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No more chemo

Mum has been to see the oncologist and Shes pleased with mum (without the chemo in her she has strength and doesn't look 'grey')

They don't think its right that they should pump mum with more chemo and destroy her quality of life (in a bed and weak) so they are letting her live her 'alright' quality of life while she's well enough to go out.

So, we are all making the most of mum before she can't do any more and the time is near. Sad but I know I have a well (well said in the loosest way) mum who can manage to do a few more things than just lie in bed.

The list of things to do will begin.

This morning Shes watching her grandson play football - something she hasn't done in a while. Old Trafford (exec box) box and London to see the live statues are on the cards.

It's all worth it and I'm going to enjoy the time with her

Hugs to you all xxxxxx

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Thanks for letting us know. Enjoy every minute. I'm sure she'll feel better for doing these sorts of things too. xxx


Enjoy your time with your precious mum. I hope it's long and loving and filled with happiness and joy. Wishing you all the best xxx Trish


I hope your mum thoroughly enjoys the football and watching her grandson. There are pleasures to be derived from life even though your mum isn't in the best of health. This is an example to us all. Thank you for sharing. xx Annie


Well done your Mum, after watching my daughter on Chemo on and off for three years

I would never have it at my age, it would be different if I was younger. I hope you enjoy your time together. Gillx


Thanks for updating us. Make every moment of your time together. Your memories will be precious. Take lots of photos and look after yourself too. Enjoy. Ann xo


I to have made the decision no more chemo. My body can take no more, we are not alone in this decision even Linda Bellingham has said no more and hopes for one more Christmas with her family at home , it is worse than the cancer itself in my book and my last lot did nothing to shrink the cancer just made me Very ill. My best wishes to you and your Jenny xxx


Hi Jenny sorry you are at that cross roads too, realistically it is something that I will have to face, when I just dont know. There does come a time enough is enough, I too was reading about Lynda today in the papers. But my onc said at a conference in June speaking to members of Ova care, that there is always hope the immune system has been know to repair itself and people go on for longer than they thought possible. Wishing you well and will say a prayer for you


Have some treasured times with your mum. Hope she is well for a long time. Xx


A most distressing situation for you but I can only endorse what everyone else has said ...enoy every precious moment , smiling and laughing together whenever you can . Good memories are the ones that help us move forward .

My very best wishes .


Sounds like a plan and I'm sure you will make some wonderful memories together. Thank you for sharing with us, you are both very brave. Wish I could 'share' the box at Old Trafford lol!

Best wishes to you and your Mum.

Annette xxx


Wishing you and your Mum many happy days together watching football and watching her grandson play some footie. I hope you make lots of lovely memories, best wishes


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