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Most amazing news


I’m all clear - NED, after my scan on Tuesday- I’m so relieved- I was stage 3/4 at diagnosis including a bit on my liver which was cut off in surgery with full debulking surgery in December (low grade serous ovarian) and started chemo in February, last chemo 2 weeks ago and starting just avastin on Monday as maintenance therapy. I am so happy, I can’t stop crying. Going to book a holiday now, I’ve earned it xx

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Fantastic news........long may it continue. x

Enjoy your holiday!!!! x

Oh that's wonderful, congratulations and enjoy the holiday. You deserve it.

Fantastic news so pleased. Enjoy your holiday

Love and best wishes Kim x

Wonderful News! Go have a fabulous time on holiday. Best Wishes Lesley X

Great news xxx

Wonderful news! Have a great holiday!

xx Gina

Wow that's brilliant!. Aww tears of joy! Savour the good news and enjoy that holiday which you have indeed earned! xx

Fab news.Go & enjoy a lovely holiday.xx


Excellent news. Get that holiday booked. ☀️

Best wishes


Yay! I'm glad to hear it, especially as a fellow low-grader. Enjoy your holiday! :) xx, Maus

I know, I was worried about that, but all came good x

Fab news.enjoy your holiday. x

Fantastic news! Now go and enjoy your well earned holiday and have a wonderful time!! Xx 🥂

Fantastic!! 🛫🔆🎉🥂🌊👍🏻

Wonderful news, uplifting, go and celebrate and good luck !! Xx


Hi Flower. Well done you! I've had 5 good years on Avastin.

Hope you do too. Best wishes. Pauline.

Brilliant news! Have a wonderful holiday.

Joy xx

Wonderful news.Enjoy your holiday xx

Fabulous news! Long may you enjoy good health! And have a really lovely holiday!

Big hugs,

Christine x

Fabulous news 👌👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💐💐

Fantastic news. You enjoy your holiday and here's to many more xxxx

great news... congratulations to you! xxx

Great news. Get that holiday booked xx


Tears of joy, well done and have a wonderful holiday. Now watch that hair grow!

All the best.

Sylvia x

Brilliant new. Enjoy your holiday. Best wishes. From another low grader. Gwen Xx

That is wonderful news!!!

Great news Flower2011! Book that holiday and go live! God Bless you!💙

Congratulations, it’s always nice to hear good news , enjoy your holiday, you deserve it. ❤️Xx Jane

Wonderful news! You do deserve a holiday! I went to Italy two months after chemo ended and it was great. Enjoy every day!

So happy for you! Go book that holiday and just enjoy!!!

So happy for your tears of joy!! You go have the best time ever, enjoy and be safe. I am from the US so it took me few minutes to understand what your holiday meant. If I’m thinking correct it would be our vacation. Correct me if I’m wrong. I love this for you, God Bless.

Praying you always stay healthy


Such good news in a period of fear and pain. Long may you thrive!

Great news, enjoy life from here

That's wonderful news. Very happy for you.

Congrats, God bless you.

I love hearing such great news. Well done, enjoy your well deserved holiday and long may your hair grow. Cheers!

Pat xx

I am so happy for you and in large part understand you as I was told on Thursday that my CA125 has returned to normal and although I am over the moon (this my 3rd relapse of OV and this is therefore my 3rd cycle of chemo) I of course have in the back of mind that it will be back, but I start in 2013 and am still going strong so very lucky as well. This time round I hope to follow a better diet and much more excercise. Have a great holiday - hope to do the same. Anne xxx

Great news.. enjoy your holiday to the max xoxoxo

Fantastic news!! Have a lovely holiday xx

Congrats! Enjoy your holiday. Yes, you have earned it.

Eileen xx

Awesome! A satin is amazing. Blessings and congratulations.

Fantastic news for you x

Fantastic news! I’m so glad for you it is such a huge relief isn’t it? I hope it continues for many years . X

So pleased for you, makes all that surgery and chemo worthwhile when you hear those words, NED!! Have a fabulous holiday! Jo xx

Brilliant. Cheered me up no end in hospital.

Brilliant, so pleased to hear positive news. Go on holiday, have a great time and look to a positive future x

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