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No response to first line chemo



My heart is really heavy as i write this post with several doors shut chemo has not worked at all surgeons are refusing to operate second line chemo is an option but its response is less and side effects very high avastin may make her wound non healable and make her severly neutropenic has anyone an experience of avastin on open wound dont know what to do maybe palliative care would be best

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So sorry to hear this. I am sure someone who has had Avastin will be able to comment.

Best wishes


Hi, so sorry to hear this about your Mum.

I have been on Avastin since 3 weeks after my big (debulking) operation last June. As long as there is a 3 week interval from surgery, Avastin can be started. Hope this helps. Best wishes

I’ve not had Avastin post surgery but have had lots of tumour bleed problems with it. Palliative care is just a label for anyone not curative. I think you want to be looking at disease management rather than worrying about which box it pops into.

First line chemo wasn’t a success. So time to roll up sleeves and look at options. Start with stage and grade and whether the tumours are type one or two. Are they ER and P53+ then you can identify which treatment has the best success rate and OSR.

Today is just a trip hazard. It’ll pick up

LA xx


I’m sorry you’ve had tough news. This is hard for you.

Could I give you one bit of string advicecthat might help?

Have you sought a second opinion??

My suggestion would be to speak to another team. I can give you help. My local team here in Devon said they would operate and chemo was limited to palliative. I decided to research other avenues and found an incredible team and surgeon in London. Them operating has saved my life ( for now). That was last April and I’m still doing well on a PARP inhibitor.

Please contact me if you need some help or advice?

If you google ‘Christina Fotopoulou or do a search on this site, you will also find more.

Nicky ❤️

Thanks nicky going for second opinion now

I am really sorry to hear that your mum has not responded to first line chemotherapy. I do not think Avastin would be suitable for her because of her previous bowel problems and her current open wound. I can understand how difficult it must be for you to decide what to do next. I would suggest you talk to the oncologist and listen to what they say about second line chemo. If they are offering this as an option then the oncologist may feel that it will work. You can ask to see another oncologist if you want reassurance. You should call the Ovacome helpline to discuss your mum's treatment options and find out who you can see in your area if you want a second opinion. The helpline number is 08000087054. Please look after yourself since it is important that you are fit and well to support your mum. Take care and I pray that your mum starts feeling better soon.

Indujoshi in reply to Cinderella

Thanks dear cindrella oncologist has devised a second line treatment and am also seeking second and third opinions

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