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To continue chemo or no


Hi ladies

My mom has clear cell ca ovary which has grown on gem carbo oncologist is now offering calex as an option with no promises of how much it will work mums tumors have increased in size and new tumors appeared of chemo she is generally well at least out of bed eating living etc on chemo she has severe fatigue her bloods go down and she is on bed 20 hours out of 24 dont know wether to surrender and go palliative or give her a double whammy of chemo which 80 % _ 90 % wont work and the tumor also which continues to grow

I dont post often but through this forum i feel i know each of you personally such are the trials of this disease that we all have become one big family

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You are in a really tough position. It sounds like your mother depends on you. I would ask about clinical trials with checkpoint inhibitors especially if she has clear cell.

I refused caelyx in the same situation and it was absolutely the right thing to do. That was in January. Quality of life although currently not as good has been is far better without side effects to deal with.

Chemo is supposed to improve quality of life if it doesn’t then what’s the point. How about Letrozole or Avastin as an option?

Clear cell generally doesn’t respond well to chemo. I’ve a hospital bed downstairs but the last week not been down there. If she’s up and about four hours a day she’s doing better than me

LA xx

Indujoshi in reply to Lily-Anne

I too feel the same way dear chemo is not helping at all disease is progressive but oncologist says since she is in good health lets not surrender but chances of it working are again 10%_20% so why subject her to unnecessary double whammy you are definitely a brave lady and enduring so much dear i keep on reading all yours and other posts and am truely amazed at the spirit of you ladies i always look forward to new posts here and would actually love to meet you ladies as i feel i know so much about ypu all .mom is otherwise ok till now she is up for almost 7_ 8 hours for last 5 days since she recovered from her last chemo so sad to see a strong beautiful lady a pillar of strength for all of us to be in this horrid condition but we cant go against Gods will and only pray

Lily-Anne in reply to Indujoshi

I really feel for you. It’s a hard journey for loved ones. I feel for my husband too, his life right now is about work and helping me. He said he’d rather look after me than not have me but I do feel very guilty that he’s having no fun

It’s great you’re looking after your mum. In her shoes I honestly wouldn’t want chemo on an 80% failure rate

Hi Hard decision but at this stage id say no. Quality of life over quantity xx

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