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Dying Hair on Chemo

Hi All, 

My mum is on carbo/caelyx and her hair is still growing and lovely and thick. The only problem is mum has tanned skin, dark features and very grey hair when she has had dark hair her whole life. Mum is itching to dye it and has ordered a Daniel Field hair dye to do next weekend, mum has 3 more chemo to go. 

The question is, is there anything bad that might happen if she dyes it whilst on chemo, does anyone have any experiences? 

I know mum having her dark hair back will help her as she hates the way she looks, every time she looks in the mirror she says she is reminded of how much the illness has changed her. This will be the first time she will be closer to back to teh way she looked after all of this started.

Appreciate all your help. :) 

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It is not really recommended that you dye your hair dueing chemo in case it (the Chemo) casues a reaction. If your mum is instisting at least make sure she does a 24 hour patch test. If it was me I would wait until after treatment. Best wishes Trish


Thanks Trish, I did say the same to mum but she is really wanting to change it now, she is on her 2nd round of chemo and hasn't had normal hair for a couple of years now she is desperate. Definitely think the strand test is vital! 

Mum has a holiday booked in June so think she is hoping to get it dyed in time for that :) 

Daniel Field has developed hair dye to be used when people are on chemotherapy, there is a post here if you are interested in a read of it: 

Take care xx

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I was told no hair dye for 3 months after chemo semi-permanent and 6 months permanent 


On Friday I went to the hairdresser, six weeks after my third dose and had roots permanent dye and a much needed haircut, it's all been fine, no irritation or problems. I was wary but I couldn't stand it any longer and decided to cross my fingers and hope. Hairdresser used organic colour and a patch test at the back, ready to wash off it started burning, but it was fine, actually better than usual so maybe it's toughened me up lol

LA xx


Hi there I have just finished 6 carbo/ caelyx I have dyed my hair twice during treatment and it has been fine but everyone is different, and reacts diifferently to things so I guess it's up to you if you decide to go ahead sending best wishes Yvonne.


I dyed my hair a few time during both chemos with no problems.   I didnt have a reaction and on reflection didn't even do a patch test ! Maybe it's worth doing before she puts it all over xo


I dyed my hair when my hair was long enough to take it, I did do a patch test then went for it, I wanted to get back to my original dye colour. Do a patch test first see how that goes, good luck x


I was told not to use any dye for 6 months after chemo, but if you do a patch test and no reaction it should be ok,best wishes,

Carole xx


I coloured my hair with Daniel Field colourant...I was on carboplatin and suffered no side effects...Daniel Field contains no peroxide...I believe you can darken your hair, but not to lighten it... hope this helps, good luck with it.

Luanna x


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