Ist chemo gem/carbo

Hi i had my first chemo today gem/carbo what a drama.. basically i should have also had a kidney function test booked also today at 10.15 and chemo 12.30 so had a call asking why didnt turn up for kidney function test told her i had chemo she said oh well chemo might be cancelled.. well ive bein so strong holding in my tears after finding id relasped last week just getting on with work life etc.. and i came off phone after she said that and sobbed felt so angry.. so anyway she rang me back and im sorry ladies but she had in a full blow all my anger just blurted out and bascially said there's no communication one half dont know what other half is doing.. in end i did opologise to her.. so anyway chemo went ahead and it went ok after i had to wait as consultant last week didnt do a consent form for me to have it.. so its bein a drama of a day.. hope you lovely ladies are all ok and had a better day loads xxx

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  • hi Trace, Your meltdown was perfectly understandable on a highly charged day and a frustrating lack of communication on their behalf. Am sure the member of staff has heard it all before and will understand (and hopefully learn lessons from it!).

    Chin up love. Xxx

  • Aww Trace, hardly surprising you had a meltdown. Dont get het up about it or feel bad im sure they are used to it. Hope you are feeling ok. Kathy xx

  • Gosh! What a stressful start to the day. So glad you got there in the end. Hope you don't feel too rubbish in the next few days xx

  • Hi Tracey what a performance no wonder you went mad! Glad your chemo went ahead in the end though I had mine too after a four hour delay the things we have to put up with xx

  • HI Tracey what a mess, in my unit we brought in a sample which was tested before they ordered the chemo from the pharmacy. Definitely a lack of communication and for heavens sake they do forget they are dealing with human beings at times. I am glad you got mad and I hope you are not too tired tonight. Well lessons will have been learned today in the Unit and hopefully they have you set up properly for next time around. I hope you wont have too many side effects but remember if you do get them, they will go away again.

  • Hi Tracey,

    Hope you've settled a bit. What a start to the day! You need all the positivity you can get - not a communication failure from the team you're depending on. I'm sure it happens all the time so don't worry about sounding off, you were quite within your rights.

    Concentrate on resting love and spoil yourself a bit (or a lot).

    Debs xxx

  • What a day Tracex!

    Hope you are feeling better!


  • Oh dear! Don't blame yourself for the melt down, I think we would have all reacted in the same way. I know the nurses are under pressure but it's a shame some of them still don't seem to understand what dealing with oc is like for us. Hoping for a more settled treatment next time xx

  • Hi Trace

    My heart goes out to you. As one who has been at the receiving end of unfeeling medics and one nurse I totally empathise with you. They should have been taught compassion as well as medicine. It's difficult enough to deal with diagnosis and treatment without having to contend with this. I am sure if she has any heart she will understand your outburst. Hope the rest of your sessions are less dramatic . Good luck with everything


  • Thank you i think as id sort bottled everything up since i was told last week my cancer had come back after 8 months.. i guess some-one had to have the anger it just so happens that poor girl did i did apologise to her after.. i think the only people who really care are the chemo nurses as they do a fantastic job always making u laugh.. and i dont no what its like anywhere else but where i have mine they never have a proper break as always busy ... so next week have 2nd dose gem then break for 13 days.. xxx

  • Hi Trace I totally agree that the nurses on the ground who do the tough jobs are true heroines and I found with my first chemo that was definitely the case. I really don't know how they cope and manage to stay smiling and helpful. I just found that as time went by and I was only seen by the CNS for check ups I could not ask questions without being put down . Now I am dreading my second lot of treatment for that very reason. But most people don't have that negative experience so it's probably unfair of me to bring it up. I wish you all the best for the rest of your treatment and if you see me occasionally moaning just ignore me !


  • Its great to chat to other's on here and maybe have a good moan dont think any of the ladies would mine.. if you dont get answers at hospital there are ladies on ere that probably would answer better than hospital.. hear to chat anytime xxxx

  • Urgh...what a rotten day and your reaction was completely understandable. I hope today and the days to come are much better xx

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