache a bit and still tired. Sending you love and hugs Sheenagh xx

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testarossa71 in reply to SEckett

Allow yourself to acknowledge your fatigue and pain, and only do what you need to help yourself with that. This might even mean delegating stuff you need to someone else to do, buy, arrange for you, while you rest yourself. Take care xx

Hello Sheenagh

I hope you are starting to feel better as the effects of your last chemo are starting to wear off. All yourself some rest and TLC from your loved ones. Listen to your body and take it easy . It took me months to get over chemotherapy. Eight months on, i still feel overwhelming fatigue at times. Wishing you all the best

Nus xxx

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SEckett in reply to Nus38

Hi Nus38,I’m starting to feel better, but I was sick this morning. I am just resting now as I’m tired as well. Hope you are well. Sending you love and hugs Sheenagh xx

Hi SEckett. I just wanted to second your post. I too am very grateful for all the positive posts from the lovely ladies in here. They definitely lift my spiritus and get me back on track. I'd be lost at sea without them. I'm glad you've started to get better. Hopefully now after four more days you are feeling much more yourself again.Best wishes


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