Great news

Felt I have to share my good news with you all.

Yesterday I saw my ongologist ( two weeks post op) he was delighted with the surgery and my response to the chemo I've been having and said I could not of had a better result. He wished he could find out why some people like me do so well with the treatment. I am back on chemo next Monday for 6 weeks( I have chemo weekly due to the trial I'm on ICON 8b) I will still be receiving my trial drug beva for another 10 months at 3 weekly intervals. But I'm feeling elated, still sore and swollen but very happy. X

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  • Amazing news, it certainly makes everything u going through worth wile. So happy for you. Keep up the good work.

    Mandy, xx

  • It's so good to log in and see lots of good news.

    Really pleased for you.

  • Well done you have impressed your oncologist and that is no mean feat, I imagine you are still sore so take it easy no heavy work and plenty of rest as well as small walks. Best wishes

  • Woohoo Ann!

    Hope you have a quick recovery from your surgery now and that your Chemo goes quickly too!

    Onwards and Upwards!!


  • Well done Ann

    What positive words from your oncologist . Plus taking part in a trial will be helping women of the future beat this disease . All good news !


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